Vacation Round-Up

How was everyone’s April’s Fool Day yesterday? No one got ‘punked’ too badly?

It’s so good to be back! Back to reading my favourite blogs and posting on the regular :).

Hope you guys enjoyed some of the fab guest posts I had while away – many thanks to the guest posters:

I thought I’d just do a post with some photos from my vacay (apologies in advance that there aren’t many people in the pics – I was able to convince my mom and my sister to let me post a couple of them but on the whole, people don’t want their pictures blasted all over the Internet, which I get! So I put some with me in to keep it interesting, but otherwise it’s just pretty scenery!).

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Being home was so wonderful, Cayman has always been beautiful but it’s true that when you’re born and raised there you can start to take it for granted. Living in Canada for the past couple of years means that when I do get back I really appreciate it for what it is. The beach and the water are just second to none – our 7 Mile Beach has often been voted best beach in the world – and the diving was fantastic. I didn’t even get to meet up with everyone, things were so busy, but I spent time with most of my close friends and seeing them all again was so special. Can’t wait to go back again haha.

I came back tanned and relaxed but the rain and grey skies here are not making me happy! Haha. I’ll suck it up – in a couple of weeks I’ll be used to it all over again and they won’t bother me one bit.

Hope you enjoy these pictures :).

Can you tell we like pirates? (Hint: Spot the pirate ship in this collage!)
And sorry about the Will and Kate pic, but I just had to take it – it cracked me up.
  • FOOD…
I know this is what you all want to see! I definitely enjoyed some fabulous eats while on holiday. Here are some of my top picks:
  • Rum and cokes (made using Seven Fathoms rum – made in the Cayman Islands!)
  • LOTS of smoothies – the best to drink when it’s hot, and they were my breakfast each morning thanks to my Magic Bullet! A great way to keep your protein levels high when away, too 🙂
  • Some ice cream, bien sur
  • A fantastic ginger carrot chickpea salad on curried quinoa from a local cafe. It is on my to-replicate list!
  • Vegetarian patties
  • I was so excited about a new market that opened up (see bottom photos) full of healthy items that you couldn’t before get in Cayman. Plus, it has its own make-it-in-front-of-you almond butter machine!
Life in the Caribbean is all about having fun. We had a LOT of meals and nights out, and I also got the chance to go back to my favourite Wednesday night yoga class, on the rooftop of a hotel on the island – at sunset. I did dancer’s pose while watching the sun disappear behind the horizon. Magical!
I also convinced my mom to go paddleboarding again, but the current was pretty strong and she ended up being rescued by a jet ski…ah well!
As our apartment back in Cayman is rented out full time, we were really fortunate to have some very generous friends lend us their boathouse for our trip. I think we were the house’s first long-term guests as it was newly built, and just gorgeous! The screened-in patio was so breezy that you could need a sweater at night, but that meant it was such a fabulous reading and relaxing spot. And flights are flights, but thankfully most of our air travel was trouble free.

We paid a visit to the Queen Elizabeth Botanic Park, where we had planted a tree in memory of my dad in early 2009. Three years later, the Lignum Vitae (tree of life) is blossoming flowers and about 6 feet tall – the same height as my dad!

Cayman’s sunsets are beautiful and – despite these green iguanas being an invasive species that are multiplying like crazy (the same could be said about the chickens ;)), they’re still fairly cool to look at!


  1. love love love seeing all these pictures. i was definitely thinking about you as you were gone and knew you were having such the best time. i think i need to take a trip there myself!

  2. I can see you had a fabulous time! I love rum and cokes, the best!!!

    Happy Monday girl! xoxo ❤

  3. paulinechandler says:

    Tears in my eyes…I’m so glad Peter’s beautiful tree is flourishing. These pics are fabulous. Thank you so much, A! You three look so fit and relaxed. Would also love to see dive pics? Will be raising my customary Caymanian r and c to my beloved brother this evening! xx

    • Thanks Aunty P – I actually have an extra treat for you – do you remember last time we photographed his tree two years ago we sent you a pic with a blue iguana standing guard by the tree? Well he was there AGAIN this time and I got a whole video of him crossing in front of the tree and pausing right by the plaque! I will be sending you the link asap 🙂

  4. Great pics! Looks like a great time! So cool they had healthy choices on your trip (we don’t even have that Dark Chocolate Dreams here, or at least I’ve never seen it!). I don’t know how you’d ever get sick of living in Cayman (or somewhere else warm). I’ve lived in BC all my life, and I would jump on an opportunity to live somewhere else (love Phoenix!). I can’t stand all the rain, and its really only warm for 1 month here! Would you move back to Cayman if you could?

    Oh and I totally want to try paddle-boarding!

    • Thanks so much Kristine! Yes, I feel I haven’t really ever left Cayman – you tend to be drawn back there often. For the right opportunity I would move back for sure. Vancouver has proven to be a tough place to meet people! And you must try paddleboarding – they do it at Jericho Beach (I needed a major wetsuit and only did it in the heat of summer but you may be tougher than I am!) and I also did it in the Okanagan on Lake Okanagan – much warmer. Was super nice! (Also much calmer, so better for beginners than Jericho!)

  5. wow what a great vacation! it looks and sounds divine. the boathouse sounds so much fun! and so does the rooftop yoga! This recap has gotten me excited for my exotic vacation later this year!

    • Thanks Mila! The rooftop yoga was magical. I just couldn’t believe it as I held dancers pose and just watched that sun disappear behind the clouds – it was an amazing moment! I also loved the class itself, the perfect mix of zen, relaxing yoga but with a couple of challenging, fun poses thrown in! I’m excited for your trip for you! Where are you headed?

  6. WOW! It looks so wonderful there! I’ll admit that I don’t know much about the Cayman, but I love looking at your pictures. And now I really want to go there. I think it’s time to change my mac screensaver to tropical island for a bit!!!

  7. Wow, that whole trip looks magical! What a beautiful place. I love that you got to go with your mom and sister! You all look beautiful and that you’re having the most blissful time! What a wonderful sight to see your dad’s tree is growing so beautifully, that must have been so special to see! It looks like an incredible garden. I’ve never stayed on a houseboat. That sounds so fun!!

    • Thanks Annie! It was a boathouse, not a houseboat, so it was a regular house! But just one that is built on the canalside so you can dock a boat with it too. Though, I have to say a houseboat would have been pretty cool too lol! Thanks so much for your kind words 🙂

  8. Great shots Anna – and welcome back! Looks like a GREAT time!

  9. beautiful pictures! You look like you had an amazing time!

  10. Wow, great pictures! thanks for sharing them all with us!
    Looks like you had one beautiful vacation!
    Glad you enjoyed it! 🙂

  11. Gorgeous pics girl! It looks like you had tons of fun out there. I bet it feels good to back home and getting settled once again. Cheers!

  12. What beautiful pictures!!! Ooh I can’t wait until you replicate ginger chickpea salad, it sounds to die for. And what vacation is good without Dark Chocolate Dreams?! I like the way you think! 🙂

  13. Ok, so I might be just a little bit jealous. Absolutely gorgeous pictures. Thanks for sharing!

  14. So glad you had a great vacation, Anna! Thanks for asking me to guest post.

    Love the pictures! You’re so beautiful 🙂


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