Yoga and Scapegoats: An ‘Aha’ Moment

I had one of those yoga classes today that I just HATED. Halfway through the class, I was just wishing evil on the teacher. I was so mad at her for ‘lying’, I was so mad at the class for not matching its description – my muscles were screaming, I was hot and I needed […]

Hot Yoga Survival Tips

Do you love hot yoga? Have you ever tried it? I find people either fall into three categories when the topic of hot yoga is brought up. They either react with: passion (they love it! They’re obsessed with it!) hate (they tried it! They hated it!) fear (they want to maybe try it! But they […]

My 30-Day Challenge: Complete!

I love yoga – I’ve done it now, on and off, for the past eight or nine years. I remember one of the first times I practised; it was with my college roommates. We had a Monday night appointment to put our mats out on the floor of our living room, and the $20 yoga […]