November Goals…and Reviewing October’s!


It’s that time again! The beginning of a new month and the chance to set some more goals while also checking out last month’s and seeing how we did.

This month’s theme is about accepting that we are all ‘works in progress’. We probably always will be because, after all, no one is perfect. So I’m pretty happy with always being in progress. Who wants to be the same forever?

What were your goals? Did you achieve them all or are some of them ongoing?

Last month‘s goals were all about settling in from our big move. At the same time I was keeping my fingers crossed for my big writers’ conference, which took place at the end of October.

So how did everything go? Let’s take a look:

October’s Goals

  • Unpack and settle in to our new place – Done and done!
  • Get my routine back in order – hitting up the gym, yoga studio and planning meals ahead of time – done! Hitting up the yoga studio four times a week and the gym at least twice. And meals are planned – there will be some delicious recipes on the way, I promise!
  • Register for a dance class at a new studio close to our new place – I missed the cut-off date, so this is a work in progress!
  • Get outside more and enjoy the fall weather (embrace the change of season!) – I have been taking walks but this is still a work in progress
  • Meet up with a friend once or twice a week to give my work brain a rest – I met up with four friends last week (on four different days!) and went to yoga with a friend earlier this week and have another ‘friend date’ scheduled for the weekend!
  • Do the best I can at the Surrey International Writers’ Conference 2011 (I was pitching my book to an agent and showing some of my writing to a professional writer for critique) – the editor said I had a “good teen voice” and a good balance between dialogue and narration – both elements of my writing I was concerned about. And the agent asked for my first five chapters!

Check out the view from my office last week. I have to get outside more at this beautiful time of year!

Copyright to The Guiltless Life

So here are my goals for November:

  • Find some great sweater dresses that are warm but stylish (I realized I have NO warm sweaters in my closet, just lightweight fall ones – some of which are short-sleeved!) I’m going over the border to the US for some shopping tomorrow – any recommended stores, American friends?
  • Edit my manuscript, using what I learned at the SIWC workshops
  • Don’t be afraid of challenging myself in yoga. Recently in a flow class our teacher led us into Partridge Pose (kapinjalasana) – which is a combination of floor bow and side plank pose. I got into it on one side (though I really doubt it looked as graceful as this picture). But this small success encouraged me to keep trying! I even started a Pinterest board with advanced yoga poses I want to continue working on as inspiration!
  •  Keep getting outside (see October)
  • Register for dance class (see October)
  • And of course…keep working on this:

Whatever classy and fabulous mean to you 🙂


  • What are your goals this month?
  • Are there any goals that are still ‘in progress’?


  1. Classy and Fabulous, that YOU are! I love that quote! I actually want that framed and in my office!

    I am so excited that the agent wants your first 5 chapters!!! How did I miss this?! Did you post about that happening before, so happy for you!!!

    I want to do more yoga this month, more hot yoga!

    Happy Thursday!!

    xoxo ❤

    • Thanks love! I didn’t really announce it anywhere on the blog – I’m thinking of doing a writers’ conference update post but don’t know if it will bore people who aren’t writers…I’ll see! But yes, I love that quote – I try and live by it! xx

  2. Ooo Classy and FAB! Love it!!

    I think October is a great month to set new goals!! If we’re not setting goals we’re never moving forward!!


  3. The quote I try to live by is “Life is too short to stay in the background”!
    My goals for this month –
    Attend 2 Yoga classes a week
    Read every day (books not trash mags !)
    Try a new Gluten free vegan recipe on the family each week
    Extend my morning meditation past a mere 10 minutes

    and most importantly
    Have Fun doing it all


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