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What’s up with this blog you ask?

Below is some information about the four different sections available on this blog: Nourish, Move, Ponder and Prettify. Do you like how I tried to sound all fancy-schmancy with those section names? And yet they really mean very little to you? Well, I break them down for you below.

Firstly, I wanted to give you a quick history of my journey into vegetarianism and the background of this blog. This is a very brief history so if you want more info later on just give me a holler – you know the address!

I’ve been a vegetarian since the summer of 2007 when I looked at my cats and realized that if I thought it was horrific to eat them then I shouldn’t be willing to eat chickens or pigs (and pigs are such smart animals!) or cows. So I slowly cut down, eliminating all pork products, then red meat, then poultry, then seafood.

I used to run a blog called Guiltless & Glamorous about beauty products and fashion lines that were cruelty-free – no testing on animals, no fur or leather usage…and it was pretty popular. But I had no time to keep it up so I left the blog yo fir reference. People still comment on it to this day and I haven’t updated it in over a year, so that warms my heart :).

A while ago I launched Guiltless & Gourmet, which included photos of restaurant meals and recipes and photos of homecooked meals so that people could see that vegetarians could eat a varied and delicious diet. It also proved a go-to spot for people to pick up a recipe to cook for that vegetarian guest coming to stay, or for people trying out a meat-free diet one or two days a week to get inspiration. As I started to repeat recipes at home, I realized I wasn’t blogging as often, so by combining all of my ideas into this lifestyle blog I hope to update it more regularly with a wide range of topics :).

So, onto the sections:

NOURISH – this is all about food. It will basically be a continuation of Guiltless & Gourmet. It will include photos, recipes and nutritional information for dishes made at home and photos and descriptions of dishes eaten out at restaurants. It will focus on vegetarian cuisine but I like to bake as well, so from time to time it will have some sweet treats up there. Some I bake for myself (I can’t really tolerate sugar) with natural sweeteners, and others are traditional recipes I make using sugar.

Copyright to The Guiltless Life

MOVE – this is all about movement, activity, fitness, exercise, whatever you like to call it. It will focus on yoga as that is my main passion, but I love trying out new activities. I also love to scuba dive (when I’m back home – see pic below!) and work out at the gym using circuit workouts (which I will post), go cycling or play tennis or squash.

PONDER – these are thoughts of mine that I like to share. Sometimes they’ll be opinions/reviews on books, movies and music. Sometimes they’ll be extracts of my latest writing project (I am a creative writer in my spare time). Other times they will just include meditations and musings on life and all of its wonders and challenges. Sometimes I’ll share quotes that inspire me. It will just be a miscellaneous for all the nonsense flowing through my mind. (Scenes from Cuba, captured by me in June 2010, below).

Copyright to The Guiltless Life

PRETTIFY – this is where aspects of Guiltless & Glamorous will come into play as I blog about fashion, style, beauty and more. This will also include home decor (because I am a decor freak!), crafts (which I’m not very good at but do from time to time) and party planning (see my 26th birthday dinner, below!).

Copyright to The Guiltless Life


  1. Wow – this is the perfect combination for a blog! I’m a pescatarian on my way to becoming fully vegetarian, and I’m a huge advocate for cruelty free beauty and fashion. I’m so glad that these things are becoming more mainstream, because the more people that support cruelty free means a happier life for a lot of animals. Congrats on having such a wonderful blog that supports this way of living – I’m adding you to my bloglovin reader now!

    • As a PS to the reply I left below, let me know if you need any help transitioning from pescetarian to vegetarian! I’m full vegetarian but live with my mom who is pescetarian so have a fairly good knowledge of both diets and can help you out if you ever need ideas for the transition! You can always comment here or email me at or tweet me @AnnaWootton :).

  2. PS. your cats are ADORABLE!

    • You are so kind Serena and my cats definitely thank you, though they know how adorable they are ;). Little posers!

      I do my best to only showcase brands I know do not use fur in my fashion posts but with my beauty ones I sometimes showcase both regular brands and cruelty-free, but will always note when it’s cruelty-free for sure! I definitely support that more but it got too tough keeping on top of all the companies and their many-changing policies. One week they’re staunchly against testing on animals and the next week they’ve started testing on animals just for one of their brands. Herbal Essences is a great example – they don’t test on animals for Herbal Essences products but they are owned by Clairol, who certainly test on animals for other product lines. You can see it’s a bit complicated. I started a list of cruelty-free companies and the companies not to buy from on my old blog, Guiltless & Glamorous ( but I don’t update that blog anymore because I found it so difficult to stay on top of all of those issues and there are other bloggers out there who do a better job than I do! But definitely I aspire to always live my life as cruelty-free and guiltlessly as possible so I hope this blog still helps you in that regard! Thank you for all you do in living cruelty free and for stopping by and reading! So happy to be on your blog list of reads!

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