Grammy Awards 2012 Fashion

Not much really needs to be said about Whitney Houston. It’s already all been said much better than I could, and it’s a sad situation.

The irony, of course, was that she died the day before the Grammys, an award show she was always so good at dominating with her immense talent and powerful voice.

I don’t know if there were lots of last-minute dress changes or if everyone had intended to wear this much black, but my favourite Grammys dresses were almost all black.

My favourite picks of the night:

I LOVE this girl. Seriously love her. She’s exactly who I would want as a best friend, and I am in total awe of her talent. She always looks stunning: classy, stylish and drop-dead gorgeous (her face! She’s so beautiful!). Okay, so enough Adele gushing, but she looked beautiful in a custom Giorgio Armani gown.

I can’t believe I’m complimenting something Paris Hilton wore! But this Basil Soda dress is truly stunning.

Rihanna looked fabulous in Giorgio Armani. I am loving her blonde hair too!

I loved this dress on Kelly Clarkson but can’t find out what designer it is anywhere!

I was on the fence about but ultimately think it’s a hit:

I just thought the colour washed her out a bit, but otherwise I loved the exquisite work on Taylor Swift’s Zuhair Murad gown!

My absolute FAVOURITE:

You can’t see it as well here but Gwyneth Paltrow’Stella McCartney dress was GORGEOUS. And you gotta love Stella McCartney too, for never using fur! I was a bit worried about Gwnyeth though – she looks so thin here! I hope it’s just the lighting…

My least favourites of the night:

Copyright to

I get that she was trying to a Madonna-type shock value thing here but I just thought it was dumb and pretty offensive, too. Sorry Nicki Minaj – even having Versace make this robe couldn’t make it a win in my book.

This gold Gucci gown was just too much gold – it looked garish on Katy Perry. Earlier in the night she arrived in a sparkly blue Elie Saab which would have been okay had her hair not been blue too…

Copyright to

Sorry Jessie J. Like Katy Perry above you, too garish! And I usually love Julien MacDonald gowns…

I was on the fence about but ultimately think it’s a miss:

I don’t have much good to say about Carrie Underwood – I acknowledge her voice but I have just heard too many nightmare stories about her bad attitude. And I also think this was just too much sparkle – it looked a bit tacky, especially on a night when others were playing it down a bit to honour the passing of one of music’s greats. In certain situations and with a bit less sparkle I’d like this Gomez-Gracia gown, but on this night, I’ll call it a miss…

My LEAST FAVOURITE of the night:

Sorry Fergie, but I don’t know what you were thinking here. I can’t believe this was Jean Paul Gaultier!


  • What was your favourite Whitney Houston song?
  • And your favourite and least favourite dress of the night?
  • Did you watch the Grammys? Do you LOVE Adele as much as I do!!!!??

Here’s a great Grammys performance to leave you with…


  1. Adele was my favorite and she is my favorite! She is so beautiful! Her voice amazing! I was so happy for her!

    I hate when people get on her about her weight, its pretty sad.

    Happy Wednesday love! ❤

  2. LOVE this! Adele and Taylor swift looked beautiful! I agree the color is a bit border line on Taylor, but I thought it was such a lovely soft look. That dress Fergie chose looks awful!!
    I love that picture you chose for Whitney Houston. She looks stunning there.

  3. I love Adelle too, her looked gorgeous, has an amazing voice of course and just rocks! When people criticize her weight…. well I just want to punch them in the head!

  4. I totally agree with all your picks! I just love Adele and everything about her. I saw her special on 60 minutes, it was great. I also think that Nicki’s performance was bad. It was like she was trying to be someone she wasn’t.

    • Hahaha I have so much fun watching her interviews and that one was awesome. I spent part of my childhood growing up in England and I just miss hearing the British sense of humour and of course her London accent is awesome. It makes me kinda homesick to hear her talk haha.

      Nicki’s performance was just too out there; it didn’t ring true for me either. Thanks for your thoughts Kristine!

  5. I love your fashion blogs! You always say what I’m thinking, too! Love Adele’s llook, such lovely restraint. She’s a class act. Whereas Fergie, well, yes, what was she thinking? It would have worked slightly better with underwear in a matching shade, but even so, a very obvious and totally unclassy look.

  6. Completely agree about fergie- normally i quite like her choices. Gwyn looks awfully thin to me!
    And you know what – I think I like Carrie’s dress, surprises me!


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