Bundle Up – It’s Winter Coat Time!

It’s getting really cold outside. I mean, really cold.

Really cold is of course a relative term. I live in Vancouver, so the fact that some mornings this week it’s been 3 degrees (Celsius, this is about 37 degrees Fahrenheit) means it’s really cold, for November anyway.

If you live in the prairies or in Minnesota or somewhere, probably this isn’t that cold.

If you’re living somewhere like…gee, I don’t know, the Cayman Islands, then that’s probably really cold.

So feel sorry for my Caymanian tush, please, because although this will be my third winter in a row in Vancouver, it’s still taking me a while to acclimatize.

However, the plus side of it getting colder means it’s an excuse to go shopping. That’s right, it’s winter coat buying time!

Here’s some things I know about winter coats – they can’t be bought online. I have to try them on, stretch my arms up, feel the fabric, see how it looks.

For example, as much as I love the belted look on others, on me it just makes me look huge (it may be because I pad myself up like crazy underneath with sweater upon sweater). And the double-breasted look does not work for me either, but looks so chic on some frames.

I window shop online for coats, getting inspiration for styles and getting an idea of what stores have available and for what prices. Colour options are good too, seeing what’s in fashion this season colour-wise, if you’re feeling like branching out from the usual black or white winter coat (black is amazing because it goes with everything; white too and it looks so chic, but it’s a nightmare to clean…but I’m keen to try some colour!)

So here are my top picks when checking out what’s out there. I love some of these prices, and some extra details and colours available this season are inspiring me to go beyond the usual black coat (though I have definitely included a few of those for those of you wanting that necessary staple!). Let me know what catches your eye!

H&M coat, $69.95, available here

From hm.com

This coat is a steal and I love the puffy parka look – extra warm and waterproof but kept chic in all black and with a waist-cinching shape. Love.

Macy’s – Jessica Simpson Coat, A-Line Cascade Ruffle Front Walker, $129.99 from $260, available here

From Macys.com

Shown in maroon but also available in black. I love the ruffle detail – so different and feminine but still a classic enough coat to take you anywhere. And the maroon is an understated colour that still makes you stand out from a sea of black coats (though it is in black if that’s what you’re looking for). On sale at 50% off from Macy’s!

Old Navy Women’s Long Frost Free Coat, $70 reduced from $79.94, available here

From OldNavy.com

A slightly shorter and less puffy alternative to the H&M coat above, but which still offers rain protection and plenty of warmth!

Old Navy Women’s Wool-Blend Car Coat, $55 from $99.94, available here

From OldNavy.com

Old Navy have a huge outerwear sale on right now and this coat is the simple, classic and elegant coat we all need. It does come in black, yes, but I love the pop of this red. So Christmassy! At this price you can afford to get two coats. I’ve always thought I need that big puffy parka above for the rainy Vancouver winter days and casual looks, and then a ‘car coat’, as Old Navy calls it, for more elegant occasions. So why not get red??

Forever 21 A-line Winter Coat, $42.80, available here

From Forever21.com

I don’t know how good Forever 21’s coats are – I love a bargain, but my winter coat has to be warm. So whether or not this is great quality, I can’t say from a photo, but it sure looks pretty. I love the single breasted A-line shape of the coat – that is the shape that flatters my figure most, at least – and the mustard colour is so different this winter!

Guess Powell Jacket, $198, available here

From Guess.com

This coat features that belt that I mentioned earlier – I can’t wear coats with belts, but there is the possibility of just taking the belt out and wearing it without it. Again, I’d have to try it on to see if that works or not. But I love this shade of cream, so if you can pull off a belted, double-breasted coat, I think this should be the one for you.


  • How often do you buy a new winter coat? I try to make mine last at least two years but the one I bought last year really didn’t work – it was uncomfortable, itchy and – yes – double-breasted, so that got donated. I’m on the lookout for a keeper!
  • Do you have a favourite store to buy coats in? I’m pretty open-minded, so I always check department stores that carry lots of brands. I know Old Navy do decent coats though.
  • What’s your favourite of these styles? I think the winner for me has to be the Jessica Simpson ruffle coat as I love that detail. I’m a big fan of the shape and mustard colour of the Forever 21 coat though.


  1. I just love these coats! They are so cute and under 200 bucks?! I must go shopping today!

    • I so need to get a winter coat! I haven’t had a chance to actually get to these stores yet – that’s this weekend’s task!

  2. Since I am not working away from home any longer, and find myself in more casual clothes, I am buying fewer ‘dressy’ things. And I don’t really have a ‘winter’ coat anymore… living in the same climate as you.

    I find that 3C is much cooler in this moist climate than it would be in the prairies where the air is dry. Moist and cool! Shiver…..

    • YES! The water in the air makes such a difference! I visit my sister in Calgary often and it can be the same temperature as in BC but sunny and dry and I don’t feel the cold nearly as much!

  3. So funny! I almost did a winter coat fashion post today but did scarves instead!!! LOVE the coats, and I almost put that yellow one on my xmas list form forever 21! I love your taste in fashion! Similar to mine!

    Happy Thursday love!

  4. cute coats!!!!!!

    Even though I grew up in Minnesota, I’d much rather be enjoying Caribbean weather. San Diego is cold and raining and miserable…i will gladly take one of those coats!

  5. I absolutely love peacoats! So glad its that time of year again


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