Inspiration Board 2012

Inspiration board posts have been going up like crazy in the blogosphere because, of course, it’s the New Year! For the past few years I’ve abstained from making any “New Year’s resolutions”, dismissing them as silly because, after all, statistics show us that most people don’t stick with them, so surely setting some would just […]

Weekend Round-Up, December Goals

What did you guys do this weekend? As I mentioned yesterday, it was my beautiful friend Tara’s baby shower on Friday night. On Saturday I had my work Christmas dinner, which was at the restaurant on top of Grouse Mountain, one of our local mountains in Vancouver – check it out: Yes that was our […]

November Goals…and Reviewing October’s!

Source It’s that time again! The beginning of a new month and the chance to set some more goals while also checking out last month’s and seeing how we did. This month’s theme is about accepting that we are all ‘works in progress’. We probably always will be because, after all, no one is perfect. […]

October Goals – What Are Yours?

Photo from Brenda Stull via Pinterest I’m a bit late to the party on this goal-setting kick. I know most people fire their goals off at the beginning of the month, and I have been reading so many blogger friends’ amazing goals, like Averie’s and Kate’s and Chelsey’s…but mine have taken a bit longer to […]