The Healthy Breakfast Challenge!

We’re moving into the season of constant food…and most of it isn’t good for you! As winter falls upon us (well, at least it is here in Calgary!) and Christmas draws ever closer (egg nog lattes are in Starbucks now! Along with the red Christmas cups!) and our neighbours to the south are approaching their […]

New Beginnings

Hi all! I thought it was high time I wrote an update post, to see how you are all doing and to let you know something I have been up to recently. I’ve been heading to friend’s weddings… Celebrating friends’ birthdays… And their surprise birthdays… And seeing Seinfeld live – yes, that’s Jerry Seinfeld, just squint! […]

Happy Blogiversary to Me! (CLIF Giveaway Winner Announced)

Happy blogiversary to me! One year ago today I started The Guiltless Life with a recipe for Gruyere, Leek and Roasted Red Pepper Quiche (still one of my favourite quiche recipes!). I had been blogging previously under a blog titled Guiltless & Glamorous, when I provided up-to-date info on beauty and fashion manufacturers who produced […]

I’m Back…Kinda!

Thanks everyone for being so patient with me while I was in Calgary celebrating the arrival of my niece. I have to be honest; while I was away I really enjoyed having nothing to do – no work (on vacation, obviously) and no blogging. I enjoy blogging, don’t get me wrong, but while away I […]