April Photo-a-Day Challenge: Wrap-Up!

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Yes, technically April is over, but there were some leftover days that weren’t covered in last week’s photo round-up, so this is the last one for April! I am still undecided about whether or not to do May’s challenge. I like to take some time to appreciate that I completed an entire month, never once forgetting a photo! So maybe I’ll take a break and go back to it in June.

I certainly enjoyed the challenge of looking at the world more creatively. If I do take part, I’ll probably just continue to post it on my Instagram and Twitter. And I’ll definitely look forward to seeing other people’s pics, which was one of my favourite parts of this challenge – seeing how I interpreted a command and how someone else did too.

Here are my last few pics for April…

  • Thursday, April 26: black + white
Love Emily Blunt! I was waiting for my laser eye surgery and flipping through the magazines and saw her in this black and white number. Thought I’d post something cheerful before my surgery :).

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  • Friday, April 27: somewhere you went
The day after surgery…!! Duh, duh dun…back to where it all happened. My day-after check-up with my surgeon. Funnily enough I felt great at this point. It was after this appointment that the pain really began, sigh…

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  • Saturday, April 28: 1pm
Oh Saturday was bad. I was in so much pain already and the light just made it that much worse. We have windows ALL over our place, so the only place I could get any peace was in my bathroom, doors closed, lights out. I dragged our porch lounger in there and spent the whole day in there, buried under a blanket and trying to focus on audiobooks when I wasn’t taking eyedrops. So, while I can’t remember exactly where I was at 1pm (I couldn’t read the clock for time!) I’m fairly certain it would have been here. Not fun.

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  • Sunday, April 29: circle
My surgery states that no exercise should be done for 7 days afterwards. My rolled-up yoga mat was looking very sad and neglected in the corner of my bedroom :(.

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  • Monday, April 30: something that makes you sad
Despite how happy I am to have had the surgery, it’s kind of sad and bizarre to me that my days of contact lenses and glasses wearing are over (hopefully – long-term effects not yet known…!). I have worn glasses since I was 7 and contacts since I was 14. That’s a long time to just say goodbye to something!
I am, of course, also kinda sad that #aprilphotoaday is done! Who’s doing May?

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Sorry this wrap-up was so focused on my eye surgery but I haven’t really been able to think of much else. Also, I really still can’t see what I’m typing so please do forgive typos!

And, for those of you who are interested, here’s May’s Photo-a-Day Challenge, as posted by fatmumslim – it’s not too late to start!

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  • Did you take part this month? If so, or if not, are you going to take part in May’s challenge?
  • What were you doing at 1pm yesterday? Do you remember?


  1. I slacked and did not do it in April, I was going to in May but am slacking already too, haha!

    Happy Thursday!

  2. congrats for making it through the challenge!! I didn’t make it through all of April 😦 I quit because I found that I rather take pictures of things that are actually a part of my day then stressing out that I missed the sunset, or searching for stairs that weren’t ugly. haha.

    • Thanks Mila! I can definitely see that side of things. I just loved how creative it made me get. I wasn’t always creative – some days I was definitely just trying to fulfill the darn command because I’m quite stubborn about finishing things I start haha but some days I really had to think outside the box. But that’s the reason I’m taking a break for May – too much thinking looool!

  3. so glad that you made it through your surgery okay! it is a weird thing to not have to wear glass/contacts anymore. i had that same feeling b/c i had been wearing them for so long. but trust me – you get used to it!

    • Thanks Sara! PRK requires patience, that’s for sure, but I notice small improvements every day so fingers crossed!

      This morning I had my first post-surgery “WTF” moment when I rolled over and reached for my glasses when I woke up. Haha! It was pretty awesome.

  4. Awwww! 😦 Hope you feel better!!!

  5. I love seeing your pictures Anna! I hope your surgery went okay and you’re feeling better! That is crazy you wore glasses/contacts for so long! Hope you really enjoy not having to bother with them anymore!! You do look so adorable in them though, LOVE that photo of you!

    • Thank you so much Annie – I always think people look so chic in glasses but was so self-conscious in mine because of their thickness! I wanted to take 1 or 2 pics before I got rid of them for good though, just so I can remember years from now how far my eyesight has come! haha x

  6. awwww I hope your eyes are feeling better, Anna! I’m so sad that you sat in the bathroom all day! 😦

    on a side note, though: I’ve heard Nira Aurora {haha Beat fan} talk about how much she loved Coal Harbour eye center, but once you’re all healed, it would be great to hear what you have to say….specifically because you’re not being paid to say it. lol. {I value Nira’s opinion, but you never know}.

    Anyway, *hugs* feel better soon! xo

    • Haha I know I was such a sorry sight on Saturday…the good thing was that your eyes just want to rest, so I was just dozing all day, not sitting in the dark bored!

      Yes I completely forgot about those Nira Aurora testimonials! I haven’t listened to the Beat in a while but I remember them. I will definitely include something about CHLC in my write-up but I have to say already that I completely recommend them. They do BOTH kinds of laser surgery – LASIK and PRK – and there is always one type that is better suited for your eye so you should immediately, in my opinion, distrust anywhere that only does one method. That was my optometrist’s opinion and I really value what she has to say. I hope that helps! I will really work on that write-up :).

  7. Yesterday, at 1 pm, I was sitting down to lunch with my mom at a new restaurant in town. the food was good, but the highlight was dessert. They had cake balls (like cake pops, only no stick) to go with the last of our wine. So good!

  8. Sam @ Fit for my Fork says:

    Poor you having to hole yourself up in the bathroom! The audiobooks were a great idea though – better than sitting in silence by yourself in the dark! I hope you’re not in pain anymore?

    At 1pm yesterday I was sitting at my desk in front of my computer. Bleh. 😛

    • Ah the good ol’ computer! Thanks for your well wishes – in some discomfort today due to just having had the protective contacts removed, which makes my eyes quite gritty. But nothing like that day in the bathroom haha! x

  9. That bathroom pic is so sad! ha I sure hope you are feeling better!
    I want lasik so bad! I am jealous!! I too think about how weird it will be to not wear my glasses ever again though, I feel they complement some outfits. ha


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