Shoe Splurge

I’ve never actually been a shoe girl. I like them, and I really admire them on other people, but I’m 5’8″ and I always felt that the prettiest shoes were the ones with sky-high heels that I felt awkward wearing.

However, I recently decided that the only way to be tall is to really own being tall. I’ve seen girls much taller than me who I don’t think look odd at all, because they walk into a room at 5’10” or 6’0″ in 6-inch heels and they look proud. So that’s my new goal.

With that in mind, I indulged in some shoe ‘browsing’, checking out ALDO‘s newest arrivals. My favourite picks are below – and I included the above image of ALDO’s ENRIGUEZ platform wedge as an example of a colourful fall shoe, if all the browns and blacks below aren’t your thing. Now I would never go so far as to attempt those wedges, but I can see that with the right attitude you can pull them off.

So onto some shoe shopping, yes?

As I previously blogged, two big fall trends are peacock blue and heeled loafers. I think they pulled these trends off perfectly with the two shoes below:


ALDO’s LEWI platform heel (it comes in other colours also)

I’m a BIG boot girl. Boots and leggings are my go-to wardrobe in fall/winter. ALDO never fail to impress with their boots, and while I love a goes-with-everything black, there’s a certain shade of camel brown that really calls to me with boots. Like…these?

ALDO TERBOSS knee-high boots

I love some good buckle detail too :).

For over-the-knee boots, which look AWESOME with leggings, check out this pair:

ALDO BURO over-the-knee boots

And if you want to slip on a pretty pair of ballet flats because – like me – all of this heel height is making you a little bit nervous, I love the deep purple of these pretty CUMMINGHAM ballet flats:

I will leave you with some eye candy – this is my favourite pair of new pumps to come out of ALDO this season. I like this stripe detail; they’ve done it in some darker colours too but I love that this is a fresh take on the standard nude pump that has become so popular:



1. What’s your favourite shoe style from this selection?

2. What’s your take on heels? The higher the better, or do you like to go low?


  1. I love ALDO! I got the cutest boots last fall from there, they are like horse riding boots! ha! I also always buy my black stilettos from there, just love them!

    I like the platform suede style on here, those teal heels are hot!

  2. Aldo is so great because they have stylish shoes that don’t cost an arm and a leg!

  3. I’m totally with you— my fall attire is boot and leggings- sometimes I get crazy and switch it up and wear a dress and tight with leggings! haha

    All of those shoes are adorable– I want to get my hands on some loafers. I remember in 7th grade when I got my first pair of heeled loafers. I was totally an awkward middler schooler but with cool ass shoes : )



    • You were ahead of the times! Good for you, a stylish eye at a young age! Yeah, I have to try the heeled loafer look…I’m trying to think how to style it but there are tons of suggestions out there right now as they’re so popular.

      Thanks so much for stopping by Jocelyn! So glad to meet fellow yogi bloggers :). I look forward to us becoming bloggy friends!

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