Zero-Boredom Cardio and Strength Workout

I haven’t done a workout post lately, mostly because I’ve been sticking to my fitness schedule: Zumba class twice a week Gym twice a week Running (or, if my knee doesn’t like running, a hike) once a week At-home circuit workout once a week Rest once a week

May Blog Love

I wasn’t able to read blog posts for much of the end of April/beginning of May due to my eye surgery, but I found that actually made this a bit easier than usual to put together! Usually I have way too many great posts to choose from, so this time I just focused on the […]

Five Total-Body Yoga Poses

Source It could be argued that all poses in yoga are full-body poses. The great thing about the yoga practice is that it certainly encourages the body to work as one. The key for me is to centre my body so I have a solid foundation, as this allows my poses to have more balance, […]

Earth Day 2012: Your Eco-Friendly Product Guide

Earth Day is this Sunday, so in celebration of this necessary and worthwhile celebration, I thought I’d put together a guide of my favourite eco-friendly, toxin-free and otherwise all-round awesome products! Gaiam 750ml aluminum water bottle – here on, $8.12 (on sale) Post-It Notes, Recycled – here on, $10.06 (on sale) – if you’re a Post-It junkie like me, buy […]