Guest Post: Itty Bits of Balance’s Quick and Effective Workouts

Hi all! I’m (hopefully!) in the air as you read this (yup, I’m flying Continental!) and will be home tonight. Keeping you going for my last day of vacay is the wonderful Brittany over at Itty Bits of Balance. I love her positive, fun posts and healthy outlook on exercise and diet, which she has […]

Vacation Time! Plus a Beach-Prep Workout!

Source I’m in the air as you read this (well, possibly. I don’t know when you’re reading this after all!) But yes, today I am headed home for two weeks in the sun. I haven’t been home in two years, as last year my big vacation was to England to see my grandmother and extended […]

Spot Training…and the Great Butt Workout

Did that get your attention? 🙂 We all know that spot training – i.e. working out a specific muscular area of the body in order to lose weight in that area – doesn’t work. You can’t control where your body loses its fat – it comes off as it wants to (there is research showing […]

Getting Your Move On in the New Year

How’s your week going peeps? It’s Thursday so it’s nearly TGIF – just hang in there! That photo has nothing to do with this post except to show you that I’m having fun with my new camera – and to show you how cute Ben, one of my 3 ginger boys, is! As part of […]