March Goals

Oh how I loved these books growing up! My favourite was Mr. Tickle, I think :). So why am I so forgetful? Well..I may have forgotten to do February’s goals…my bad! Halfway through the month I have a reminder set to check on how my goals are doing, because then I still have a couple […]

My Mailman Was Very Nice to Me…

Last Thursday, my mailman was very nice to me. I was expecting my new camera (that’s the big box on the bottom) but it was still so exciting to get it! And the top package was an unexpected surprise – proving good things come in big AND small packages :).

January Goals and December Goal Review

Source So yesterday I set out my year-long goals for 2012, thanks to my somewhat intimidating(!) inspiration board. A way to make that board much less intimidating is to try to manifest those visions by breaking them down into smaller goals I can achieve month to month. There were really four areas I covered on […]