A Christmas Poem

The Christmas tree is lush and green,

Our cards are hung up to be seen.

The pinecones are all laid out.

And our seasonal friends have returned to hang out.

While sunlight illuminates a poinsettia’s beauty,

Bill keeps a watchful eye over the house, fulfilling his duty.

Bart stands to attention on his very own ‘Christmas tree’,

While Ben is his usual self – innocent and pretty.

The aromas of Christmas cookies baking fill me with glee,

So I joyfully wish a happy holidays to you and your family!


  • How do you decorate your house at Christmas? Is it the same year to year or do you decorate with ‘themes’ or colour schemes in mind?


  1. Awesome photographs. Merry Christmas..!!

  2. Brittany @ Itty Bits of Balance says:

    Your cats are so gorgeous! And trust me, that is a HUGE compliment coming from me because I’m really not much of a cat lover. They always hate me for some reason haha

    I don’t do any decorating in my Orlando apartment, but my parents have done plenty of their own. It’s nice to be around a familiar house with lots of fun bells and festive lights everywhere I look. I wish there was a theme– it’s more like a mish mosh

  3. Ahhh how cute!!!! Your kitties are cute!!! We used to have an orange cat named, Oatmeal 😉

    Hmmmm every year I pretty much decorate the same, except this year I wasn’t allowed to put the village up on the mantel because Ryan says it too ghetto 😉


  4. lovely!

    Your Bill looks just like a kitty we are going to be looking after for several months! That same white cross on the middle of the face. your kitties and your decorations are sweet!

    Merry Christmas to you all!

    • Aw yes Bill’s “splash of white paint” face is one of our favourite things about him, it makes him so beautiful! And he’s actually brothers with Ben (the cat on the bed) and that “splash of white paint” is what makes them look distinguishable from each other!

  5. I love your poem! And the cats are positive superstars! You could make a gorgeous calendar of their pics. Thinking not Calendar Girls, but Calendar Kitties! xx

    • Thank you! They are total superstars :). A calendar should be in the works! The poem was just something very quick I came up with, I should try and produce a proper 4 or 5 stanza one soon! xx

  6. I love the pine cones! I much prefer the natural or Adirondack Christmas look. we hang lots of garland with lights. our wreath above the mantel. Our new kitty is loving the Christmas tree. I just love the atmosphere of sitting in the living room with a hot cup of tea, Christmas movies on the TV, and the Christmas lights illuminating. 😉

    • Sounds beautiful! I love natural looks too, our new place is all rustic in decor. Thanks so much for stopping by Christine!


  1. […] the house in Christmas style! I hope you liked my Christmas decorations – went for a pinecone theme this year. […]

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