March Goals

Oh how I loved these books growing up! My favourite was Mr. Tickle, I think :).

So why am I so forgetful? Well..I may have forgotten to do February’s goals…my bad!

Halfway through the month I have a reminder set to check on how my goals are doing, because then I still have a couple of weeks left to really make that final push if I was being a bit ‘lazy’ with working towards them. Goals are never going to just come by easily; they are something to be earned! So when my reminder went off I searched for the February post on goals and lo and behold, it was missing.

Ah well! I guess that just means more goals for March, and to be honest, a lot has happened in this last month so it’s perfect timing for me to have a whole new set of goals to focus on!

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My inspiration board for 2012.

These goal-setting posts, by the way, are not intended to be one-way posts. I know that you all are probably not that interested in how my goals are doing, or what new ones I’m setting for my life. This is a post to encourage and hopefully inspire you to set goals in areas of your lives that perhaps you didn’t think of before, and to make goal setting and goal review a monthly practice. It’s one of the best ways (in my opinion anyway!) to work at getting that inspiration board to become reality!

I always want to hear from you guys, so please check out the questions I included at the bottom of this post and let me know what you think! Or of course just let me know what’s on your mind :).

First, I want to review January’s goals, seeing as that’s the last month I set any. And I set a LOT of goals for January – 7 in total, broken down into 4 areas that I really want to focus on (as they are the 4 areas represented on my inspiration board):

  • Living a clean lifestyle –start swapping out my beauty products for toxin-free ones; go on a cleanse
  • Varying my physical activity – register for a dance class and a Zumba class; mix in gym workouts, dance class and other exercise forms with my yoga to keep things different
  • Fostering my work and hobbies – put my new Nikon camera to good use; continue reading Plate to Pixel to learn more photography skills
  • Connecting and building relationships – get together more with friends once the craziness of the holiday season dies down

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How did I do?

  • Living a clean lifestyle – I swapped out my toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, body lotion and face wash and toner for toxin-free ones. Now I just need to swap out my deodorant and my facial moisturizers. I also did 4 and a half weeks of cleansing, so that is definitely a goal I fulfilled!
  • Varying my physical activity – check and check! My weekly workout schedule is pretty diverse now (see it here).
  • Fostering my work and hobbies – check and check! I’ve been having fun taking shots with my Nikon (see some here and here) and I am working my way through the book. But very slowly, as I want to make sure I practice each skill I learn so that I really take it in!
  • Connecting and building relationships – I’ve definitely been spending a lot of time socializing since the holidays. I’ll be honest, ever since I moved to Vancouver I’ve found this city somewhat difficult when it comes to meeting new people. I’ve got a good group of friends now, but a lot of them are individual friends that don’t know the others, and that’s the part I struggle with. Plus the Vancouver area is super large and spread out, so it can be tough to meet up with people when you all live at least 30-40 minutes’ drive away.

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What am I aiming for this month?

Well, here are some things coming up for me:

  • A trip home
  • Laser eye surgery (I. Am. Terrified!)
  • End of my current dance/Zumba classes so, when I’m back from my trip, it’s deciding what direction my fitness interests are going to go in

So, based on that, here are my goals for March:

  • Do a quick diving refresher course, as it’s been 2 years since I was last home and diving (already done! I actually wrote this a couple of days ago, and did this refresher course Tuesday night. Way to start the month off right haha!)
  • RELAX at home. Tune out, don’t check email all the time or be worrying about work!
  • Do some diving and some stand-up paddleboarding once I’m home.
  • Try and remain calm about my upcoming laser eye surgery…I have terrible vision without my contacts so I am definitely in need of this surgery, but it is still a terrifying prospect for me!
  • Evaluate my budget. I have always been careful about budgeting and I track my expenses really well but lately I keep finding myself running short on cash, so I want to take some time to sit down and work out what’s going where, and where I can cut back.
  • Decide on some new fitness classes. I think I will continue with Zumba because I have really enjoyed it, but my dance class isn’t continued again until the fall. I need to work out what to do instead, keeping with the theme of keeping my workouts diverse.


  • Do you set goals? If so, how often, and do you then review them afterwards?
  • Have you ever lived in a city where you felt it was difficult to meet new people?
  • Do you have any ideas for new fitness classes for me to check out?


  1. I try to set goals, but they aren’t as organized as they would be if I categorized them by the month. When my CPT test is over, I feel like I will finally have some more time to get on top of goal-setting on a reoccurring basis, and not as just thoughts in my head.

    Anddddd have you tried spinning? I used to love it 😀

    • LOVE spinning – must give that a try again! I used to do it really intensely so now I prefer to do it less often as I got a bit sick of it haha. Thanks for the reminder though, I should bring it back in!

  2. oh girl. i had laser eye surgery about 2 years ago. and it before surgery i was legally blind – and afterwards…i have almost 20/20 vision now. the procedure is a piece of cake. good luck! you will do great!

  3. These are some really great goals! I love to set them, and then check them off…..that is the best part. I live in a very small town and it’s still hard to meet new people. One of my goals this year is to volunteer somewhere. 🙂

  4. Amazing goals Anna! I used to have inspiration board, but now I keep pictures on my computer. Though a board is soo great because you see it every single day. I have a few goals- some are regarding our new puppy. I’m determined to make him “seeing eye dog” obedient. Haha. And I would love to relax stress and keep calm as well. That’s such an important one since it helps you accomplish so many other goals and keeps you happy and motivated. 🙂 Great post!

  5. Good job on your goals girl!!

    I am kind of a day by day kind of girl, I don’t really set goals. I do have one thing that needs to be done this month, and that is this place packed up for our big move! Closing date March 29th, will be here fast!

    Oh laser eye surgery , Mike wants to get that done too! I have had a couple friends who have got that and are so happy! You will be fine!

    Happy Monday! xo

  6. I would really love to know how the laser eye surgery goes… I can’t get it for another 4 years or so but it’s definately something I will look into…

  7. I want to start doing something like this! Making small more reasonable goals makes the large lifetime goals more manageable!

  8. I hear you about meeting new people and connecting relationships! My husband and I moved from Philadelphia, PA down to Baltimore, MD about a year and a half ago. We had a hard time meeting people and found ourselves just driving back up north to hang with old friends more than we stayed here in our new home.

    After a while, we both decided to make an effort to stay in Baltimore so we have an opportunity to meet friends around here. If our buddies from home want to see us, they can come visit =)

    We finally found a church we enjoy and have met some amazing people through joining small groups and events. We also randomly met some friends on our honeymoon! It is such a small world.

    Good luck on your goals! They all are great things to work on!

    • That’s such a great story, thanks for sharing Nicole! I really appreciate hearing your story. I think a lot of people find it tough to meet people in new cities, especially as adults. People are already so settled in their lives it’s tough to ‘break in’ but eventually hard work pays off!

  9. I try to set goals for myself. I like your idea of creating monthly goals. Mine are all sort of open-ended, and I find it hard to keep track of them. It’s funny because I’m usually hyper-organized, but for some reason that’s one realm of my life where I feel like everything is just sort of a mess!

    • Honestly, I am also what many would call ‘freakishly organized’ but if I didn’t force myself to sit down and write these monthly goal posts I probably would be all over the place too. These posts really help me to focus, I recommend them to all bloggers and readers! Something about writing stuff down just really helps!


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