A Christmas Quiz!

There have been so many quizzes out there in the blogosphere this season and I just had to jump on the quiz bandwagon!

I’ve enjoyed reading so many of them, including Mila’s, Jocelyn’s and Chelsey’s, and decided to create a ‘mutt’ quiz of my own :). Some were 15 questions long, others 25, but I thought I might bore you, so I just did 10.

Let’s have some festive fun! 

1. Eggnog or hot chocolate?

I like eggnog but it’s very rich and full of all the stuff I try to avoid drinking, so I tend to go with a nice warm cup of hot chocolate, which is simply almond milk with unsweetened cocoa – no sugar! Lovely warm goodness, and, like less than 100 cals a cup. Delish (though you can for sure make it with coconut milk to make it that bit extra in the decadence department).

Copyright to MyRecipes.com

2. What is on your Christmas wish list?

Being the crazy perfume collector that I am, I found a new favourite – I hated this perfume when I first tried it on as I dislike sickly sweet scents and that’s all I smelled when I sniffed the bottle. But when I put it on, the lingering scent is not too sweet at all and was lovely! So ViktorRolf Flowerbomb – I want YOU for Christmas!

Copyright to Sephora.com

I also always ask for things like iTunes gift certificates, to satisfy my constant need for new workout playlists :). Honestly, I just appreciate anyone who is kind and thoughtful enough to write me a card or send me a holiday wish. Yay for the holidays!

Copyright to Apple.com

3. Do you open gifts on Christmas Eve?

When I was old enough to strategize 😉 my sister and I came up with a way to get in on some of the gift action early, so we set about persuading our parents to allow us to open one small gift on Christmas Eve. So traditionally we open one small present on Christmas Eve and then the stockings and other gifts on Christmas morning.

Copyright to Christmaswow.com

4. What is your favourite holiday dessert?

Every year my mom makes the most amazing chocolate cheesecake (though its consistency is more like that of a chocolate mousse cake). She’s done this for as long as I remember, though traditionally we had it as the dessert to our Christmas Eve meal, not to our Christmas Day meal (my parents being British, that was taken up with Christmas pudding or cake).

Now though the number of people in our family who like the cheesecake far outnumber those who like pudding or cake, so we have the cheesecake on Christmas Day. It’s delicious and incredibly sinful, though I have of course found a way to ‘healthify’ it ;). I’ll see if I can persuade her to share the recipe!

Copyright to fullmeals.com

5. What is your favourite holiday tradition?

About five years ago we sat down and really realized we were being gluttonous when it came to Christmas.

Every year the tree was just overflowing with gifts, and at the end of the day, as fun it is to open gifts, we didn’t need half that stuff, and we bankrupted ourselves in the process.

So we decided to do a Secret Santa exchange within our family where we just buy one gift for one other family member, and we set a maximum price limit for the gift.

Then we match the money we put into the gift and collectively pool it to donate to a charity that we take it in turns to choose each year.

This tradition has really led to Christmas being much more fulfilling and ensuring we all get what we want but not a whole bunch of stuff that we just feel we don’t need. It’s made Christmas a lot more enjoyable and less stressful for all of us!

6. What is your favourite Christmas movie?

Easy – Love Actually. There are very few movies I can watch more than once (I have seen Titanic 32 times, but that is an extreme exception! And yes, I know that’s crazy, but it is true).

Who doesn’t laugh at Bill Nighy singing “Christmas is All Around Me”:

And who didn’t swoon a bit at Hugh Grant’s serious dance skills (even as Prime Minister):

Or whose heart didn’t melt at Mark’s self-sacrificing declaration of love for Juliet?:

Okay, I’d better stop now. You get the picture.

(And for a more traditional answer, as a kid my favourite Christmas movie was Home Alone).

7. What is your favourite Christmas song?

O Holy Night, for sure. It’s powerful and I love the tune. It’s been brilliantly sung by so many artists, but probably my favourite version is Faith Hill’s because she doesn’t stray from the original too much and go nuts:

Having said that, Christina Aguilera – queen of going overboard in the vocal department! – did a great version that brought in a gospel choir halfway through, which I LOVED, and she gives it a cool jazz feel at the end too. It’s definitely different!

8. Do you leave anything out for Santa?

Not now I’m grown – all the magic of Christmas is gone hahaha!

No, when I was younger though I was all about leaving out the snacks, and we left mince pies and wine and milk out for Santa and carrots out for the reindeer (mince pies being a British thing – you guys know them though, right? They have them pretty widely available in Canada nowadays)…

9. What tops your Christmas tree?

There’s an angel on top of our tree! I love having an angel atop the tree, it makes me feel we are being watched over at this time of year :).

Copyright to The Guiltless Life

10. What do you eat for a vegetarian Christmas?

You can go all out and make something you wouldn’t make at any other time of year – like a very complicated casserole or other dish, but what I prefer to do is make something that still works with the regular sides – potatoes, roasted vegetables, gravy, cranberry sauce…it just means that the tradition doesn’t have to change tons so if you’re having people over who are meat eaters (as we’re doing this year) it isn’t such a big shock to the system!

Copyright to stock-up.ca


  1. We do mince meat pies too! They are disgusting but my grandma used to shove them down our throat because you “had to make a wish and eat one”! HA!

    • Oh I’ve never heard of the make a wish idea! I love mince pies but have to try to limit myself – they’re pretty rich! I’ve started making them as tarts without a pastry top so they’re at least a little healthier!

  2. That is my favorite perfume! Its so lovely!!! Love this quiz! I might have to do one too!!

    Happy Tuesday love!

    • Aha, see, again? Great minds! – Must be the pink packaging, I just love that perfume! You should definitely do the quiz, I’d love to read it!

  3. loved reading this! we used to leave out carrots for reindeer as well. one year my parents must have chewed them up and made them look like the reindeer had eaten all the carrots and tossed them in the street in front of our house (you know, because I guess that is where the sleigh parked). i still remember standing in the street amazed. christmas is magical, no?

    • Thanks so much Sara. Yes, if parents go to that extra level to create the fantasy for their kids, it’s so amazing. Sounds like yours worked really hard! x

  4. I love your gift giving tradition! that’s really a wonderful idea! I should suggest that with my family. Is that really a picture of your Christmas tree with all those gifts?? That’s crazy!

    • Haha thanks Mila – no that’s not my tree, just a photo I got off the net showing how many gifts people can have. Don’t think we were ever quite that bad, but it was getting overboard for sure!

  5. I just saw this quiz on another blog! I love the idea 🙂

  6. Hey Lovie!! Great post!! I love quizes like this 🙂

    I love eggnog, but It kills my tummy!!!

    I’ve never smelt this perfume, but I LOVE my perfume, I should check it out!!

    • I know I’m all about the perfume! And yes, I hear you on the eggnog – it’s just too darn rich for my liking! I haven’t had it in years but knowing my body now, it probably wouldn’t sit too well with my tummy either. You have to do a quiz, I’d love to read! x

  7. I love your quiz! The Secret Santa idea is so good. I’m going to try to persuade the UK branch to join in that next year! xxx

  8. We have a really big family get together every second year – and we adults have two secret santas to buy for each, one child and one adult. The children are all given an adult to buy a secret present for. SInce we all live in different areas around the country it gets so exciting when the email comes individually to each person (even the kids) telling you who to buy for.

    I have been asked to bring a main vegetarian dish this year – any suggestions welcome. It cant however have dairy, any nuts, or frui in it I am running out of time to come up with something!!

    • The Secret Santa idea is so great, right? And for sure the bigger the group the better it works :).

      Unfortunately my Christmas dish this year includes both hazelnuts and eggs as pretty integral parts of the recipe, but I’m doing a post tomorrow (Thursday) rounding up the best vegetarian Christmas recipes from the blogosphere that I’ve seen – so hopefully there will be something in there for you! xx

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