New Beginnings

Hi all!

I thought it was high time I wrote an update post, to see how you are all doing and to let you know something I have been up to recently.

I’ve been heading to friend’s weddings…

Celebrating friends’ birthdays…

And their surprise birthdays…

And seeing Seinfeld live – yes, that’s Jerry Seinfeld, just squint!

It’s been busy, busy, busy my way, but I have also felt a need for change – I have been feeling this for a while and trying to work out the best way to fulfill this need. Ultimately, I have bitten the bullet and moved to Calgary!

All I have done here is sign a six-month lease, for a furnished place with two great roommates, so there aren’t any major time commitments. I deliberately came for the winter (I have questioned my sanity on that a few times!) because I know I can handle Calgary’s summers! It’s the winters I am not sure about so this is going to be a great test.

In addition, I have signed up for the Health Coach certification program through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. Honestly, if you ever have any questions about taking this program, email me, Tweet me or Facebook me – I will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

I had heard of some other bloggers who are studying in the program, and the term Health Coach very much appealed to me, but I really had no idea what it was. So I asked a few of the bloggers I know who are with IIN right now and found out some more information, and here I am!

The course starts on Monday, and so far I have been delving into the extra and pre-course materials. I’m already in love with the content – just like healthy living bloggers are so happy to join a community full of people that share your dietary preferences and perspective on healthy living, I have now found a whole school that sees things similarly to me, so I’m very excited about this opportunity, and the opportunity to soon be able to help people achieve their health goals.


So…now it’s your turn! Tell me what you’ve been up to, what I’ve missed, and …winter is a-coming. It’s time for me to get back on the recipe-making train! (I took quite the break from recipe development this summer!). Share some ideas for winter breakfasts that you want to see made, or that you enjoy yourself (feel free to link!).


  1. I have missed you! I am glad that you are doing wonderful and just busy! Yay for the move! How exciting! Change is always good 🙂

    Hope your sister and her baby are great too! ❤

    • I’ve missed you too! The baby is doing very well, she’s gorgeous and 3.5 months now! Growing too fast. It’s been good to take a break and I don’t know if I’ll come back as regularly as I was, but I definitely feel rejuvenated! Hope all is well with you! Am going to be catching up on some of your posts very soon my dear!

  2. Calgary is my home town… winters are odd there… you can’t tell from just one! Hahaha Hope you love it.

  3. I’ve missed you! IIN sounds great from what I’ve heard, I would consider it if I wasn’t at university.
    Good luck in calgary for he winter.. brrr!

  4. so great to get an update from you! congrats on your move and your new certification program! i really admire you for taking action (which can sometimes be so hard to do) and making a change when you need one. sometimes the body and mind needs this. please keep us posted. i miss you, of course. 🙂

  5. That is so fun you moved! I’ve always wanted to doing something super spontaneous like that, you only live once right! 🙂 I sure hope you enjoy it and cannot wait to hear how the health coach certification goes, I have heard really awesome things about the INN! Good luck!

  6. I’m so happy to have you here! Now, coffee time! 🙂

  7. Sent you an e-mail but it’s coming from my YAHOO account, and my name there is DUBAGEE – not GiGi Eats Celebrities! I want to know all about this certification program! 🙂

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