April Photo-a-Day Challenge: Week 3!

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For Week 1 and Week 2 pictures, click here and here.

This has been fun and challenging to remember! But I’m enjoying the challenge so far and the way it makes you look at what seem like obvious subjects in a different light.

Remember to link up your photos if you’re doing the challenge! I want to see :). Here’s my Instagram if you’re interested!

  • Thursday, April 12th: stairs
Eeps. Hate these stairs. They are the stairs down to the parkade under my laser eye surgeon’s office. I was just there on Thursday for my consultation, but next Thursday I will be having my surgery. I. Am. Terrified. For those of you who have had LASIK, I wish I was so lucky, but my prescription is so bad (-9.5 people) that I have to have PRK, which has a longer and – some say – more painful recovery. Wish me luck! And if you have horror stories, please keep them to yourselves. But if you have encouraging positive stories of great PRK experiences, please share! Haha.

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  • Friday, April 13th: something you found
Nearly six years ago, I found this guy (Bill) and his brother (Ben) in a local SPCA shelter. They’ve been ours ever since! And while Ben was shy, Bill here was wanting to be found. He fussed and cuddled and made a real scene until we couldn’t not take him. Very strategic ;).

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  • Saturday, April 14th: how you feel today
It was so bright and sunny on Saturday the weather perfectly matched my mood!

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  • Sunday, April 15th: sunset
After a beautiful sunny afternoon, the sky was too overcast for much of a sunset :(.

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  • Monday, April 16th: flower

Our tulips are in full bloom on the balcony! Welcome Spring :).

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  • Tuesday, April 17th: something you don’t like

I am pretty sick of these darn glasses right now, let me tell ya. Two prescriptions too old, so I can’t even see well enough through them to drive! And I’m stuck in them for 3 weeks total before my eye surgery – thank goodness there’s only one week left!

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  • Wednesday, April 18th: hair
It was a messy bun day yesterday. And yes, I need my roots doing.

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  • If you had to (or did) take a photo for the “Something you don’t like” prompt, what would you photograph?


  1. brussel sprouts…i love vegetables but i just can’t handle this one haha

  2. I love your messy hair 🙂 That is how mine always looks 😉 hahahaha goodness we are so alike 🙂 I always tell you that 😉

    I really wanted to do this challenge, but remembered a week into the month 😦 Maybe in May!? Where do you find the lists!? 😀

    • Aw you’re too cute! I got your email too, THANK YOU – I will get in touch with Matt :).

      I saw the list floating around the blogosphere/Twitter/Instagram world and there are actually a few different ones but fatmumslim’s tend to be the ones that most bloggers go with, or at least the ones I see the most (she posts them on her Twitter @fatmumslim). When I post the final April Photo-a-Day round-up I will include her list for May – you should definitely join in on the party then! xx

  3. I love rocking the bun! I do it way too much instead of actually doing my hair 😉

    Cat is SO cute!!!! ❤

    Happy Thursday love!

  4. My thing I dislike is dirty floors, although to be specific, it’s STICKY floors. ACK! I don’t mind sandy floors for some reason, though. Probably because it makes me feel like I’ve been to (or am at) the beach 🙂 LOVE the kitty pic! What a sweetheart! BTW, I’m also -9.5 in my left eye. Best of luck with your surgery!

    • That’s so funny – I’m -9.5 in my left too. Just -9 in my right. I was -7.5 and -8 (R and L) for years and years, and then I started a job about 18 months ago that is on the computer editing 8 hours a day and my prescription just plummeted :(. Thanks for the good wishes, I am very nervous but hopeful that I’ll be okay!! xxx

  5. Good luck! I would get PRK too if I’d ever get laser eye surgery.

    • Thanks for the luck! I was all gung-ho about PRK because there’s no cutting, and then I read about the longer recovery time and really wanted LASIK, and then I got there and they basically said it wasn’t up to me haha. There’s no way there’s enough tissue on my eyes to do LASIK, so PRK was my only option. But they were definitely confused when I said I was upset about that – all the nurses/doctors seem to think PRK is the less extreme, traumatic option.

      Btw, the place I’m going does 70% of its patients with PRK and is really great. Very conservative surgeon, fab place. Check them out if you decide to go ahead with it – Coal Harbour Laser Centre. xx

  6. Jamie @ Thrifty Veggie Mama says:

    I started doing the photo a day in Feb but kept forgetting! It was really fun though. Maybe I’ll give it another go in May. If I was to take a pic of something I don’t like…beets. Pantyhose, alarm clock. Just to name a few.

    • Haha alarm clock is a great one! And pantyhose, I can see your reasoning behind that. I love beets but I’m pretty sure everyone has a veg that they detest that they would put in there. It would be peppers for me, shock horror!

  7. Something I don’t like…. humm– would probably have to be my hair also! I tend to have the messy bed head look regardless how much I brush it or wash it


  8. I do my hair like that all the time! love it.

    I am sooo jealous that you’re getting eye surgery! I have terrible eyes (-6.25!) and am dying to have the corrected. Contacts and glasses are so expensive. Confession: I’ve made a one year prescription of contacts last for 2 1/2 years 😀 haha, my eyeballs probably hate me.

    I still cannot get over how gorgeous your kitties are. I have no idea how someone could put such beautiful, mild-mannered kitties in a shelter. So glad you rescued them! ❤

    • Aw thank you Char I know – two of my three are brothers and they (along with 3 of their other brothers, who had all been adopted by the time I found them) were actually rescued from an abusive home by the SPCA :(. People suck sometimes!

      Ooh I definitely think you should get your eyes done! It depends on the individual’s eyes but if you’re over -5 you might also do better with PRK. At least there’s no cutting! But I highly recommend the place I’m going unless you want to do it on the island. Coal Harbour Laser Centre – they do both PRK and LASIK and are really conservative so will only choose what’s best for you, and only if they think you’ll get really good results. xxx

  9. ittybitsofbalance says:

    I’ve been wanting to join in on this photo-a-day fun, but I always get the memo when it’s too late! Do you find yourself forgetting to do it at all?

    • You should definitely do it next month Brittany! I haven’t forgotten *yet* but I set my iPhone up with reminders each day to keep me in check haha. When the reminder goes off I can’t always photograph anything right that second but if I start thinking about what I should shoot that day then it makes it stick in my head more and I’m more likely to remember later on.

      The one I nearly forgot was “sunset” last week because it required you to remember to take the shot at such a specific time lol!

  10. Beautiful photos, especially the tulips!
    A photo of something I don’t like…I’d take a picture of my neighbours building their deck. The hammering and sawing is definitely taking away from a relaxing Saturday!

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