WIAW: Leap Day Edition

Happy Leap Day! Today is the 29th February – a day we only get once every four years. So enjoy it! My day was disappointingly low on protein, but I was busy and on the go today so it was all about eating what I could when I could. If I had been home more, […]

WIAW: MediClear Cleanse Edition

I’m one week into the second and last cleanse I’m doing so hopefully this is the last What I Ate Wednesday where I’ll have to discuss these eats! There actually are two more Wednesdays when I’ll be on this cleanse, but I won’t be blogging those eats as it’ll just depress me, haha. Ooh before […]

WIAW: Detox Edition

Yesterday I blogged about my detox – the first of two I am doing back to back this month. A couple of you have asked about what I’m eating on the cleanse and so, in keeping with the What I Ate Wednesday theme (thanks to Jenn for hosting!), I thought I would blog a typical […]

Christmas Recipe Round-Up: Part 2

Yesterday I covered the appetizers I made in advance – which was most of them, as I was making the whole Christmas Day meal on the day, so all the better to get the appetizers out of the way! However, I left the dips for the crispy quinoa cakes, pita chips, crudites, olives and other […]