WIAW: Apple Protein Cake Recipe

Jenn is still hosting the fabulous theme of Sensible Snacking, so, because I’m doing two WIAW posts back-to-back, and because it fits in with the Sensible Snacking theme, I am also throwing a recipe in today! (This may also be because I was too lazy to photograph this recipe in a way that is remotely […]

WIAW: Sensible Snack Edition

I love Jenn‘s ideas for themed What I Ate Wednesday posts, and June’s theme is one of my favourites: sensible snacking. After the mile-long snack ideas post I did in May, I am bursting with snack options, so much so that I am sometimes deliberately having really small meals just so I can fit in […]

WIAW: Continuing the Veg Pledge Challenge!

Jenn at Peas and Crayons is continuing this fabuloso inspirational veggie challenge. Check out my last WIAW post for this challenge here. I’m loving this challenge! I find I have days where I pile on the veg and days when I’m more legumes based. On days when my meals aren’t as veg-heavy as others, I […]

WIAW: Travel Edition

Today and tomorrow are travelling days – I’m going home and can’t wait! However, eating well while you’re on vacation is super important. I am not strict or regimented about my eating while I am away at all, but I don’t want to just eat junk because then I feel like…well, junk. So I figured […]