It’s Smoothie Time

View from my office yesterday morning. Despite the fact that it perhaps is the wrong season, I’m into smoothies right now. Why? Well, maybe because I have to be. My 12-day Wild Rose Detox ended on Tuesday (yay!) so I am now on Day 2 the Thorne MediClear cleanse my naturopath wants me to do. […]

Detox Time

So it’s that time of year when everyone you know is suddenly on a cleanse. I am too, though it’s just a coincidence that the timing worked out this way. My naturopath has been wanting me to do a cleanse for a couple of months, but she knew it would be tough over the holidays […]

My Mailman Was Very Nice to Me…

Last Thursday, my mailman was very nice to me. I was expecting my new camera (that’s the big box on the bottom) but it was still so exciting to get it! And the top package was an unexpected surprise – proving good things come in big AND small packages :).