July Goals

A new month, so time for some new goals! Do you find goal setting helps you stick to your goals? I’ve been really impressed at how well I have stuck to mine since doing these monthly ‘goal posts’ (get it? goal posts? Never mind…) Sometimes I don’t even look at my goals again once I’ve […]

June Goals

Well June is well and truly here, which means it’s time for some more goal setting. I’ve really enjoyed the last couple of Thursday Thoughts posts, but this week we’ll keep my thoughts limited to goals! First, as always, let’s review how we did in May, shall we?

May Goals

For April, I had set out to: Get more creative Get back into my routine Write Get out more It was tough to achieve these this month because my eye surgery happened. I had set a goal in March to be more relaxed about my eye surgery as my optician had finally referred me to […]

March Goals

Oh how I loved these books growing up! My favourite was Mr. Tickle, I think :). So why am I so forgetful? Well..I may have forgotten to do February’s goals…my bad! Halfway through the month I have a reminder set to check on how my goals are doing, because then I still have a couple […]