Moving Day!

That’s right folks, today is Moving Day. I have taken the day off work, booked the movers to get here first thing and packed up the house as best I can (the kitties will be packed up later).

Moving is always a little bit strange. You’re excited about your new place, a bit sad about leaving your old place…and the longer you live in a place the harder it is. My parents have actually owned the place we’re leaving for 3 years, which is probably the longest we’ve owned a place. I’m not kidding. We. Move. A. Lot.

Growing up, everyone assumed I was an army brat when I moved to yet another new school, because I moved countries so often. And that’s true. I mainly lived in my home country, the Cayman Islands, but we lived in England for a few of my high school years and I moved to Canada for university (eventually my family settled here. It helped that my sister married a Canadian ;)). In fact, we moved back and forth quite a bit between countries – it looked a little something like this:

Yeah, exactly.

We have also done a lot of seemingly pointless moves. A lot of next-door moves. Once we were renting a place but our landlords decided to sell. We loved the complex and the unit next door came up for rent so we just moved next door. More recently, we moved into a highrise building opposite the one we were living in because it was an older building than ours and that meant we gained major square footage.

So this move, where we’re moving within the same region but moving cities, is weird. When you’ve moved so many times you think you have it down pat, but this is a new experience. We were living about 30-4o minutes’ drive east of Vancouver, and now we’re moving to a place 10 minutes north of Vancouver. We wanted to be closer to the city, to downtown, because that’s where we are always driving to do stuff, meet people, etc. So it made sense to move closer in. But as we are technically moving cities we have to change our business license, our library cards, our doctors/dentists/vets (we don’t have to but what’s the point in driving 40 minutes for a dentist appointment when there’s tons of dentists right outside our front door?).

Anyway, all that I’m trying to say is: it’s different for us. So I’ll let you know how we get on.

In the meantime, I’m excited that:

  • We’re swapping a mountain view for a sea view (basically, we’re swapping northern exposure for southern – hellooooo sun!):

  • We’re swapping working on a cramped breakfast bar for an actual area for a desk and a proper home office!
  • I’m getting a larger closet – i.e. more storage, more organization :).
  • And we’re swapping a mostly black-brown colour scheme for a beachy, shabby chic white and pale wood decor scheme, inspired by my Pinterest boards (click here to check out my boards and follow me on Pinterest!):

The apartment was painted over the weekend and is now freshly bright and white. Photos will come once we’re settled in and the decor scheme is starting to take shape, so stay posted!

I’ll let you know how the boys settle in too. They’re really looking forward to moving…can’t you tell?


1. When was the last time you moved? Why did you move?

2. How often have you moved in your lifetime?


  1. “Stand by your man. Give him two arms to cling to and something warm to come to.” ~ Tammy Wynette


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