April Goals

It’s that time again – the start of a new month. April is an exciting month from the get-go – after the craziness of April Fool’s Day, we launch straight into Easter weekend this week. So it’s an exciting time, and I feel all kinds of refreshed after a fabulous vacation home for a couple of weeks at the end of March.

Let’s begin as we always do, by reviewing March’s goals:

  • Do a quick diving refresher course, as it’s been 2 years since I was last home and diving (already done! I actually wrote this a couple of days ago, and did this refresher course Tuesday night. Way to start the month off right haha!)
Done – as I said in the goal itself lol.

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  • RELAX at home. Tune out, don’t check email all the time or be worrying about work!
Done and done. We had no WiFi where we were staying so we went to an Internet cafe once every day or every other day to check on business, but honestly, that was about 1 hour of Internet time in a 24 or 48-hour period. Way less than we usually do in a day. I missed reading my favourite blogs but the disconnecting time was soooo worth it!

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  • Do some diving and some stand-up paddleboarding once I’m home.
Done and done! I went on a fabulous boat dive off the North Wall and saw some beautiful wildlife. They were both super deep dives too so it was exciting to go to new depths – literally! And paddleboarding – yes! It was a great workout as there was a super strong current. I also convinced my mom to come out with me and she found the current a bit much and had to be rescued via jet ski. Those fabulous photos here.

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  • Try and remain calm about my upcoming laser eye surgery…I have terrible vision without my contacts so I am definitely in need of this surgery, but it is still a terrifying prospect for me!
So far I haven’t even had the consultation booked so I figure there is no point in worrying about something before it even happens. I’m still waiting for them to contact me. I’m still keeping my fingers and toes crossed though!

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  • Evaluate my budget. I have always been careful about budgeting and I track my expenses really well but lately I keep finding myself running short on cash, so I want to take some time to sit down and work out what’s going where, and where I can cut back.
I did this while on vacation. I saw some ways I could cut back and then some ways I can earn more money too. Budgets are all about balance, so if you find you’re spending more than you earn, you gotta cut down on the spending or earn more! I’m going to start with cutting back and then, if I need to, look at earning more.
  • Decide on some new fitness classes. I think I will continue with Zumba because I have really enjoyed it, but my dance class isn’t continued again until the fall. I need to work out what to do instead, keeping with the theme of keeping my workouts diverse.

I’m adding spinning back into my routine! I was a super intense ‘spinner’ back in the day and would do five classes a week. It’s been several years since I did that because I think I got so sick of it that I just needed a really long break haha. So I’ll be throwing that back into the mix now.

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Wow! It’s rare that I have a month where I achieve all the goals I set. Yay! See, vacations do wonders ;).

So what are my goals for April you ask? Here we go…

  • Get more creative. This can manifest itself in several ways but I definitely want to get the camera out more! I didn’t use it as much as I thought I would on my vacation – just didn’t want to lug around a heavy and expensive SLR to the beach and to my friends’ houses etc, so I relied on my iPhone camera for most of my shots.

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  • Get back into my routine. Vacation is great for relaxing but I definitely let myself go! I did some watersports and went to a rooftop yoga class, but in total I don’t think I did more than four or five workouts in the whole two weeks I was gone! And my eating was definitely, shall we say, vacation eating. So it’s going to be good to get back into my healthy routine!

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  • Write! One other great thing about being away? No Internet and some lazy days and long flights meant I wrote, for the first time in a while. I got a good headstart on a re-write of an adult fiction novel I was working on a while ago. I decided to re-jig some of the characters, so starting from scratch with a re-write is the best way for me to make sure my vision doesn’t get muddled with my past writing. Now I need to keep it up before I forget all over again about my plot, and lose touch with my characters!
  • Get out more!!! Another fab thing about vacay was that we were out and about every day. It was great staying with my mom, sister and brother-in-law in a house and spending time with them (they live about an hour’s flight from me so we usually see them only a few times a year), but I also loved catching up with old friends back home. We were literally out seeing people every single day. I am always better in company than alone, so I’ve been really restless since we got back staying in the house as much as I do! So I’ll be getting out and about more for sure!

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  • What goals are you setting for April? Do you find you’re more inspired in the spring time?
  • Do you find vacation helps you to really recharge and re-evaluate your goals? And get more done?!


  1. Absolutely LOVE your goals! I like when you do these posts, its great to see all your fun goals you have!

    Write more is one I know you love and will do 😉

    Happy Tuesday! ❤

  2. love these goals. vacation certainly gets us out of our routines – but there is something so refreshing about getting back to normal eating and moving. good luck with everything!

  3. Fun goals girlie! I plan on going SUP ALL SUMMER LONG 🙂

    I started a few years ago on Maui, but moved somewhere without SUP, and now I live where everyone loves it!

    Have a fabulous April!!!!

  4. Great goals you have Anna! I like that they are in so many aspects and areas of your life.. rather than just on your body or something like that. I definitely want to get out more too, and also keep my not-exercising thing going… my body still needs the rest!

  5. This is great! I love the list. I’d love to avoid all Easter candy… Goal for me!

  6. Great goals, girl!

    Where are you getting Lasik done? I went for consultations EVERYWHERE last September and even had a surgery date booked but I backed out last minute. I have dry eyes so I’m too scared to risk it. I’m still quite sad about it though. 😦

    • Ah where do I start with this question? lol

      If you were getting referred by an optician great, if not I would highly recommend it. My doctor won’t let me go anywhere but Coal Harbour Laser Centre as they do both LASIK and PRK. Apparently she is wary of places that only do one or the other because there is always a better one for someone’s eyes. For me, for example, it is likely that PRK will be the best because I have such a strong prescription. So she’s sent my file and history over to Coal Harbour and now I’m just waiting for them to call me for the consultation and then it’ll be surgery time, and yes, I’m terrified too! But your optician should be able to let you know if dry eyes are a risk factor for an unsatisfactory outcome? I hope?

      Best of luck girl!!! xxx

  7. Congrats on completing all of your goals! That’s awesome! I had no idea you were working on books! That is so awesome!
    I want to start spinning I think! Did you love it?! Is it a pretty good workout?! I really want to tone my core and heard it was a pretty good whole body workout!

    • Thanks so much Jentry, I appreciate the moral support! Spinning is great – I wouldn’t do it every day like I did otherwise you can get sick of it fast, but introducing a class once or twice a week is a GREAT way to shake up your routine! I would start out with a 45-min lunch class and then work up to the longer class times later when you’ve got a good idea of the workout intensity. This is more for the saddle soreness than anything else! You quickly learn that you can take it easy if you’re feeling tired. I would wear padded cycling shorts – they’re a saviour for sure! A lot of places have gel seats that they let you borrow too; if not I would bring one with you, you can get them at bike stores and they slide right over the seat!

      Also, I’m sure it is great for your core but one thing I noticed for sure was that I had AWESOME legs after spinning for a few weeks! My legs have never looked that good 🙂

  8. Such amazing goals! And I know you’ll do an amazing job of following through with them, just like you did in March. (:
    This month I’m definitely focusing on getting out more as well. I always have so much fun when I go out but, for some reason, choose to stay in on a regular basis. (I’m such a grandma sometimes!)
    And I didn’t know you were a writer- that’s amazing! I have so much respect for people who can sit down and actually write a novel…I never seem to have enough patience.

    • I can be a total grandma too – it’s about adopting the yes mentality, that’s what I tell myself! Any time someone asks me something, make ‘yes’ my first instinct rather than ‘no’!

      Thanks so much for the support on the writing, it means a lot! I need encouragement sometimes that’s for sure! xxx

  9. Wow I need to do this!! Such a great idea. I’m feeling much more inspired in the spring time, I need to get back into a routine, keep myself organized, maintain my budget and reach my fitness goals! Thanks for the idea 🙂


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