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On my Pinterest, I have a board called “Recipes to make from fellow bloggers” and then another board titled “Recipes I HAVE made from other bloggers“, on which I repin things from the first board once I’ve made them.

This kinda keeps me accountable (so that I actually DO get around to trying those recipes I am drooling over) and helps me keep in order ones that I have tried and – most of the time – loved.

Well, a couple of weeks ago some other bloggers linked to some of my recipes after telling me they had made them and really enjoyed them, and it was such a good feeling! It’s really nice, sure, when people look at your photos and read through a recipe and say it sounds great, but when someone actually makes your recipe and really enjoys it, it’s a whole other feeling! So I wanted to give some of that feeling back by sharing some recipes I have tried and tested from the blog world.

So basically, this is like my Blog Love posts, but where every recipe has been tried and tested by me! Without further ado, here we go…

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Seriously, this is always a hit. When I was on my cleanse at the beginning of this year, I had a few events to go to and knew I wouldn’t be able to eat anything there so I took this salad along with me both times and everyone raved about it. So much so that at the second party someone asked for the recipe and I sent them the link to Ari’s blog and they made it for a dinner party the next month – and everyone there raved about it. It is sooo good for you, so full of flavour and such a great party food. Can’t be beat!

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These were one of the first energy balls I ever made but they’re the one I keep going back to time and time again, because nothing has tasted as similar to cookie dough to me as these! I don’t even add the stevia, I find they’re wonderfully sweet on their own. I made them at Christmas along with my date dough balls:

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This made for a really delicious dinner. I don’t know how Chelsey came up with the idea of pairing pesto and cheese sauce together but it was genius. And as it’s vegan, it can easily be served to any guests coming over if they have special diets, yet the flavour gives nothing away – you would never know! I made mine with brown rice pasta and bingo, it’s gluten-free too!

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Haha I guess I love pasta and vegan cheese sauce, but this recipe of Angela’s was also a favourite – I have actually made this four times since she posted it, and I always make double the sauce amount and freeze half of it for a future date. That way the time-consuming part (making the sauce) is already done, so a quick pasta dinner is really just that – a quick pasta dinner! And it freezes just fine.

I love that in this recipe she offers the option of eating it straight from the pan or putting it in the oven topped with breadcrumbs for a casserole type dinner too. Great to have the flexibility! I always mix in green peas with it for an extra hit of veg and it makes it colourful and beautiful!

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I know, I know, it’s crazy that I’m a food blogger and had not tried overnight oats yet. So, determined to rid myself of that scarlet letter, I dove in using Sara’s beginners’ method to overnight oats. Mine are pictured below – I used her base of 1/3 cup Greek yogurt, 1/3 cup almond milk and 1/3 cup oats and the night before also added some honey and cinnamon. In the morning I topped it with some almond butter and applesauce and then I heated it for 1 minute in the microwave just so it was slightly warm.

I don’t need steaming hot breakfasts now that the weather is warmer, but I couldn’t face eating these cold out the fridge – it just didn’t do it for me. But slightly warmed and with all those toppings? Yum! Plus the Greek yogurt made for some great protein in the morning.

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I’ve made so many of CCK’s recipes, but this is the most recent one that I made – and I made a gluten-free version, using sweet sorghum flour as a straight swap for the flour, and because I didn’t have canned pineapple I used half the amount in pineapple juice instead. It came out dense, moist – not at all crumbly like some g-f products – and with so many delicious flavours going on!

Here’s what mine looked like (it’s dark because of the sorghum flour):

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Since having to follow this restricted calorie diet my naturopath has me on, I have relied on Katie at Dashing Dish’s low-cal recipes. These pancakes are protein-packed and yet so low in calories for the flavour, I can’t get over it! I have made these about 4 or 5 times now, doubling the recipe each time to freeze extras for future breakfasts. The only change I made was to the frosting – I halved the amount of maple syrup I included; I didn’t feel it was necessary. I also didn’t use stevia in the pancakes or the icing – I don’t like things too sweet in the mornings and I really didn’t feel they needed it, but if you have a major sweet tooth you may.

I posted mine on Instagram just a few weeks ago as I ate them for breakfast:

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Continuing my protein pancake love, I was delighted to see these from Clare at Simply Savvy Strong. She had adapted some buckwheat protein pancakes, and although I love buckwheat I was all out, so I made them into spelt and upped the protein a little (I included 4 tbsp spelt flour instead of 6 tbsp of buckwheat, and upped the protein powder to 3-4 tbsp, about 3/4 scoop for me). I love how the hint of cinnamon and maple in these made them paire xcellently with the applesauce and Greek yogurt I topped them with. On the second day (this recipe made 2 servings for me) I topped them with a microwaved apple with cinnamon and a touch more maple syrup. So good!

(Couldn’t believe it made 3 medium-large pancakes per serving for under 250 cals each too! And mine had nearly 19g of protein per serving for just over 20g carbs!)

Here are mine (before being topped):

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  • Any recipes from bloggers that you’ve tried and loved? Share! I am always looking for extra inspiration :).
  • On another note, I am guest posting over at Fit for my Fork today with one of my top healthy eating book recommendations – check it out!


  1. I actually just started adding recipes I find on blogs to Pinterest too. There’s soo many though. Sometimes I don’t even know where to start.

  2. Anna thank you SO much for this! I was thrilled to see those pancakes on there! I hope you liked them 🙂 Spelt flour is something I want to try too so might do that next time. The other recipes look amazing! I think those carrot cake protein pancakes might be my next experiment 😉

    • Oh I loved them! Sometimes I take a break from flavoured pancakes because then the toppings will do the talking! Thank YOU for the recipe :). But you will also love Katie’s carrot cake protein pancakes, so good!

  3. ittybitsofbalance says:

    Haha okay, I totally just found myself opening each one of those recipes and pinning several of them! See, sharing the love always comes full circle 🙂

  4. thanks for trying the overnight oats and for the link! so glad you liked them. you rock my world. oh and on an unrelated note – you MUST tell me about your surgery. been thinking about you!

    • You’re welcome! Yes, I wanted to reply to your Tweet but my vision is so fuzzy – I have my computer font maxed up completely and I still can’t entirely see what I’m typing right now, and my eyes get so tired so fast and there’s so much I want to say! Definitely the key to PRK vs LASIK is PATIENCE. It takes so much longer for your vision to stabilize after PRK – 10 days to 3 months :S. Right now it definitely isn’t good enough to even drive.

      I’ve had a bunch of requests for a blog post about the experience so as soon as I can see to type I promise to get that up!

  5. YUM!

    I actually never add recipes on boards, i do not even have a recipe board on there 😉

    I am hardly on pinterest but do love that site!

    Happy Tuesday! ❤

  6. I love your idea of saving recipes through pinterest! These all look so tasty! I’ve made a few recipes from other bloggers and they have turned out great!! One reason why I love blogging is because it leads me to such yummy recipes! 🙂

  7. I’ve tried Angela’s Mac & Cheese (delicious!) and I’ve also got those carrot cake pancakes pinned too! They look fabulous!

  8. Sam @ Fit for my Fork says:

    These look SO delicious! I love using pinterest to save recipes for future use – I move them over to a new board once I’ve tried them too. That mac and cheese one looks unbelievable… the weather has been so awful here that I am really craving comfort food.

    Thanks a bunch for providing a guest post on my blog today! 🙂

  9. Uuuum…yum, yum, yum, yum, yum, yum, and YUM!!! I heart being a foodie!!!

  10. This is such a great post! I love making recipes from blogs, too 🙂 I’ve added those pancakes to my to make list, so hopefully I’ll be trying those babies out soon!

  11. I love Angela’s recipes from Oh She Glows. I just made some of her almond butter rice crispy treats and they were amazing! Highly recommend them 🙂

  12. Awww, I love this idea for a post! I have a similar board thing going on over at my Pinterest- recipes I want to try, and recipes I love! I basically use it as my recipe bookmark, hah!

    Angela’s butternut squash mac & cheese has been devoured so many times in our home, I’ve lost count 😛 And I loooove the sound of that pesto & cheese sauce recipe! Yummy, I will have to try THAT!

  13. YUM. So many drool-worthy recipes here! And a few blogs that are new to me ~ looking forward to checking them out. Thanks for sharing!

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