October Goals – What Are Yours?

Photo from Brenda Stull via Pinterest

I’m a bit late to the party on this goal-setting kick.

I know most people fire their goals off at the beginning of the month, and I have been reading so many blogger friends’ amazing goals, like Averie’s and Kate’s and Chelsey’s…but mine have taken a bit longer to come to me.

I had to really think about it for a few days. Having just moved everything is in such a state of flux that I really wanted to think about what my goals would be for this upcoming month. They’re going to be a bit more basic than other months, because they’re really going to focus on finding my feet again in a new place.

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Here goes…

  • Unpack! Unpack, decorate, and feel settled in by the end of the month.
  • Get back into my routines – yoga, gym, planning some meals so I’m not ordering endless amounts of sushi (as delicious as it is)

Photo from Vicky S. via Pinterest

  • Register for a dance class at the studio down the road (I haven’t been there before so it’ll be new!)
  • Embrace the new fall weather by getting outside a bit more often. Otherwise the switch from sunny, long summer days to grey fall days can depress me a bit!
  • Get out with a girlfriend or two at least once a week to give my work brain a rest!
  • And face my ultimate fear by showing up for and doing the best I can at the writers’ conference I registered for!

Photo from Grace Rea via Pinterest

What are your goals? Please share and let me know if you have any tips for achieving mine!

Having grown up in the Caribbean I struggle a bit when the days turn grey. My body naturally craves sunlight!


Photo from Kelly Taylor via Pinterest

For those of you that live in areas that get colder in fall/winter, how do you cope with the switch?

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  1. Hi love! Happy Tuesday!

    You and I have the same unpack and settle determination! Lets hope we accomplish!

    I know you are going to do awesome at that conference, just try not to be nervous and enjoy it! You will take so much from it!

    Have a wonderful day! ❤

    • I know…unpacking is coming along! How is yours? Your comments always brighten my day, thanks so much for the support! xx

  2. Great goals! Sometimes it takes me a little bit longer to think of goals too – I think that everyone gets a little blue once the weather start turning gray and dreary. I know I have a hard time in the winter!


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