Weekend Round-Up, December Goals

What did you guys do this weekend?

As I mentioned yesterday, it was my beautiful friend Tara’s baby shower on Friday night. On Saturday I had my work Christmas dinner, which was at the restaurant on top of Grouse Mountain, one of our local mountains in Vancouver – check it out:

Yes that was our outlook from the restaurant. No, that is not my picture – I sadly did not think to bring my camera!

It was so beautiful! The view went for miles and the snow-covered trees outside were so pretty. There was an ice skating rink that people were skating on and sleigh rides too.

Of all our local mountains Grouse is the one I have never snowboarded. It’s apparently great for boarding and skiing, but I always think of it more as the Winter Wonderland mountain – so for entertainment, rather than boarding. I’ve always had season passes to Cypress Mountain and the runs there can’t be beat locally, I don’t think (of course, I am NOT an expert boarder and usually stick to blue runs if anything, so don’t listen to me for top-notch boarding advice – just go straight to Whistler!).

Oh yeah, and on Saturday we bought and decorated our Christmas tree…

It’s hard to see here, but this is the Christmas tree wrapped in a duvet we used to drag it indoors – and the three boys inspecting the boxes of Christmas decorations and the tree.

Always real, this one’s a 7-footer. It smells beautiful; a great air freshener! (Much needed when you have 3 indoor cats :)). Here’s what it looked like after our hours of labour:

Copyright to Anna Wootton

Note the many pine needles on the floor, which – no matter how often you sweep – will ALWAYS be there. The one downside to a beautiful real tree!

All weekend long I’ve pretty much been stuffing my face with these…

Copyright to The Guiltless Life

Yep the first Japanese mandarins of the season – yum! We got a whole box at the farmers’ market so it’s going to last a while…or maybe just a week. We’ll see if I keep inhaling these sweet beauties!

And on Sunday we headed downtown only to find that we had forgotten about a small thing called the Rogers Santa Claus Parade that takes place every year and completely JAMS up downtown traffic. Silly us. We parked and walked to where we were trying to go, but on the way we passed the parade and I managed to get this one (crappy Blackberry) pic. If I had remembered it was the parade I would have brought my camera, but there we go! This photo, by the way, is not the ‘main’ Santa of the day but actually the Russian Santa. However, it was a Santa Claus and the parade is called the Santa Claus Parade so I think I did pretty well ;).

Copyright to The Guiltless Life

It’s a new month and so it’s time to do the good ol’ goal reflection (for November) and goal setting (for December).

Here were November’s goals:

  • Find some great sweater dresses that are warm but stylish (I realized I have NO warm sweaters in my closet, just lightweight fall ones – some of which are short-sleeved!) I’m going over the border to the US for some shopping tomorrow – any recommended stores, American friends? Oh, I went nuts at Target. I am sufficiently warm and cozy now!
  • Edit my manuscript, using what I learned at the SIWC workshops My manuscript editing is a slow process that I confess I haven’t made much headway on. I won’t set this for December though because I know with the busy-ness that is the Christmas season that I just won’t achieve it. I’ll make a mental note to revisit this goal in January.
  • Don’t be afraid of challenging myself in yoga. Recently in a flow class our teacher led us into Partridge Pose (kapinjalasana) – which is a combination of floor bow and side plank pose. I got into it on one side (though I really doubt it looked as graceful as this picture). But this small success encouraged me to keep trying! I even started a Pinterest board with advanced yoga poses I want to continue working on as inspiration! My Pinterest board is getting full of even more exciting poses! I got really far in eight-angle pose this month which was super exciting, and I have become really comfortable with side plank and floor bow  – or Partridge Pose – (it looks like this, and no, that’s not me!), so I’m happy!
  • Keep getting outside – done!
  • Register for dance class – shamefully, no, but again – I’m revisiting this in January as all the courses have closed down for the holidays now!
  • And of course…keep working on this:

    ah, a perpetual work in progress 🙂

So what about goals for December?
  • Do something really festive with a friend
  • Try to get into the early morning workout groove – just try to do one this month and if you don’t find it that bad, try and keep it up!
  • Decorate the house in Christmas style!
  • Come up with a rockin’ Christmas menu, seeing as we’re hosting Christmas dinner for friends this year – I want to impress them with a delicious vegetarian Christmas!
  • Give back during the holiday season
  • Embrace the Christmas spirit – easier said than done as my father passed away around this time of year so for the past couple of years it’s been tough getting into the spirit. I’m going to make a real effort this year though, so fingers crossed!
Well peeps, wish me luck and let me know what your goals are for this season! Don’t get stressed – lots of deep breathing and reminding ourselves of what the holiday is really about! When all else fails, listen to The Grinch!


  1. That view is unbelievable! It literally looks like some kind of postcard that I would send out for the holidays haha. You’re making me wish we actually had elevation in Florida 😦

    • Haha – but I so much preferred running back home, which is just as hot and flat as FL, so there you go – you win some, you lose some!

  2. How beautiful that view is! I hope her baby shower was amazing, as im sure it was!

    Your tree is SO pretty! One day I do want to get a real tree, its just so much prettier to me!

    Heres to a wonderful December!

    xoxo ❤

  3. what a gorgeous view, you reminded me I need to get on making some goals for december!!

  4. I am sooo into decorating Christmas trees this year, and yours is beautiful! I like the ‘early morning workout’ goal, will let you know how it goes for me too! xoxoxo

    • Thanks Jessica! Yes, good luck with the early morning workout goal – it’s going to be a tough one for me, especially this time of year when it’s so dark! But I’m convinced it’ll feel so good once I’ve got into the habit!

  5. That view is amazing!

  6. Hannah @ Eat, Drink and Save Money says:

    Is it time for goal setting already? Great goals. Thanks for the reminder to set my own!

  7. Yippee I was hoping to see your goals soon.! Seeing your November ones last month got me started on my own. This month – get some exercise in, use my camera instead of my phone for photos, and look into some nutrition courses!
    First Vegetarian christmas for us – any hints welcome 🙂

    • Thanks so much Ali, I’m glad it inspired you! Exercise is a great one and yes, it can be a pain to get that camera out haha. Nutrition courses would be awesome! I heard Whole Foods do cooking classes for healthy eating and thought I should try those…

      I have vegetarian Christmas coming up, don’t you worry!

  8. Love this post! The view of Vancouver is stunning! How beautiful. Thanks for the goal inspiration!


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