Healthy Breakfast Challenge Update!

How has the Healthy Breakfast Challenge been going for everyone?? We have been having some major fun here. My roommates and I enjoyed a baked pumpkin French toast casserole, a la Chocolate Covered Katie, on the weekend. I used xylitol and stevia to sweeten and my non-veggie, regular-eating roomies didn’t even detect the different sweeteners […]

Orange-Ginger Chickpea Salad Over Curried Quinoa

This recipe is so embarrassingly late it’s not even funny – it’s been on my to-replicate list since my trip home to Cayman in March, when I ate a similar dish from local (amazing!) bistro Icoa. If you don’t believe me check out this vacation round-up post I did on April 2nd. Scroll down to […]

Banana Nut Protein Muffins

So I’ve kinda been inundating you with protein muffins in the last few months. After my first ones – Lemon Poppyseed Protein Muffins – were so popular I asked if anyone wanted any other flavours, so along came: Double Chocolate Protein Muffins Apple Maple Walnut Protein Muffins (my fave so far)

Muffins Galore!

So on our recent road trip (blogged about here and here), we were staying with my parents’ friends, Alan and Ann, who live in the Okanagan. However, Ann was on holiday in England at the time of our visit so Alan welcomed us but did say he couldn’t promise any fancy dinners as he wasn’t really […]