April Photo-a-Day Challenge: Wrap-Up!

Yes, technically April is over, but there were some leftover days that weren’t covered in last week’s photo round-up, so this is the last one for April! I am still undecided about whether or not to do May’s challenge. I like to take some time to appreciate that I completed an entire month, never once […]

April Photo-a-Day Challenge: Week 4!

Are you guys still with me on this? We’re finishing up Week 4, and I will have one final post next week to capture the remaining few photos between now and then. I’ve really enjoyed doing the challenge so far and am definitely thinking about doing May’s, though I wouldn’t do update posts every week […]

April Photo-a-Day Challenge: Week 3!

For Week 1 and Week 2 pictures, click here and here. This has been fun and challenging to remember! But I’m enjoying the challenge so far and the way it makes you look at what seem like obvious subjects in a different light. Remember to link up your photos if you’re doing the challenge! I want to […]