What’s In Store…

I’m not gonna lie: I’m SO glad to be on vacation right now!

But leaving behind the blog for two weeks was a bit like leaving my cats. Some separation anxiety, for sure…will it be okay, will it still be loved, will it get fed/cared for?

Haha, seriously. I’m not kidding.

Well, I don’t know if I’ll manage not to do ANY blogging at all. That will depend on my ready access to the Internet and just how addicted I really am to this blog baby of mine.

But the aim is for me to take these two weeks to totally check out of ongoing technological demands, and just enjoy being back home with my friends and family.

However, if I check in from time to time, or do I end up blogging, don’t judge me ;).

What I am excited about, however, is that I am pretty sure this little blog will be properly fed/cared for thanks to some wonderful bloggy friends who are stepping in to do some guest posts for me while I’m gone! I’ve also pre-written some posts that will go up on the next two Mondays and Fridays. In between, you’re going to hear from some lovely ladies whose blogs I enjoy reading every day.

I am also super excited about being home, doing some watersports, catching up with friends and indulging in some awesome rum cake:

Did I ever tell you guys about our amazing rum cake? It’s one of the main things people remember when they visit Cayman. My family once went to stay at a bed and breakfast on Vancouver Island and in our suite there was a line-up of empty Tortuga rum cake boxes that had been gifted to them by previous visitors, who had all brought them back from travels to Cayman.

I’m pretty proud of our rum cakes, they taste unbelievable and come in every flavour. I always said when I get married they will be my wedding cake haha.

I pledge to try to make a healthified version when I’m home – but they DO have to be drenched in rum, which is very sugary. I can healthify the cake but I just don’t think I can get around the rum, sorry! Funny fact about me: I can get drunk off a glass of wine but the equivalent of rum barely touches me.

I always say my parents used to slip some rum into my bottle as a baby – no other reason for my innate immunity to it! Haha.

Speaking of rum, I think one of these is calling my name…

The first guest post is up tomorrow! I’ll see you guys soon – and I hope you had a fun St. Patrick’s Day over the weekend. And that you didn’t drink too much Guinness 😉


  • Do you ever take break-from-technology vacations?
  • How do you feel about your blog when you go away?
  • Have you ever heard of or had rum cake? Caymanian rum cake? 🙂


  1. I’m so jealous that you’re on vacation…mines are still so far away!
    Have a great time!

  2. ENJOY your vacation! I know its hard, I miss blogging when I am away but then again, life too short to not enjoy my vacations! 🙂

    Love ya girl!

  3. not that this was a vacation, but I took fri-sun completely off blogging. for 3 days I didn’t touch my computer and didn;t take a single food picture. It was wonderful to completely unplug! Enjoy your vacation!

  4. Your photos have me lusting for a vay-cay girl! Enjoy your time away, do not worry about the blog (everyone will still be here when you return) and spend as much time soaking up the warmth and beauty as possible!

  5. Family time is the perfect time to take a blogging break! You deserve it girl!
    Those rum cakes sound so delicious though! I am sure jealous!

  6. Dreaming about a holiday right now at work (reading your blog when I should be writing lesson plans, ha ha) – thanks for keeping up the posts over your vacation! I always appreciate bloggers who take the time not to leave long, irritatingly unexplained gaps in their posting. 🙂

  7. Yum!! And oh how badly I need a tech-break. I feel like I’d come back SO refreshed (and out of the loop…)

    • It’s been great so far, I feel fab! I only go to an Internet cafe once every other day or so and have about an hour there. I just love reading and replying to all my blog comments, dealing with a few emails and Googling things I wanted to Google (we have become so reliant on Google as a society haha!) and then I’m done. Then it’s another 47 or so hours without technology and it’s doing me wonders!!

  8. Have a great vacation!


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