Stepping Out of the Comfort Zone with Fall Fashions

Everyone has a fashion comfort zone. You know what I mean – you wear the same colour eyeshadow day after day or you buy the same style of dress over and over again because you know it works for your body type. It takes a lot of us a while to work out exactly what colour eyeshadows would work with our skin tone and eye colours and what style of dress will work for our body type, so it’s understandable that once we work it out we’d want to cling to it. But as the new fashion trends for fall are released, I wondered if perhaps we could challenge ourselves each season to try one thing that is outside of our comfort zone. In case you couldn’t already tell, this season – for me – that is going to be red lips.Red lips are something that I’ve been told time and again work on everyone, regardless of your skin colour or your hair colour or any other excuse you can come up with. Obviously if you are wearing bold red on your lips, go with neutral eyes so you don’t look too overdone. And I’ve also been told you can work your way slowly into it with red lip gloss and then slowly intensify the colour. For me, if I’m going to do something, I do it, so I would probably just dive in and go out one night with the full red painted on. I’ll just work up some courage, but that is something I have to do this fall! It’s now a personal challenge.

What will yours be?

Below are five of the newest trends for fall (or trends sticking around from previous seasons) that I am in love with. Then below that are some trends I’m not so enthralled by. They’re a little ick on my fashion scale but perhaps they’re right up your street. Each to their own – that is the beauty of fashion.

Red lips – so as mentioned before, this is a big trend this season. Actually, I correct myself. Red – period – is a big trend this season. But if you want to give red lips a try, the consensus seems to be that berry reds work on darker skin tones, orangey reds on paler skin tones, but a true red works for every skin type. Below is Revlon Colorburst Lipstick in True Red – the ultimate everygirl shade, at an amazing drugstore price!

Peacock blue – this colour is supposed to be huge for fall, and I’m a big fan of it already, so that’s music to my ears. Wear it all over or as a pop of colour on your feet (Marais ballet flats in turquoise, below, or on your nails (Sephora by OPI’s Glee collection in Who Let the Dorks Out?, below,

Heeled loafers – my workplace is pretty casual in dress code, but if yours is more officey then these loafers have just become the hottest and most practical work shoes of all! Best of all the below pair are from H&M, so they are a bargain!

Stripes have been around for a while and I, for one, am delighted they’re not leaving anytime soon. The best way to wear them is on top as wearing horizontal stripes on the bottom can often make you look wider than you are, but be as daring as you wish! The below tees are from (top) and (bottom).

Midi length dresses – these are dresses falling below the knee but above the ankle. They could look matronly and unflattering if the fit isn’t right, so be careful here, but I for one am just glad that it means that stores will bring back dresses of a decent length! I’m 5’8″ and have had a lot of problems lately finding dresses that won’t show my butt the minute I lean over. The super short trend has been in for so long!

The below picks are both from and show two takes on this trend – basic black with a high neckline and long sleeves (it will work for the office and as the weather gets colder) that acts as a great blank canvas to add accessories to. The orange is a great colour for fall and could easily be belted with a camel brown skinny belt to finish off the look!

Trends I could do without:

Capes – I like ponchos, and I like coats, but capes I just don’t get. This H&M coat may persuade me – it has a cape-type fit but is still a coat, and I love how luxe it looks:

Sixties fashion – I love the sixties look, actually, and the H&M coat above is pretty sixties in its style too. I just feel like it’s been brought back so many times as a trend. Can we just accept it’s here to stay? If you want to combine two fall trends in one though, a sixties-esque cowlneck striped dress from is below:

Two-tone coats – this look I just can’t get behind at all. Sorry. This Jill Sander coat is the best I could find:

Some of my favourite fashionista bloggers have some fab posts out this week. Here are my top recommendations:

Pink Pistacho – check out her fall wishlist here.

The Budget Babe – Dianna shows you how to get Hailee Steinfeld’s preppy fall look for so much less (including those loafers!) – click here.

Style Me Mamie – The ShopMamie girls let you know how to look stylish on those fall rainy days – click here.


  1. Yea! I love this!I am guilty of sticking with the same ol same…BUT I have no fashion sense what so ever 🙂 Which is why I need people like you to help me!

  2. Samantha Rose says:

    I personally love that cape from H&M!! Not sure if I’ll buy one or not, but I do love the look of it! I know for sure I will not be buying any two-tone coats anytime soon though.
    Great post! =)

    • Thanks so much! Yes, I love that cape-style coat too. It’s pure capes I can’t get behind … :S! And ditto on the two-tone coats! Thanks for reading :).


  1. […] I previously blogged, two big fall trends are peacock blue and heeled loafers. I think they pulled these trends off […]

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