Prettify with Polyvore


Have you guys discovered this website yet?

I can guarantee that if you haven’t been to the website itself, you have seen its style boards all over Pinterest.

*This isn’t a promotional deal or anything, I just honestly found the site recently and loved it, so wanted to share!

I have a board on Pinterest that I am constantly repinning style ideas to, and the majority of them are from Polyvore boards. (You can follow me at!)

Basically, Polyvore allows anyone to go and create their own outfit boards by dragging different items onto a virtual ‘bulletin board’ and playing around with them until you’re happy with the look. When you’re finished, just save it and share!

I have yet to create any of my own because I prefer spending my time browsing through other people’s amazing creations. So, in the nature of sharing, I have put my favorites below (with links to their details on Polyvore). These are all casual looks that suit my style, so yes you will see a lot of jeans, boots, scarves and neutrals with occasional pops of colour! That’s just how I like to roll ;).

Mellow Yellow:

I love how the yellow makes this outfit come to life. I also love how all the accessories are in the gold/brown colour scheme, so they don’t fight each other!

Pretty Dressy:

I love how, if you have any floral sundresses left over from summer, this outfit easily makes them winter or fall appropriate. Also love how the neutral accessories allow the dress to really stand out as the central piece.

One note: I would probably ditch the newsboy cap. Those hats don’t do much for me and I’d rather wear this outfit with a cute knick toque (beanie for those of you in the States!)

Accessory Crazy:

This one is ALL about the accessories for me. Rose gold watch! Flower jewelled ring! That scarf! In. Love.

Errands Days:

Get your errands done in style in this outfit. Practical for rainy Vancouver days, but not boring!

Better Basics:

The right way to make a white top and jeans look AWESOME.


  • What’s your favourite look? I think it has to be the last one for me, because I like things unfussy and classic, but still looking good!
  • Are you a member of Polyvore? Leave a link so I can check out your boards!


  1. Love it! For me it’s always about the bags. You can wear anything but make it fab with the right accessory. We’ve just done a special Australia Day post on our favourite Aussie designers. Would love you to check it out!

  2. I love that site! I discovered it last week and have been making dream fashion boards since!

    Love the boards you made up!

    Happy Thursday! ❤

    • Thanks Katie, you should tell me your user name so I can check you out! I didn’t actually make up these boards – as referenced above they are other people’s boards that I liked; I haven’t yet got the creative spark to go assembling outfits! Too busy admiring others’ work!

  3. I have never heard of that site, but I love these outfits! Especially the Better Basics one! I could also go for the Errands outfit too. 🙂
    Wouldn’t that be cool if you could just click a button and all of the items be delivered to your house before you start your day!? Ahhhh that would be nice. Think of all the free closet space!

  4. I play on polyvore all the time, it’s a fun way to get ideas, see what’s out in stores, and plan outfit inspirations or shopping trips 😉 Your outfits are all very fun, boots complete any outfit!

  5. “Better Basic” is just adorable. I have yet to poke around on polyvore, I’ll have to check it out. I’m not sure I need another addiction. Pinterest seems to be holding strong in that category at the moment!

  6. Sigh, I’m in LOVE with rose gold watches right now! That whole outfit there is me….sigh….

    Ok, I need to learn how to use my Pineterest! LOL!


  7. Oh no….another website to distract me from my homework haha I’ve never heard of this site till now. This one looks amazing! It’s like a pinterest just for clothes! I’ve already registered and started some boards! ha

    • I know, I know, major time waster! If it helps you can just browse like me, and not actually set up an account. Then it becomes a real time suck, but the rest of us all benefit from the creations! Awesome if you’re on Pinterest follow me and I’ll follow you back!

  8. Wow, what cute outfits! It’s funny ~ most of the outfits I end up repinning are ones created on Polyvore! I’ll definitely follow your pins 😉 Haven’t played around with Polyvore yet, but now I’m feeling like I must! I’d say my favorite style is classic with a twist ~ a kind of urban blend of ’60s, prep, tomboy, bohemian, and glam. I’d totally wear all the outfits in this post!

  9. I have seen those style boards all over pinterest and wondered where they are from! So thanks for helping me figure it all out. I imagine I’m going to become a polyvore addict now..

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