Met Gala 2012 Fashion

After the rush that was awards season, I miss these fashion round-up posts!

Of course, the Met Gala (or Met Ball, or Costume Institute Gala, depending on who you talk to!) happened last night and that is always where the craziest and haute-est fashion comes out! The event is co-chaired by Anna Wintour (pictured above at last night’s Met Gala in Prada), who personally hand-picks the guest list.

You have to have a broader mind than usual because the fashion is quite eccentric, but I really enjoyed checking out all the dresses last night! As always, I have rounded up my top and bottom picks. Browse through and share your thoughts in the comments!

  • My favourite picks of the night:

Canadian! actress Nina Dobrev in custom Donna Karan. The drama of this dress would be too much for me on another occasion, but was perfect for the Met Gala.

Gisele Bundchen in Givenchy was stunning. Her Givenchy dress’s structure was reminiscent of the dress the designer put Rooney Mara in at the Oscars (click here to see). Fabulous structure, and the sequins added major glamour.

Gwyneth Paltrow in Prada. The front of this dress was not as interesting, but I love the back and the hemline. Really showcases her legs!

Jessica Alba in gold Michael Kors. Clearly this gold lame is here to stay after Meryl Streep wore it at the Oscars. Her skin tone was beautiful with the dress’s colour.

Jessica Biel in Prada, with her fiance Justin Timberlake, of course. I thought the dress was not as formal as others, for sure, but I loved the neckline and waistline, and the pattern was beautiful too.

  • I was on the fence about but ultimately think it’s a hit:

Supermodel Karolina Kurkova in head-to-toe Rachel Zoe. I was on the fence about it because it’s so one-tone, but it is the perfect amount of eccentricity for this event, and Karolina Kurkova can pull this off. I honestly think it would have been a miss for me on anyone else, but a model with the stature that Karolina has was just what this dress needed!
  • My ABSOLUTE favourite:
I can’t even explain why, really, but Carey Mulligan in this Prada was my absolute favourite! I feel like the shininess of this dress should have made it unflattering, but it looked so lovely on her, and the fit was perfect! I loved how daring she was to wear this dress.
  • My least favourites:
Kristen Stewart wore Balenciaga. I just wasn’t a big fan of the colour blocking and the design, although I appreciated the idea behind it. I just didn’t think it flattered her at the end of the day.

 Jessica Chastain in Louis Vuitton. This one made me sad – I love Jessica Chastain, and her dress at the Oscars won my absolute favourite award!  But this just was too unflattering – the light hits in the wrong way and the strange lines everywhere don’t help.
Scarlett Johansson in Dolce & Gabbana. The dress was just the wrong colour for her. In a colour, I think this dress would absolutely have worked.
  • I was on the fence about but ultimately think it’s a miss:
Beyonce in Givenchy. I really liked what a statement it made – that in itself perfectly fits Beyonce. But I couldn’t get past the unflattering and, I thought, ugly patterns all over the place. It looks like a spiderweb!
  • My VERY least favourite:
Sorry Florence Welch! I love you usually and I know you like to take risks, but this Alexander McQueen dress was way too much, even for an eccentric event like this. The tiers, and the nude colour, the sequins, the sheerness? I can’t believe this came from the same design house that so elegantly designed Kate Middleton’s wedding gown!


  • Which was your favourite/least favourite?


  1. Nina Dobrev in custom Donna Karan or Gisele Bundchen in Givenchy were my favourites I think. Least favourite was definitely Kristen Stewart. I know that girl likes edgy fashion but it just looks so miss matched and a bit trashy

  2. paulinechandler says:

    I totally agree with all your comments. At least two of these dresses look more high street than high fashion – Kristen Stewart’s and Jessica Biel’s. Beyonce looks as if she’s just emerged from a deep sea dive with sea weed clinging to her naked form. Not a good look. Should have teamed up with Anna Wintour and that lobster! AW looks abs stunning but why go with the surreal motif? Just to arouse comment and be in the news? Maybe, which is dispiriting. And don’t give me that ‘exploring new worlds of design’ rubbish. Some ideas should be left on the drawing board. And what happened to Florence Welch? is she wearing that for a dare? It looks like an upside down icecream explosion. My favourite is Kristina K in head-to-toe Marlene Dietrich. Love that big ring on her left forefinger that says – Don’t mess with me, buddy!’

  3. wow, beyonce. wow.

  4. Ugh Kristen Stewart’s awkwardness is reflected in her outfits! The press is all over Beyonce’s dress today loving it, but I agree with you it’s like she took one of her stage outfits and put a see through skirt over it. Doesn’t seem like the right place to be naked, even if you just had a baby, lol. Her sister Solange looked amazing tho! My favorites were probably Jessica Alba and Diane Krueger in that gorgeous purple dress. One of my least favorites was Elizabeth Banks, I was shocked at what she was wearing because I love her! I liked Scarlet Johansson’s dress. I wouldn’t wear it but it suited her. Jessica Biel’s dress seems random, it’s more Easter brunch than Met Gala. I’m also on the fence about Karolina Kurkova… maybe without the headpiece it would be better? It is stunning dress. Great overview! I miss your fashion posts! 😉

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