Summer Fashion Picks: Dresses

The weather is warmer and that means simple but stylish summer fashion is in order!

So I hit up my favourite (budget) websites and got picking my top choices of dresses for my summer wardrobe (window shopping is harmless, right?).

Let me know what yours are!

  • Dress, $29.95, H&M

  • Dress, $39.95, H&M

(Comes in black too!)

  • Dress, $19.95, H&M

  • I Lava to Love You Dress, $72.99,

  • Luck Be a Lady Dress in Green Stripe, $74.99,

(I’m a big fan of cinched-waist dresses!)

  • Wave of Applause dress, $69.99,

(Great take on the LBD!)

  • Feline Karma Dress, $148,

  • Striated Slub Maxi Dress, $168,

  • Polka-Dotted Dress, $168,

  • BB Dakota by Jack Marilou Striped Sweater Dress, $66,

  • Nothing Else Quill Do beige dress, $48,

  • Motown White Dress, $38,


  • Do you buy and wear more dresses in summertime? I love nothing more than summer dresses!


  1. LOVE the last two, super cute! I may go to the mall today to find a 1 year anny dress!

    Happy monday! ❤

  2. that yellow empire dress by H&M is so cute! can’t wait for dresses and summer again…let me just get through this winter first!

    • I love the colour of the yellow one too, so bright! Don’t worry – the other day I saw the weather in Oz and the weather in Vancouver and realized that Australia’s winter is better than our summer right now, so I’m not sure it matters what hemisphere we’re in…!

  3. oh i’ve been on a serious dress binge lately! my favorite is the polka dot one! i’ve only been wearing dresses to work, prefer dresses for the weekends, and then the 6 weddings (bachelorette parties/showers/rehearsal dinners that go with them!) we have to go to just make my dress obsession get even more out of hand! and all these occasions require different styles, lengths, colors, etc. it’s turned into an addiction.. i can’t stop 😉

  4. There’s nothing better in life then summer dresses! They make me feel so feminine and are comfortable

    I get really cute ones from Zara and Urban Outfitters also!

  5. I wear nothing but dresses in the summer…and some skirts too I guess. I’m wearing a dress right now! I love the polka dot one from anthro…and the first one from H&M..and the green striped one. I’m currently looking for a new dress to wear to a wedding in July. Shopping is so much fun! (Now if only modcloth would let me check out!)

    • I’m seriously in love with the striped one too – and anything from Anthropologie usually gets my vote! I use Modcloth a lot for window shopping but have never ordered as I’m not sure if they ship to Canada. I’m also always wary of ordering dresses online because so many are too short on me (I’m 5’8″) – if you’re around the same height and have ordered from Modcloth or any other stores, let me know if you find them the right length!

      • I have never ordered from modcloth either. I tried today, but for some reason I can’t seem to check out. But I agree that they all look super too short. I’m 5’8 too and it’s tough! Stuff is either too short of too small in the upstairs area. Dang body ideals!

  6. gee girl do you have a sense of fashion or what!? No wonder I love you HA! 😉

    I am LOVING the last H&M dress and that green stripe! SO ME! Ahhhh I want!

    How awesome would it be to go shopping together? 😉

  7. I’m such a sucker for dresses, especially in the summer! I like that green and white one. Cute!

  8. Summer dresses, so light and flowy – always make me feel like such a girl!
    (i’m a fitnesstrainer so it doesn’t take much for me to feel dressy – i live in gymclothes)

  9. Cute! I love all of those dresses! Does H & M have a website where you can actually order from now?!? I thought they didn’t have one! Also, check out this website too Their prices are awesome too!

  10. obsessed with that green stripped dress! perfect for summer days 🙂

  11. I love buying dresses in the spring and summer! Whenever the weather starts to get warm I always want to buy new dresses 🙂 I love anthropologie’s dresses.

  12. Gahh! I love this post! It is very hard to come across a fashion post in the healthy living community, so I definitely am sparked by this. I LOVE all of these dresses, especially the Nothing Else dress, I Lava to Love you dress (what a cute name!), and the Feline dress! I wish I had a bigger collection of Summer dresses, seeing as though it is the season to wear them :). I also wish I were a bit taller to rock the longer dresses :p.

    • I’m glad you liked it! I love doing these kinds of posts but they don’t take very long – I just browse like I would anyway and then save the pics of the ones I like – so I feel like I’m cheating a post a bit. But I love sharing things I like! 🙂

  13. ChanelKatarina says:

    Hey Anna,
    Loved all the dresses you found! Thought I’d share my online boutique with you to get your opinion of my pieces. We buy from the same companies as sites like Lulu’s but we don’t raise the prices as high. Check it out and let me know what ya think! ♥
    Owner, Bogatte


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