Restaurant Review – Subeez Cafe

I haven’t really done restaurant reviews on here before, because most of my readers – like all of us in the blog world – are spread far out, so me reviewing a restaurant in Vancouver isn’t really going to be of interest to someone in Florida, you know? But I decided to go ahead and […]

Moving Day!

That’s right folks, today is Moving Day. I have taken the day off work, booked the movers to get here first thing and packed up the house as best I can (the kitties will be packed up later). Moving is always a little bit strange. You’re excited about your new place, a bit sad about […]

Adventures in Stand-Up Paddleboarding

So, always up for a good time, my friend Alica and I purchased TeamBuy vouchers for a stand-up paddleboarding lesson and rentals with Windsure Adventure Watersports on Jericho Beach in Vancouver. True to form, we waited until the last weekend before the vouchers expired to use them, but I trust that Fate gave us a […]