Get Your Cardio Fix

Haha, I just had to…

Pinterest isn’t just useful for finding outfit ideas or recipe inspiration.

I use it all the time for fitness ideas – from individual exercises to full-on routines.

I actually enjoy planning my own gym circuit routines (click here, here and here for some previous ones I’ve posted), but I HATE planning cardio routines.

I do it sometimes, but mostly I don’t like it because once I’ve planned it I know what’s coming, and then I can dread it. Sounds crazy, but it’s true! Cardio is all mental for me. I have to plug into my music and follow some specific instructions and then I’m fine.

So I browse Pinterest and grab cardio workouts from there instead of coming up with them myself.

I thought I’d share some of my favourite workout routines and guides that I’ve found over the months…


  • I love doing incline climbs on the treadmill, so here’s a great one to get those glutes fired up!


  • You can do this workout ANYWHERE – it combines strength moves and gets you to do them quickly and repetitively in a circuit to give you the cardio benefit:


  • Here’s a fun workout for you – a countdown cardio workout! Start at 10, end at 1 – nothing could be easier, and you’ll definitely break a sweat!


  • A basic cardio method that WORKS:


  • I love the elliptical for how kind it is to your joints while still giving you a kick-a** workout! This is a great switch-it-up elliptical routine that won’t leave you bored:


  • Look, you should ALWAYS customize your workout to your own needs – but for a basic guide, this is pretty awesome:


  • A quick intro to getting the most out of your cardio intervals:


  • Feeling in a jumpy mood? Get hopping – this one burns some nice calories while being pretty fun to do too!


  • Do you ever turn to Pinterest for some fun cardio ideas?
  • What’s your favourite to do – cardio or strength training?

**UPDATED to add: Angela at Oh She Glows just posted a couple of her own boredom-busting treadmill routines – check them out here!


  1. Ohh thank you so much for this! I’ve been looking for new workouts, and literally JUST joined pinterest a few days ago. I’m loving cardio at the moment, particularly the elliptical, so I think i’ll be using this one (and pinning it too!).. thanks for sharing! 🙂

  2. Oh pinterest has it all! These are some great workouts you found on there! I never have looked to pinterest for workouts yet, but might now!

    Happy Thursday! The first pic was hilarious, lol!

  3. isn’t Pinterest just fantastic? 😉

  4. Pinterest is great but unfortunately people are not giving credit for the pins they are using. Apparently they are going to start cracking down on that.

    • Ah that makes sense. I also heard they were going to cap the amount of characters you can use in describing your pin, which will hopefully cut down on people copying and pasting whole recipes into the description and instead encourage people to visit the site links to get the recipes. Yay for us!

  5. i think i might try that cardio/strength workout but the one counting down for 10 would never happen for me with all those pushups! They are weakness of mine, so I guess maybe i should try it!

    • Haha I hear ya on push-ups but I actually did the countdown workout last night – it’s very quick, I used it as a 5 minute warm up to a more elaborate strength routine and some Tabatas. But it’s not too bad if you do pushups from your knees! The workout was in constantly getting up and then dropping to the floor and then getting up again lol!

  6. Awesome post! I shared one on my Facebook page yesterday and everyone liked it, so I’m going to share your post if they’d like more!

  7. That picture is awesome! Pinterest is so great! Great post and ideas!

  8. I love pinterest! It gives me so many ideas! Also the inspiration from quotes and some of those girls bodies gets me wanting to workout! ha
    These look like some great workouts, especially that glute climber. I want to try that one!!!
    Thanks for sharing some of these!

  9. Ooh these are some good ones that I hadn’t seen yet! Thanks for sharing!

  10. Thanks for the ideas! Love the Zombieland graphic too 😀

  11. These are great! These are perfect for someone who might be going on vacation and need some workout ideas. 🙂

  12. Yes! New workout galore!! Thanks for posting all of theses…I love adding new routines to mix up my workout a little bit. I write down workouts I like and carry them around in my gym bag, so I can just pull out the one I feel like doing when the mood strikes. I can’t wait to add the first treadmill routine to my collection!

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