Thursday Thoughts

This is a new series I *thought* about introducing and then decided I’d give it a try. What the heck, right?

Basically, there are often thoughts or ideas I have that I want to share but they aren’t worthy of an entire blog post (no one wants to read a whole post on my thoughts on the Vampire Diaries season finale!). So I thought I’d wrap up these thoughts in a Thursday Thoughts column – it might not happen every week, but just when I have something to say. I guess it’s kind of a “Miscellaneous” post.

Just like my monthly goal setting posts, this is not designed to be a post where I just spew my thoughts out and let them sit there. I want to hear from YOU! It’s about creating a dialogue – as I hope my goal setting encourages you to set your own goals, I want to hear your thoughts on things I’m pondering too!

So here are my thoughts from the past week…

Food goals:

  • I LOVE poached eggs, so finally gave poaching an egg a go, and I actually was successful on the first try! I wouldn’t have been able to do it without explicit step-by-step instructions. The best ones I found were from Smitten Kitchen here.

Copyright to The Guiltless Life

Blogging thoughts:

  • My latest pet peeve is when people precede a comment with “Thanks for commenting on my blog so I could find yours!”. I am guilty as charged – I did it for the first little while after I started blogging because I had seen it in so many places I thought that was just the etiquette, but now I just find it grating. Just saying.

TV shows I am giving up on:

  • Ringer, because I don’t have a choice – it was cancelled! I can’t honestly believe that Hart of Dixie was renewed yet Ringer was cancelled but ah well. I wasn’t particularly attached to the show but it’s a mystery and I get really frustrated from watching a season of a mystery show and then having it cancelled so I never really find out what happened. Grr…
  • The Grey’s Anatomy finale convinced me not to give up on it yet – at least, not until I find out what happened to them all (spoiler: the main cast members, ie Derek, Meredith, Cristina, Alex etc, all signed on for another season so we can assume they all survive). But it was a pretty bad season before that, and it has been going on for maybe too long now (8 years and counting)…
  • Desperate Housewives – it’s donezo. Still super bummed they killed Mike off – why was that necessary? – but that show had a pretty good run.

TV shows that make me want it to be fall already!:

  • The Vampire Diaries – of course! My favourite guilty pleasure. After dragging out the damsel-in-distress storylines for Elena, I’m excited to see her finally be a vampire. At last!
  • Glee – I was about to give up on it, but the season finale was good! I know that at least three of the main cast members (Lea Michele, Cory Monteith and Chris Colfer) are coming back so I’m curious to see how they do that after Tuesday night’s finale.

TV shows that make me happy it’s summer:

  • Ah, The Bachelorette. True guilty pleasure watching in the summertime – and I’m a big Reality Steve fan, so I love knowing all the spoilers before watching!
  • So You Think You Can Dance. My favourite reality show ever (I’m such a dance fan!). It starts today, I’m so excited!
General thought:
  • I’ve been thinking about TV shows way too much recently, clearly.

Books I’ve been reading:

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  • As I read mostly young adult due to the fact that I write in that genre, I have been trying out some new YA authors I haven’t read before. Jenny Han‘s The Summer I Turned Pretty trilogy was my most recent read. A great, fast summer beach read about young love and the hardships of losing someone you love to cancer (it’s not as depressing as that sounds, but the way she handles that storyline is one of my favourite things about the trilogy). The main character is quite realistically juvenile in the first book but I did feel she should mature more as the series went on. I also hate the title of the first book. But other than that, I loved them – and you will find yourself wanting a Jeremiah or Conrad for yourself soon!
  • Side note: Jeremiah is totally on my list of favourite names now.

Summer fitness:

  • I was so excited for the sunshine last week. I hit up a running track (I needed the proper surface a running track provides for my injured knee) and completed a 5K run – my first since last summer. I don’t run much due to a knee injury and because I’m used to running in extremely hot weather from back home, I struggle to run in cool temperatures. So I was thrilled to get out there, but now the weather has turned sour again. Sigh, I hope the temperatures rise again soon!
  • We went on a gentle but long and fun hike when I was staying in a cabin on Mayne Island (off the coast of BC) last weekend. We went for the long weekend as it was my friend’s birthday. Super fun times and a LOT of food, but that was counteracted somewhat by our gentle hike. It reminded me of how important it is to take your fitness outdoors when the weather is nice!

Memory lane:

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  • Fitnessista posted the other day about remembering The Oregon Trail. Did anyone else play that game? I was so obsessed with it – my sister and I both. We bought Oregon Trail and then quickly snapped up Oregon Trail 2 when it came out as well. It was so much fun – I loved building my ‘family’ of wagon passengers and then nursing them back to health or buying provisions for the trip. Lol. I wish they would use today’s technology and come up with a brand-new version. Did anyone else play Oregon Trail growing up?


  • What are your recommended reads for summer?
  • Do you find your fitness regime changes much as warm weather approaches?
  • Do you have any guilty pleasure TV shows you watch in summer or that you will miss until they start again in fall?
  • And remember to come back tomorrow for a GIVEAWAY! 🙂


  1. ittybitsofbalance says:

    Oh I SO feel you about Desperate Housewives! I couldn’t believe it when they killed Mike– he was such a great character! Sometimes I feel like that show gets a litttttle carried away with all of the deaths on the Lane.
    I gave up on Grey’s Anatomy a long time ago, basically because it was too consistently depressing. Have you tried watching Private Practice?! It’s like Greys, but a little less heavy 🙂

    • It is consistently depressing lol! I agree. My mom watches Private Practice, so I see it from time to time, but Addison always annoyed me a bit. The only times I really caught it over her shoulder were when the blonde woman got raped and attacked and then when her (husband?)’s son’s mom died…does that make sense? So I find it all depressing too but I am probably watching the wrong episodes lol!

  2. I love this post!! First off, they really cleaned house this year and canceled a bunch of shows :(. I felt the same way about Grey’s!! I was going to stick it out until the end, but if the finale didn’t grab me I was done. It did. :). The Vampire Diaries is such a guilty pleasure! The end totally left me stunned!! As I was reading your post, I thought “I watch way to much tv!” :).
    I really can’t wait to devote some time to So you think you can dance :).
    Running frankly scares me due to my knees!
    Have an awesome day!

    • They did cancel a bunch of shows, it was nuts. Don’t worry, I watch too much TV too – or so I think. Usually I record a bunch during the week and watch one a day and have some to catch up on if I have spare time over the weekend! I used to read more and watch TV less but ever since I started my editing job the last thing I want to do is read in my spare time haha! That’s my excuse and I’m sticking with it! 😉

  3. Love the idea for this theme for Thursday! Very cute!

    Happy Thursday love! I hope all is well! I miss yoga and have not been, something I have been thinking about!

    • Ah I miss yoga too. I don’t tend to go much – if at all – in the summer. Our studio is all windows and I just see the sunshine and think I should be outdoors! However some places offer outdoor yoga classes as one-offs so I have to start checking those out!

  4. love the new series! first off – i desperately need to be brave enough to poach and egg. i know i love them and could probably do it fine, but it is intimidating me. just like the protein powder. 🙂 i’ve seen this tutorial so maybe i’ll give it a try soon. second – Oregon trail is the best!

    • You’ll be fine – I had no idea it was so simple to poach an egg! You hear all the nightmare stories…but one of her tips was “Don’t Panic” and that one is super important lol.

      So glad I have a fellow Oregon Trail fan! I’m such a dork that if they came out with a new version I would totally get into it all over again!

  5. My guilty pleasure tv shows are definitely the real housewives of (insert city…I watch them all but Atlanta). I was in to desperate housewives when it first came out but lost interest after the 3 rd season…it just became a soap opera.

    • It was quite the soap opera! Do you watch Real Housewives of Vancouver? I’ve never watched any of the RH shows but because this one was filmed in my city I watched a couple of episodes – what a trainwreck! And those people are ridiculously rich. I can’t even imagine how much the one lady’s 3 waterfront properties in West Vancouver (the most expensive neighbourhood in Van) costs! My realtor suddenly made a cameo on one of the episodes I saw and I nearly choked on my cereal lol.

  6. omg I totally played Oregan Trail in elementary school! So funny to think about it, because I totally forgot about that game!

    I’m reading all pregnancy and baby books so I don’t think you’d be interested in reading any of them just yet! haha 🙂

  7. I looooove watching the Bachelorette too! Even my husband gets into it! Is Reality Steve a blogger?

    • Yes! He gives away all of the episode-by-episode spoilers. It sounds no fun to know the spoilers, but trust me, learning the secrets and finding out the outcome just make you watch the show in a whole different way. It’s actually more fun, I think! But don’t go to his site unless you want to know spoilers, because they kinda hit you in the face!

  8. aah yes I looved Oregon Trail! why isn’t there an iPhone app yet?? lol

    • So funny – I was just Googling it to see if they were planning on a re-release or anything and I saw this on its Wikipedia page: “On February 2, 2011, a new version of Oregon Trail was released on the social networking site Facebook.[13] The rights for this version were later bought up by, which replaced the game with an online dating application.”

      BOO! Online dating app??? No!! Give us Oregon Trail back!

  9. I totally agree with you on the blog comment one! It makes me feel like people didn’t even really read my post.

    I’m excited for TRUE BLOOD! Ok- it’s gotten a little weird- but I’m a devoted fan to Eric and Alcide (swoon)

  10. I love love Thursday Thought posts 🙂 !!!! I am always hesitant about writing one for myself but I love reading others 😉 Make sense? 😉 HA!

    In the summer I love biking 😀 !!!!! I always look forward to moving home for the summer and biking with my parents in the evening 😀

    • Oh lol, there are other Thursday Thoughts posts? Haha I guess there would be, it’s hardly that original of an idea – I just didn’t know! I need to start checking out others!

      Biking in the summer is awesome, love that!

  11. I was JUST talking about Oregon Trail with someone today! That game was the bomb (and probably went out sometime around saying “the bomb” did!) and I totally wish I could see/play it again… you know, for nostalgic reasons 🙂

  12. I love this idea for a post! I made one awhile back, too, and I think it’ll also be only when I have thoughts to share.

    I’m with you on the pet peeve 😛 I don’t think it’s happened to me yet, but I have seen it on other blogs. I find it grating, too.

    I didn’t read your blurb on Grey’s, because I’m not sure if you revealed anything. I heard a lot of people were in tears from the finale, but I truthfully gave up on that show in November :/ Should I catch up and give it a chance? It was getting so boring!

    btw, love your giveaway! but I already have a fabulous little kitchen scale that’s quite similar, so I won’t enter. I’ll leave that for someone who doesn’t already have one 🙂

    • Thanks Char, I’m glad you like the new series! I think you could just watch the Grey’s finale – without watching all the interim episodes since November – and you would still know what was going on. It was a boring season, you’re right. But the finale punches it up a notch so just try watching that one episode and if you like it you can watch again in fall, or else you can just give it up for good lol!

      Thanks for being so generous and leaving the scale for others to enjoy! You’re the sweetest xx


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