BAFTA Awards 2012 Fashion

I love these fashion posts, they’re a great lighthearted way to start off the week.

The BAFTAs actually happened on the same night as the Grammy Awards but I wanted to space out my fashion posts ;).

Having spent some of my childhood growing up in England, I have a special place in my heart for the BAFTAs. They are, in my opinion, one of the few remaining award shows whose awards actually mean something – as in, they’re less corrupted by bias or fan popularity or persuasion.

But enough about the darn awards – let’s talk about fashion! 

My favourite picks of the night:

One designer that was prevalent on the red carpet was eccentric British designer Vivienne Westwood. Seen here on Meryl Streep, and later in the Worst category as well unfortunately. Note: I don’t think I would have liked this dress on just anyone, but seeing Meryl push the boundaries and still explore fashion rather than just casting it off as something only ‘youngsters’ can get into was super inspiring. Go Meryl!

I get that this could be a bit ‘gold lamé’ for some tastes, but I love this Givenchy on Christina Ricci. The shape and draping is very flattering.

I appreciate how Bonnie Wright did something a bit different here, in vintage. The colour of her shoes and the pattern of her dress are refreshing and that’s what you should see on someone young on the red carpet. Plus, she looks very different from her role as Ginny in Harry Potter, so if her intention was to show her versatility I think it paid off.

Tilda Swinton has often been talked about for her unusual red carpet choices, which I have always respected because I appreciate her individual style. However, she’s so tall and statuesque that I always felt she didn’t need much to look graceful and elegant, and she certainly proves that in this simple Celine dress.

Jessica Chastain has made some stunning choices this awards season, and that didn’t stop at the BAFTAs thanks to this glamorous Oscar de la Renta number which really plays up her curves. Love it!

I was on the fence about but ultimately think it’s a hit:

Viola Davis always looks stunning but I wasn’t sure about the colour or fabric of this Valentino gown on her. But then I read that this was Valentino’s first ever eco gown and I have to give it props for that so…it’s a hit. (Plus, I admit, I’m biased – I love her!)

My absolute FAVOURITE:

I’m sorry, but how much do I love that Colin Firth in his Armani suit was totally outshone by his wife Livia in a Paul Smith suit? I already loved her after last year’s awards season circuit, when she blogged for Vogue UK about choosing only eco-friendly designers and gowns for each red carpet. This choice was just so spot-on stylish. And those heels and clutch – awesome!

My least favourites of the night:

Penelope Cruz in Armani Prive – look, it’s hard to make Penelope Cruz look bad. But this colour (especially in contrast to the red of the red carpet) and that boxy shape at the chest just did nothing for her.

There was nothing horribly wrong with this custom H&M gown on Michelle Williams, and I love the fact that she wore high street (as the Brits would say), but I just feel that with her nominations and status this awards season, she could have stepped up her game a little. It was just very ordinary.

I was on the fence about but ultimately think it’s a miss:

Ack! This one pains me, because as earlier with Viola Davis, I have a major bias here – I LOVE Kristen Wiig. But unless she was doing this deliberately with comedic intentions to play up the fact that she’s nominated for Bridesmaids (by wearing a bridesmaid dress), I can’t get behind this Alberta Ferretti gown on her.

My LEAST FAVOURITE of the night:

Well, I went from loving the Vivienne Westwood gown on Meryl Streep earlier to hating this one on Christina Hendricks. It’s just a bit of a mess and doesn’t do anything for her shape. I do appreciate that her hairstylist clearly tried to play up the ‘messy’ style of the dress by making her hair tousled but the overall effect is more Helena Bonham Carter than I’m used to seeing on Hendricks.


  • You know I love to hear your opinion! Which were your favourites – and least favourites?
  • Do you ever watch the BAFTAs?
  • Who is your favourite British actor or actress?


  1. The grammy’s had more style and fun for sure on the red carpet ; )

    Happy Monday love!

  2. jessi@slotheatz says:

    Christina Ricci looks gaaaawgeous.

  3. I didn’t watch this, but it’s fun to read up about these on your blog! Christina Ricci looks great!! That gold looks amazing on her. And I agree with Katie, the grammy’s definitely had more style! 🙂

  4. wow these awards definitely don’t get as much attention, that’s too bad. I love a good red carpet! Christina Hendricks is a disappointment, wow… she’s always so well dressed on Mad Men 😉
    But i have to say I like some of the choices on your miss list! Like Michelle Williams looks great! it’s her style and it works, i think she looks beautiful. Same with the other two, but i totally see what you’re saying, could have been better.

    • They don’t get as much attention I know :(. I love hearing about other people’s tastes! Apart from Christina Hendricks, I have to say none of my ‘least’ favourites were that bad – just not as exciting as they could have been. I just thought Michelle Williams played it safe, and when you’re nominated is when you can take risks because you’re the star of the show! But ah well – roll on Oscars!

  5. Such a fun post!! It makes me want to get all dressed up now! Too bad I don’t have any formal occasions coming up!

  6. Love Colin Firth and his wife’s outfits, too cool! But I absolutely love the Alberta Ferretti on Kristen Wiig… if only she was getting married instead of at an awards ceremony.


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