WIAW: Apple Protein Cake Recipe

Jenn is still hosting the fabulous theme of Sensible Snacking, so, because I’m doing two WIAW posts back-to-back, and because it fits in with the Sensible Snacking theme, I am also throwing a recipe in today!

(This may also be because I was too lazy to photograph this recipe in a way that is remotely staged or attractive, so it’s easier for me to sneak the recipe into an otherwise iPhone-photo-cluttered post. Don’t ever say I lie to you :).)

So let’s get started!


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This morning’s breakfast was a delicious and nutritious old favourite – a bowl of my Packed Pumpkin Porridge.

I’m telling ya, it may not seem the season for pumpkin or oats, but tell that to BC weather. Trust me.


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Mid-morning tea, as always (though unpictured here) and a slice of my apple protein cake. I made it in a loaf pan this time because my square cake dish was dirty, but I recommend making this in a square pan because then your slice will be HUGE. Seriously, people, 1/6 of this recipe is just 96 calories! Think about how large the squares will be when you divide up an 8×8 cake pan into just six slices. Yeah, exactly. SO good.

Recipe is at the end of this post – you don’t wanna miss!


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Another Cobb salad (using the recipe I posted on Monday). Honestly, the fibre from the veggies, the protein from the egg and dressing and the healthy fats from the avocado keep me full for ages!


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I am loving these cocoa-dusted almonds that Sara got me onto. When I went to the States I found them in 100-calorie packs which is perfect for me – when I’m at my desk in the afternoon I could snack on things like trail mix all day long, but that adds up pretty fast! I just get one of these 100-cal packs and when they’re done they’re done! A little bit salty, a little bit sweet, all good :).


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A busy night meant for a quick dinner, which was a gluten-free (I prefer the taste of the g-f ones to the regular!) bean burrito from Amy’s, dipped in some lowfat sour cream and salsa on the side.

I also had an apple (unpictured) dipped in my favourite new find: Better ‘n Peanut Butter.

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I posted this on Twitter and Instagram yesterday with the caption:

I really am!

When I was down in the States last weekend I saw this in Target (I have yet to find it in Canada). I’d seen it on so many blogs and haven’t had any success yet in locating PB2 or peanut flour in Canada either, so I thought this was a good start in my lower-calorie peanut-flavour hunt!

I have been using it in smoothies and baking so far and have been very impressed but, despite some reviews I had read, I find it fine to eat off the spoon too. It’s not as sweet as regular peanut butter, but I don’t have much of a sweet tooth so it doesn’t bother me. Ever since discovering that I have a super slow metabolism and require fewer calories than I originally thought, I have had to look for a few ways to cut calories in my daily eats without sacrificing the things I love. While I know there are many health benefits to eating the original, full-fat peanut butter (and I still do have a jar of it in my fridge!), if I’m going to be having a lot of PB in something, I’ll use this.


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I went with some FiberOne honey squares cereal in unsweetened soy milk. It made sure I wasn’t hungry going to bed, but this cereal is super sweet. I can’t have more than about 1/2 cup at a time! Yes, the sugar would probably bother me but it’s also just too sweet-tasting for me.

(Sorry for the low-light photo, it was nighttime after all!)

Now for your recipe 🙂

Anna’s Apple Protein Cake (inspired by Gina’s protein cakes – cinnamon and chocolate)

INGREDIENTS (serves 6):

3 tbsp plain nonfat Greek yogurt
1/4 cup unsweetened applesauce
1 egg
2 egg whites
1 1/2 tsp vanilla
1/2 cup oat flour (I grind 1/2 cup regular oats in my Magic Bullet to get oat flour)
1 scoop protein powder
5-6 packets stevia (to taste)
2 tsp baking powder
3/4 tsp cinnamon
1/2 tsp salt
1 apple, diced

For the topping:

1 tbsp maple sugar (gives it a great maple taste, but otherwise you can use coconut sugar or Sucanat)
1/2 tsp cinnamon


1. Preheat oven to 375 F.

2. Mix wet ingredients in one bowl and dry in another, then stir to combine. Fold in diced apple.

3. Pour batter into greased loaf or square pan. In a small bowl, combine sugar and cinnamon very well and then sprinkle liberally and evenly over top of batter.

4. Bake 20-30 minutes, depending on your oven, until the topping is browned and caramelized and the cake is springy to the touch (you can test it by inserting a toothpick or fork and making sure it comes out clean). Enjoy!

Nutrition per slice if serves 6:

96 cals
1.6g fat
36mg chol
248mg sodium
13.7g carbs
1.8g fiber
7.7g protein


  1. Emily Butler says:

    How do you like that Better N PB? I’ve seen it but I’ve been using “justGreatStuff” powdered peanut butter (comparable to PB2) but I would think this would be great for when I don’t feel like making up the powdered stuff!

  2. yay for cocoa roasted almonds! glad you found them and are enjoying them! they are the best afternoon pick me up – i must say! and this apple protein cake looks awesome! another great way to use my protein powder for sure…

  3. The apple protein cake sounds so good!!

  4. This is AMAZING!! I’m going to give this a shot tomorrow. Do you think it would taste good if I added thinly sliced apples to it? Or would it make it too mushy?

    • I use a diced apple in mine (see last item on ingredients list) – just change that to thin slices and for sure it would work out. I was actually going to also say that you can microwave the diced apple slightly so it’s even softer once it comes out the oven – this version still had some crunch to it – so if you like it soft, sliced apples would cook up even better if they’re cut thin enough. Enjoy :).

  5. Your protein cake recipe looks so good! Thanks for sharing! Is the pumpkin porridge recipe on your blog?

    [Fitness, Health and Happiness]

  6. Delicious lunch- Beautiful colors and avocado makes everything better : )

  7. Thanks for the apple protein recipe – it looks like a kick butt snack!
    love me some avocado 🙂

  8. I really like the Better n PB too! For me it’s not a replacement for pb, just something completely different that I rather enjoy eating by the spoonful 🙂
    Oh and that recipe is fantastic! Another winner and another one of yours I am saving

  9. wow.. cocoa roasted almonds! YUM! I’ve never seen those!

  10. NICE recipe girl! I know I always tell you this but you always impress me!

  11. Just wondering if you have ever tried Coconut flour in place of the oat flour…and if that also turned out for you……Anyway, I am making your Apple Protein cake tomorrow! Thanks for sharing it!

    • I’ve cooked a lot with coconut flour but didn’t use it in this recipe and haven’t tried it specifically with this one. However it has a lot of binding ingredients (egg whites etc) so I think it should work. Try it and let me know!

  12. How long would the pieces last if i cut them up to six pieces or could they be frozen!?

    • Oh I freeze my baked goods all the time! I haven’t tried with this specific recipe, but my protein muffins have very similar ingredients and those have lasted months in the freezer. Just wrap them up well – I wrap mine in either greaseproof paper or foil and then in a sandwich bag as well to prevent freezer burn!

  13. The apple protein cake looks so good! Yummy!

    The better n’ pb is good, I have it too! I use it when I want more sweet and have had my healthy fat overdose for the day, that is good to have in between! It is good! I’m weird though so I like weird things, I do know lots of peeps who hate it!

    Glad to hear you like it! ❤

  14. Oh I need to try this! I haven’t been doing too well with protein powders lately…do you have a sub suggestion? Just anything powdery (flour, ground up something, etc.)?

  15. what a delicious day of eats!! i absolutely love the apple protein cake! yum!! thanks for sharing!

  16. That apple protein cake looks awesome! and I loved the ingredients you use in it! Will definitely be trying it out!

  17. I bookmarked this page for the apple cake recipe. Sounds fabulous!


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