Summer Fashion Picks: Shoes

Click here for the first post in my Summer Fashion Picks series – dresses.

Ah, shoes! They usually rank high on the addiction list when it comes to women and fashion.

Because I’m 5’8″ I’ve had a love/hate relationship with shoes. As in, I love looking at ’em and love a lot of styles, but so often they just make them so darn high I know I would end up feeling like a giraffe wearing them!

Either way, I still love window shopping for shoes and do get daring and buy a pair of high heels from time to time. Plus, I know there’s a lot of lovely petite readers who enjoy their heels so today I have a mix of flats and heels that are totally summer appropriate and completely adorable to get us all in the mood for summer!

I love the mixed colours on these wedges from Old Navy:

Women’s Mixed-Strap Color-Block Wedges, $34.94, Old Navy

And these faux snakeskin wedges are made so much better by the buckles! Such a cute addition 🙂

Women’s Faux-Snakeskin Wedges, on sale for $28, Old Navy

These flats are SO adorable – part chic/officey and part casual thanks to the espadrille. Just love ’em.

Shoes, $14.95, H&M

I am ALL about the boat shoe this summer. My feet are size 8.5 and quite long, so Tom’s always looked kinda ridiculous on me due to the length of the top of the shoes. Boat shoes tend to have a shorter top and that doesn’t make my feet look so big or ridiculous (is this just me?? anyway…). Therefore, I LOVE this pair from ALDO:

Shuart, $50, ALDO

I’m also all about this simple yet elegant sandal (it comes in turquoise, black and ‘cognac’ [brown] too – but the mustard was calling to me for some reason!):

Zyppora, $50, ALDO

Here’s a great example of what I was talking about earlier, with shoes I look at and admire but would never wear because they’d make me too tall:

Yeah. Exactly. But I really do love the colorblock idea!

Women’s Xhilaration Sigrid Colorblock Platform Pump – Black w/ Blue, $34.99, Target

Love how glitzy Jessica Simpson made this sandal – it could totally be worn on a night out, despite being a flat:

Camille, $69, Jessica Simpson Shoes

If you’re a ballet flat lover (they’re great for work!), then go seasonal by incorporating some brights into your wardrobe! These Jessica Simpson ballet flats are perfect for doing just that:

Madisen, on sale for $49.99, Jessica Simpson Shoes


  • What’s your favourite summer shoe style?
  • Do you like boat shoes or are you more of a TOMS wearer?
  • Where do you stand on heel height?


  1. Emily Butler says:

    LOVE the blue and black Target pumps, I am so plain when it comes to fashion, my shoe closet consist of super old cheap target sneakers that need replaces, a nice pair of flipflops (ha, this is my show of choice I wear all the time!) and a nice pair of winter target boots, ha, I love target come to think of it all my shoes are from there! and I can probably wear at the most a 3″ heel, I think my boots are 2’s though, but then again I really don’t know the slightest thing about fasion and am probably wrong!

    • Sounds like you’re functional! That’s the best way to be, sometimes. I’m not as much of a shoe person as I am a bag person or just, in general, a clothes person either. Nothing wrong with being just who you are! x

  2. girl i still say you should embrace the heel. i always feel powerful when i’m wearing a 4 inch heel – something about it. but, i do love those t-strap flat sandals. can’t beat a cute simple sandal for the summer.

  3. I love when you do fashion posts, they are always fun and so detailed!

    I love aldo, great shoes there and I do love Jessica Simpson’s shoe line!

  4. I love the wedges & the color-blocked shoes….Come check out my color block shoes at my latest outfit post!


  5. Wedges are the best! Usually very comfortable and give you some height. My boyfriend is 6’5″ and I’m 5’4″ so I need all the height I can get to not look tiny next to him!

  6. I am such a TOMS girl 🙂 It is all about comfort for me 🙂 hehehe. I seriously cannot own enough pairs of TOMS. I love the flats from H&M!

  7. Sam @ Fit for my Fork says:

    I’m 5’9” so I totally understand what you’re saying, Anna! Thank goodness my boyfriend’s taller than me, otherwise I’d probably never wear heels! I do wear short ones at work every day but I don’t have very many pairs because I have a hard time walking in them (I’m pretty clumsy). I love the shoes you’ve picked out for your post, especially the coloured ballet flats at the end. They are so cute!

    • Ah yes, so glad you understand! haha, I NEVER wore heels growing up so the first few times I wore them I was a nightmare in them. I’ve gotten used to them by now but my mom and my sister, who are both the same height as me, have never really worn heels over a couple of inches and don’t do well in them at all!

  8. I love me a good wedge in summer! They go with so many things. I also like strappy sandals for daytime….but i do have to say those boat shoes are super cute!

  9. I’m 5’8 too and ALL my friends are short and my boyfriend is the same height as me. I LOVE heels but I rarely wear them and I don’t wear them enough to know how to walk properly in them. 😛 I stick with flats.. I do want a nice pair of mid-height wedges though!

    • It’s tough when your friends are short too! My best friend is 5’2″ so I almost never wear heels when I go out with her which I hate, but ah, such is life! Then I have a group of girlfriends where I’m actually the shortest, they’re all 5’9″-6’0″ – going out with them is awesome for the heels for sure!

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