Spicing Up Your Gym Routine


**NEW! Download this workout using the link at the end of this post!

Gym workouts are just two of the six workouts I do per week at the moment. Each week, I do:

  • two yoga classes (hot, hatha, flow, yin, Pilates – whatever I feel I need on that day)
  • two dance-based classes
  • two gym workouts

This is working out well for me because it’s keeping each exercise new and fresh enough that I’m never getting bored.

(Haha I thought this was funny)

Getting bored mentally is a BIG issue for me when working out. Keeping myself motivated is all about having something new and exciting to look forward to – whether it’s a new class, a new gym outfit or a new exercise to try.

As much as I always wanted to be someone who could run endlessly day in and day out, I can’t because it just bores me too much. When I would go for a run, I would find myself mentally running a bit quicker to the choruses of the songs I was listening to, and then slowing down for the verses or just doing something that mimicked intervals, because I was bored keeping one pace all the time.

So I might never be a marathoner, no.

But, while I’ve always cursed my quick-to-boredom tendencies, they are actually my best friend when it comes to getting fit. Why?

Your body gets used to exercises super fast. Our bodies are amazing things that adapt quickly.

If you keep giving it the same workout it’ll just get used to it and stop working nearly as hard. That means fewer calories burned, fewer muscles challenged, and therefore less noticeable difference in muscle toning, which is usually what most of us are after, whether we want to gain or lose weight or maintain, all of us want a little extra toning, no?

You have to keep the muscles on their toes, by throwing new moves into the mix all the time.

Source: fitnessfortennis.com

That’s why I’ve come to really look forward to my twice-weekly gym sessions. Because they’re just twice a week I’m motivated to really put in the time to coming up with something interesting for each new workout. Sometimes this is browsing blogs and Pinterest for new circuits, and sometimes it’s making up my own, like today’s…

Here’s a fun circuit that I do that uses Tabata intervals for the cardio blasts in between the circuits (see my post on Tabata intervals here). For the circuits, I love combining two body parts into one exercise for maximum burn. So that’s what I’ve focused on in these circuits – it kept them nice and short and sweet, so you can do more reps and get more of a workout  by moving quicker!

I hope you like it…!

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Do cardio of choice for 5-10 minutes.

CIRCUIT 1 (repeat 3 times without rest):

Rest 2 minutes.

Cardio blast:

Tabata intervals alternating between:

  • mountain climbers
  • jumping jacks

Rest 2 minutes.

CIRCUIT 2 (repeat 3 times without rest):

Rest 2 minutes.

Cardio blast:

Tabata intervals alternating between:

  • hold 2-3lb weights in each hand and do fast air punches
  • plie squat and pulse for length of interval

Rest 2 minutes.

CIRCUIT 3 (repeat 3 times without rest):

I couldn’t find a video showing how to do the twist PLUS the toe taps so I’ll describe it. Twist to the left and when you’re back in centre, tap the floor with your left foot, raise it back up, tap with the right, raise it back up. Then twist to the right. That is 1 repetition.

Rest 2 minutes.

Cardio blast:

Tabata intervals alternating between:

  • running on the spot, knees high
  • abdominal hold (challenge = hold throughout the rest interval as well for a total of 30 seconds each time instead of 20)

Cool down and stretch!

DOWNLOAD THIS WORKOUT HERE: Spice Up Your Gym Routine circuit workout


  1. I’m right there with you on getting bored with workouts easily. I loveee HIIT and tabata workouts for the sole reason that they keep me entertained.

    And maybe because they’re booty-kicking too 😉

  2. What a kick butt workout! Nice that you have the option to download it too!

    Love the trex pic, I saw a shirt like that before!

    Happy Thursday! ❤

  3. yes yes yes! i agree with this and great tips. i used to ONLY run and my body just got used to it. i have recently (as you know) started to incorporate different kinds of workouts into my routine and i have seen great results!

  4. Fun workout! I love workouts and am always looking for new ones to throw into the mix. I like to workout at home some days, go to the gym others and go for a run or hike when I feel like getting outdoors. Have a great day!

  5. Great circuit! I do strength training circuits twice a week and cardio twice a week. The only way I can do the treadmill is to do some kind of interval training. Otherwise the time goes by sooooooo slow!

  6. Sounds intense! Love it! Sometimes we need to stretch ourselves and really kick butt. 🙂

  7. I get bored really easily as well so lately I have just been making up random circuits that take between 30-45 minutes to complete. Keeps my body and mind guessing so neither get bored!

  8. I get stuck in that rut of the same exercises sometimes! I know I need to start switching it up more! This looks like a good one! Can’t wait to try it out!

  9. Great workouts!!

  10. I LOVE tabata style workouts! 🙂 This looks like a great one! I agree, as much as I would love to run all of the time, I just can’t do that. My body would hate me 🙂
    Thanks for the tips!


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