July Goals

A new month, so time for some new goals!

Do you find goal setting helps you stick to your goals? I’ve been really impressed at how well I have stuck to mine since doing these monthly ‘goal posts’ (get it? goal posts? Never mind…)

Sometimes I don’t even look at my goals again once I’ve posted them because – let’s face it, we’re all busy and don’t always have time to be the ‘perfect’ goal follower and check back in to see how we’re doing. But I still have stuck to them way more since writing them down – I think that when you actually write things down they become so much more ingrained in your mind.

With that being said, let’s not get ahead of ourselves – I still need to check in to see how I did with June’s goals!

June’s goals:

  • Read for my age. 
Done! So far this month I have read (mostly based on Chelsey’s summer reading list recommendations):
  1. Joshilyn Jackson’s Between, Georgia
  2. Joshilyn Jackson’s Gods in Alabama
  3. Jan-Philipp Sendker’s Art of Hearing Heartbeats
  4. Kelle Hampton’s Bloom (she’s a blogger!)
They were all quite different, but I would recommend all of them 🙂 (I will do some Recommended Reads posts on these soon, I promise!).

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  • Take a break from challenges, but use them for inspiration.
I’ve been tempted! But instead, I’ve continued to use these to encourage me to eat more salads (as per my May challenge and Angela’s June challenge), or using Fitnessista’s Summer Shape-Up to encourage me to continue eating well and keep my workouts going even when it’s nice outside and I just want to lounge around :). This has kept me from stressing about sticking to a challenge every day, which has been a blessing this month as it’s been busy with birthdays and weekend trips etc.

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  • Keep getting outside for more workouts now it’s summer.

It actually hasn’t been much like summer here in Vancouver. Only this past week have we had temperatures above 20 degrees C (and JUST above) and sunshine. Other than that it was raining and cold.

BUT I have been getting outside more. I’m actually in a ‘low-intensity’ phase right now. I go through phases with my workouts and right now I’m not into going to the gym for weight training or HIIT. I just want to be moving, so these past couple of weeks my workouts have been Zumba classes and long walks outside (doing the 10,000 steps a day for sure!). They don’t hurt my knee like running does but I’m still outside and, as we live in a hilly area, there are still cardio benefits to this!


So with June behind us, let’s move onto July’s goals

So a major goal – for life, and not just July ;), is going to be trying to be the best aunt I can be! In the short term, this means being there for my sister after the birth (well, for as long as I am staying in Calgary), and in the long term this just means being an awesome, supportive and fun aunt!

  • Stay on track while on vacation.

I’ll be in Calgary towards the end of July waiting for the arrival of aforementioned niece/nephew! So I want to stay on track as much as I can while away. I don’t go totally off track when on vacay or anything but without a routine to stick to I can kind of feel off-kilter. So I’ll still want to go for nice long walks in Calgary, and cook some healthy meals for my family.

For tips on eating while travelling, click here.

  • Curtail my spending (mainly, my credit card).

With my birthday trip to Seattle and all of the other indulgences that surround birthday celebrations, my finances have gone a bit haywire recently. I am an obsessive budgeter, with spreadsheets and everything, so I’m usually pretty good. But when I want something and I tell myself it’s a ‘special occasion’, I whip out the credit card. Turns out there can be a lot of special occasions if you let yourself use that as an excuse! The problem is, when it comes to paying off the credit card I usually have to dip into my savings – not cool.

So this month, the goal is to not use my credit card AT ALL. (Yikes!)


  • Do any of you find yourself slipping into the habit of pulling out your credit card too often? I think it’s good to challenge ourselves to a month or two of no-credit-card spending to snap out of the habit!
  • Name one goal you’re setting yourself for July!


  1. i’m on vacation now (as you know!) it is hard to stay on track – but it is really all about balancing splurges (which MUST occur on vacation) with healthy choices. and keeping active!

    • I totally agree! I think splurge as you want, but if it’s to the point where it makes you feel gross and saps you of energy so you can’t even enjoy your vacation, it’s no fun. So life, as always, is all about balance! Have a great vacay girl!

  2. Yay for being a aunt soon! I know how exciting that is!

    Oh yes, SO easy to use that credit card and dangerous! I sometimes don’t even carry it on me to not use it!

    Happy goals in July! ❤

  3. I’ve been the same way with my workouts. They have been a lot more laid back. One goal for July is to cook more creative foods with seasonal ingredients instead of the same old recipes.

  4. I love your goals. Congrats on being an aunt!! It is seriously the best thing ever. 🙂 I am totally with you on the “special occasion” perdicament. haha, it can get out of hand. But it sounds like you have a very healthy and responsible approach and great habits! Hope you have a great time seeing your little neice or nephew in July! Also, I am really excited about what seeing the books you recommend and the future booking reading post! 🙂 I can always use recommendations!

    • Thanks Annie, I am so excited! And I will definitely do more in-depth recommended reads posts on these books in the future, but to keep it short and simple if you’re looking for summer reads, I recommend ALL of the ones listed above! 🙂

  5. I totally agree, Anna! Ever since I started doing “goal posts” I have actually stuck with them. There is definitely something about writing your goals down and sharing them with others that keeps you accountable!

    I am looking forward to your book review/recommendation post!! ❤

    You most definitely WILL be the best Auntie EVER 🙂 ❤ Honest. I know it already and you won't even need to try, love!! I cannot believe you will be in Calgary!? Ahhhh I want to meet you ❤

  6. One goal for July, huh? Let’s see. I think I want to try and continue my workout schedule, even though it’s hot. Husband and I were spending a lot of time outdoors going for walks, playing tennis or basketball or riding bikes. Now it’s over 100 degrees most afternoon/evenings and I’m not about to go get sweaty in that kind of heat. So now I have to move indoors…to the gym or bust out the workout dvds and it’s harder. It’s a change and I need to get used to it.

    • Working out in summer and hot weather definitely changes things up. As I mentioned in the post, my inclination right now is more towards taking it easy and doing long walks and moderate activity rather than hardcore. I’ve been walking to work and back now that the weather’s nice (probably just under an hour round trip) which gets in that extra exercise and allows me to enjoy the sunshine!

  7. I’m not much of a goal maker. I don’t know why but I never follow through with them if I make goals for myself. Who knows why? I was pretty annoyed with the weather in Victoria as well, than god its finally nicer out! Congrats on your goals! You are making great progress

    • Thanks Lisa! I know we’re all so glad that summer has finally arrived! I get that about not setting goals – everyone is different, and some people feel more overwhelmed by goals than helped by them, so just do what works!

  8. Great goals! I should probably join you in curtailing my spending- I have school to be saving for in September for goodness sake!

  9. I’m with you on keeping my spending down! 🙂 I’ve got another little girl on the way, and all I want to do is buy matching outfits for my two girls haha!
    It’s great to have goals and have something to work towards! Great job!

  10. I can definitely relate on the spending issue. I have the same problem! Cutting back is actually one of my goals this month as well. Here’s to hoping that we can both stay on track!
    And congratulations on becoming an auntie soon! That is so exciting.

    P.S. Great job with your June Goals! ❤

  11. Great goals girl and congrats on becoming an aunt soon 🙂

    –Thankfully, that is one thing I’m good at.. not pulling out my credit card. I honestly can’t think of the last time I did.

  12. Oh I like this! Especially about the credit card 😛 I’ve only ever been in debt once & I’m soooo scared for that to happen again, so I’m super careful. But since I’m working a lot lately, I have been a frivolous spender. I’m trying to budget with the money I make under the table from one job, using that for gas, groceries, & things I want to treat myself to. No Visa! So far so good 🙂

    Hope you’re having a great summer, Anna! xoxo


  1. […] mentioned yesterday that I’m feeling really low-intensity in my fitness right now. So no running (my knee […]

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