BRIT Awards 2012 Fashion

After the Oscars on Sunday, my award season fashion posts will be over :(! I have so much fun doing them, I’m already excited for next year haha.

If you missed previous award show fashion posts, here’s the rundown for you:

So this award is the British version of the Grammys – which is awesome, because there are so many talented Brits out there in the music world. I need not state the obvious (um, hello, Adele???), but don’t forget about Florence and the Machine, Blur, Jessie J, Arctic Monkeys, Coldplay…? I shall not continue; you get the gist :).

The important thing?

Adele won Album of the Year. Oh yeah!

Now that we’re all satisfied, let’s get to the fashion.

My favourite picks of the night:

I’m not entirely sure who Victoria Justice is (though I think she’s American), nor do I know what designer she’s wearing, but I know she’s young and I thought this leather minidress was a pretty funky way to dress her age.

The controversial Lana Del Rey wore Vivienne Westwood. I liked the simple elegance of this dress, and the red actually worked on her – this shade of red is not a shade everyone can pull off.

If you don’t know why she’s controversial: the rundown is that she appeared on Saturday Night Live as the musical guest and afterwards there was an outcry from those who watched, saying her performance, well, sucked. She is a little out there, for sure. What I liked about this controversy was that Kristen Wiig hilariously spoofed it the following week on SNL. Watch below if you’re interested:

Nicole Scherzinger is a lot more popular in the UK than over here, and she makes the most of it! I loved this Versace dress. The colour totally popped against her skin tone.

I was on the fence about but ultimately think it’s a hit:

Adele in Burberry Prorsum. I was so torn about this because I feel like we’ve seen this kind of dress on her a gazillion times. But it’s Adele! And in my mind she can do no wrong. Plus, she changed into a sparkly dress (see the opening picture) for her performance that I loved, which is why I made her a hit.

My absolute FAVOURITE:

Rihanna in this GORGEOUS Givenchy Haute Couture by Riccardo Tisci that I thought was just the right amount of glam vs sexy. The back was sooo gorgeous too!

And in true Rihanna style, she accessorized it to the nines with those gloves.

My least favourites of the night:

Christina Perri (singer and writer of one of my favourite songs, Jar of Hearts) in a red sheer glittery number. I couldn’t find out the designer – probably a good thing for the designer’s sake. I like what she was trying to do here but ultimately I thought it came off as a bit skanky (sorry!).

Former Baby Spice Emma Bunton showed up in a dress I don’t know the designer of…I like the lace minidress over opaque black tights and booties idea, but can’t get with this. The straps of the dress showing through the sparse red lace…I just don’t get it.

All of my misses are red dresses! Haha. Well, Jessie J. in this Falguni & Shane dress did the sheer-dress-over-underwear look better than Fergie did at the Grammys, but not well enough to make it onto my Hits list. Sorry!

I was on the fence about but ultimately think it’s a miss:

I know my opinion probably won’t be popular on this one, and I love Kylie Minogue, and the colour of this dress is gorgeous. But for an Yves Saint Laurent dress on Kylie Minogue, the fit could have been way more flattering, and the dress way more interesting! I found it equal parts bridesmaid/boring and ill-fitting and unflattering.

My LEAST FAVOURITE of the night:

I love Florence Welch of Florence + The Machine, and I love Alexander McQueen, the label that made this dress (and Kate Middleton’s wedding gown, funnily enough). But this is just too messy and all over the place.

I have never expected or wanted ‘normal’ or ‘mainstream’ from Florence, but this colour and this shape and the embellishments…eugh. Just no.


  • You know I love hearing your opinions too! Favourites? Least favourites?
  • Favourite British musical act?


  1. My favourite is Victoria Justice – and she is an american teen actress in a show called Victorious. How do I know this rather embarassing fact? Because my 11 and 9 year old daughters adore her and the show, and sometimes while it is on TV, they wander off and 20 minutes later I find I am still watching it alone!
    Love these posts as always

  2. Rihanna can rock anything! I love her style, she is so beautiful! I can not wait for the Oscars on Sunday! Love seeing the red carpet looks for that!

    I got your email, I sadly can’t : ( I will be packing away I believe as of right now, so it will be crazy here! Love you and thanks though for even considering me!

  3. My favorite part of awards shows is the fashion. I agree that Rihanna wore the best dress of the night. I;m sad that I probably won’t be able to catch the Oscars this Sunday, but I’ll try. Have a great day!

  4. Oh how I will miss your award show fashions, maybe you should just do a weekly post of stars hits and misses like the magazines! ha
    That Florence Welch is a bit scary looking!!
    Oh I just love Adele, everything about her! She always looks amazing as well!!

    • Aw I’m glad you enjoyed my fashion posts as much as I loved writing them! Haha if I thought people were interested that hits and misses idea might work! Either weekly or monthly. Hmm…shall think on that, thanks for the great idea Jentry!

  5. Reblogged this on I'm not lost, just undiscovered.

  6. I agree on all your misses, and all your hits, except for Adele, and Rihanna’s hair is gross, but I guess that’s not what you were commenting on. 🙂 Kylie looks really nice (face etc), but that dress is ill-fitting/too big for her.
    Not only are all the dresses red, they are the exact same shade of red and sheer! Some new trend that is just not working?!
    Victoria is probably my favourite, followed by Lana del Rey.

    • I love Rihanna’s hair but only on her. She can do things that others can’t get away with, it’s just part of her style, so I am enjoying the blonde look she’s rocking now. But yes, I think you hit the nail on the head with Kylie’s style issue – it looked too big!


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