What I Ate Wednesday: Shrove Tuesday Edition

Yeah, I know that’s a contradiction – but we all have accepted by now that our “What I Ate Wednesday” posts are actually about what we ate on Tuesday, right??

And as I posted yesterday, it was Shrove Tuesday – meaning pancakes for dinner!

So here is my day of eats – and because of the pancakes for dinner issue, my day was a little low on veggies, which is really not in keeping with the Love Your Veggies Month theme that Jenn has going on – so I apologize in advance! Tomorrow will be better (or really…today ;)).

Breakfast was a delicious hot bowl of pumpkin oats – my favourite way to start a weekday morning, when I just need something yummy and nutritious before running out the door to work.

Copyright to The Guiltless Life

My mid-morning snack was so needed that I ate it before I could photograph it (whoops!). I did take a shot of my empty tea mug for you, which was accompanied by one of Katie’s delicious gluten-free lemon blueberry muffins which I made dairy-free by using Earth Balance butter and almond milk. (I’m not vegan so I kept the egg). I also didn’t add the stevia/sweetener because I found the honey made them sweet enough.

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Lunch was a vegetable roll – yay for sushi! This is a file photo – as sushi aficionados can tell, this is a yam and avocado roll, whereas I had a vegetable roll (we sushi fanatics are picky aren’t we??). I was too rushed to take a photo…sorry! I’m not doing too well so far, am I? 😦

Copyright to The Guiltless Life

Afternoon snacks equalled fruit! I fuelled up on an organic apple and a serving of green grapes, which are just tasting SO good right now!

Copyright to The Guiltless Life

Copyright to The Guiltless Life

I had a yoga class after work so en route I had a Luna bar to keep me full – Nutz Over Chocolate flavour of course!

Copyright to The Guiltless Life

Dinner need not be explained – pancakes, bien sur! It was a fabulous Shrove Tuesday, and I hope everyone else enjoyed having pancakes for dinner…it should happen more than once a year!

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I also had some requests yesterday to share the recipe for the traditional English pancakes I talked about (and that are pictured below) – so the recipe is below! Very simple, very yummy :).

Traditional English Pancakes (I learned this recipe from my dad, but I believe it is adapted from the Queen of all English cooking – Delia Smith)

INGREDIENTS (serves 6):

1/2 cup flour
1 egg
Pinch of salt
3/4 cup milk of choice (I used Almond Breeze almond milk but traditionally, 2% would work great)


1. Sift flour and salt into a mixing bowl. Make a small well in the flour with your finger, then crack the egg into the well.

2. With a fork, whisk the egg into the flour. Then, with an electric whisk, gradually add the milk, continuing until the milk is completely combined. Strain the mixture through a sieve to get the lumps out. NOTE: The mixture will be THIN. That’s why these pancakes come out more like crepes than the fluffier American pancake.

3. Heat some oil or butter (these pancakes are amazzzzzing cooked in butter – go figure! I would also recommend canola or coconut oil, but traditionally it would be butter…) in a frying pan.

4. Add pancake mixture a ladle at a time. Spread quickly all around the pan till its thin and spread out. When the mixture starts to show bubbles on the top, the pancake can probably be flipped. Cook on the other side and serve!

5. For serving suggestions and topics, see yesterday’s post – I gave a few!

Copyright to The Guiltless Life

Nutritional information is per pancake if makes 6 (using 2% milk and not counting the fat it is cooked in, or toppings):

Nutritional information courtesy of caloriecount.about.com


  1. These look yummy 🙂 Do you think flax seed will work as a substitution for eggs? I have no problems with eggs at all but I like the benefits of flax-seeds when it comes to baking 😀

  2. pumpkin and chocolate chips is such a great combination – especially for breakfast!

  3. Pancakes for dinner is a great thing : ) I have not done that in a while!

    Yay for sushi and a yummy luna bar!

    Happy Wednesday! ❤

  4. Pumpkins for dinner is never a bad thing… so so good 🙂 This is a great recipe too
    I love that flavor of Luna bar!

  5. I LOVE pancakes for dinner. I don’t know why they seem to taste even better at dinner time! And they can kind of double as dessert with the syrup on top 🙂

  6. I made pancakes too following a similar recipe but added blueberries and chia seeds to the batter. My favourite part of pancake Tuesday is I don’t have to think about what to have for supper 🙂

  7. Oh darn, I’m craving sushi again 😛 Especially THAT roll! We went out for sushi the other day & I stuffed myself silly 🙂 haha. Your eats sound delicious! Missing out on veggies once in awhile is no biggie. Pancakes for dinner is a special day!

  8. Yum, you def had a delicious day of eats!

  9. You always eat such a delicious looking meals! And they area so healthy! Those sushi rolls look so divine. Pancakes are always a great choice- especially for dinner!

  10. Yum those morning oats looks so delicious! I love doing pumpkin for my breakfast oats as well. Something about it makes me feel so comforted in the early morning haha

    Those pancakes sound so good! I can’t wait to try those out!

  11. Sushi! I am always excited when I see sushi!!! 🙂 and pancakes for dinner rock!!

  12. hahaha I’ve never had pancakes for dinner but it sounds a fun idea, btw that sushi sounds pretty good as well as the pumpkin oatmeal, I only had meat and asparragus yesterday, kinda boring

  13. Those pancakes are so simple and I love that they’re thinner.

  14. I cannot tell you how completely bummed I am that I missed Pancake Day! Looks like I will have to have a belated celebration!


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