Vegan Malai Kofta (Indian curry with dumplings)

Do you love Indian food? Is that a stupid question? I’m sure some people aren’t big fans, but even the pickiest eaters I know go nuts for Indian – it’s kinda like sushi that way. I have always loved Indian food, and my absolute favourite dish to order is Malai Kofta. It’s a thick, creamy […]

What I WILL Eat Wednesday!

(Thanks to Jenn as always for hosting – cute new February-appropriate button Jenn!) Yay! My cleanse is over! Let’s recap what I COULDN’T eat for the last 4.5 weeks, shall we?: gluten dairy meat/fish (fine for me of course!) honey or simple sugars alcohol or caffeine corn tomatoes soy products eggs peanuts or peanut products […]