Getting to Know You, Getting to Know All About You…

Didn’t you watch The King and I? No? It’s an awesome musical. Anyway, if you didn’t, then you won’t get my title, and that’s okay. Moving on!

I was trying to think what to talk to you about in this blog post. Originally, I wanted to share something with you all, something I have been having a bit of anxiety over as it’s going to be quite the personal challenge. But I am going to work some more on that post and bring it to you later this week, I promise. It’s to do with my writing (I write young adult fiction, adult fiction and non-fiction and some poetry in my spare time)…I’ll tell you more at a later date. Promise! I need your support!

In the meantime, lovely Katie over at Healthy Diva Eats (see below for Katie and her beautiful family) had a great idea on Friday. She posted a fun series of questions in four separate categories, and answered them herself in this post. She then encouraged her readers to share their answers in the comments or on their own blogs. If you’re really honest and also have a little fun with it this is a great way to get to know someone.

Copyright to Katie @

So below are my answers and I encourage you to comment with your answers or email me at or, better yet, blog your own and send me the link! I’m on Twitter too: @AnnaWootton. If you don’t want me to, I promise I won’t share. Really…

Copyright to

Let’s start the week off right…getting to know each other :).

Share 4 things about yourself in each category listed:

**Category One

Name 4  things you could eat every day:

1 – Oatmeal (topped with walnuts and dark chocolate chips!)
2 – Dark chocolate (we’re talking 85% at LEAST!)
3 – Vegetarian sushi (especially yam and avocado rolls, yum!)
4 – Fresh raspberries

**Category Two

Name 4 things/people that put a smile on your face:

1 – My cats – Bill, Ben and Bart
2 – Yoga
3 – A satisfied customer at the family business (I get excited every time!)
4 – Family and friends

**Category Three

Name 4 things you love to wear:

1 – My Lulu Lemon pants, tops, jackets – anything!
2 – My Ugg boots (in fall/winter)
3 – Big, funky earrings
4 – Perfume – I have soooo many types – it’s the one thing I “collect”

**Category Four

What are 4 things you are known for:

– My hair (it’s SO thick! And right now it’s got a few interesting colours in it, too)
Being from the Cayman Islands (people are always so surprised that people can be from there that it seems to stick in their minds!)
Being a vegetarian and loving animals!
– Hopefully for being sociable and a positive person? 🙂

Remember to share yours! Happy Monday all :).


  1. U are so SWEET! Thank you for the lovely words and for doing the fun survey! I am so glad we found each others blogs! We have a lot in common for sure!

    Uggs, Lululemon, Oatmeal, Family being everything, and I have super thick hair too! Mine is naturally curly but I straighten it! I love your hair, the colors in it look awesome!

    Have a beautiful day love! Thank you again for being so awesome! xoxo

  2. We have SO much in common! You wouldn’t believe my obsession with dark chocolate 😉 the higher the percentage, the better! I would have to throw hummus in there too! I cannot live without it 😉
    And lulu lemon is definitely an obsession for me…I am not allowed in that store according to my husband..hhaha
    And your hair is the COOLEST ever! I could never pull anything so cool off! My hair is super lame..just plain brown, long, straight, and boring 😉

    • Right?? Who likes dark chocolate that’s 40 or 50%? That tastes like it’s trying to be dark but isn’t. Just be milk already! Lol, I could go on for a while with a dark chocolate rant :). I love hummus too but don’t think it’s a daily occurrence for me, but I totally relate! Have you ever made hummus yourself? I made one failed attempt…would love a foolproof recipe :).
      Thanks so much for your kindness and your hair (from your photos anyway) looks stunning so nonsense! 🙂 xx


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