Make-Your-Own Christmas and Greeting Cards

I’m not a crafty person. Well, I’m wily… 🙂 – but not crafty.

If it’s outside the realm of baking or cooking, I can’t do a single craft. I’m not even a half-decent cookie or cake decorator.

One thing I really love is making things pretty. I’m not crafty enough to make a lot of things from scratch, so I’m more the ‘buy a mug and stick pretty things on it’ rather than the ‘go to a pottery class and spin and bake my own mug’ kind of girl. Mine would come out looking a bit misshapen, to say the least (trust me, we did this in Grade 4 and I have never forgotten what a complete failure my ‘creation’ was).

One thing I do enjoy doing though, if I’m home one night with nothing to do and there’s no decent book for me to delve into, I get out my craft box, which consists of blank greeting cards and envelopes and a whole bunch of decorations, stamps and other pretty things :).

A trip to Michael’s is definitely called for though (or a dollar store would probably do for a lot of what you’ll need).

Copyright to The Guiltless Life

My kit now consists of:

  • a pack of blank white greeting cards and envelopes
  • a pad of card stock in different colours
  • ribbons, flowers, adornments of various shapes, sizes and colours (I scour the sale bins pretty well – the best place to find random pretty things at a bargain price :))
  • stamps and ink pads
  • Elmer’s liquid glue (clear)
  • scissors
  • ruler

I made my friend Tara a baby card as it was her baby shower this past Friday (the pink and blue flower I chose before I knew the gender – it had both colours in, so it worked!):

Copyright to The Guiltless Life

In the past I’ve made thank you cards and birthday cards, and lately I sat down to get some Christmas cards done up:

Copyright to The Guiltless Life

Copyright to The Guiltless Life

There’s no real way for me to give you ‘directions’ because these are all about being creative and going with your own theme. But here are a few tips and recommendations!

  • Buy individual letter stamps. It’s cheaper than buying endless stamps that have just one message, and gives a really cute traditional typewriter-type feel to the card
  • Because I’m using individual letters, I stamp along a ruler to keep them all in one line. I also limit my message to short words, as it eliminates the risk of a long line that’s more likely to slope down or up or have irregular spacing between the letters. Plus having short words only gives a minimalist feel to the cards – I did this especially on my holiday cards (“peace”, “joy” and “noel” are examples) and with my friend’s baby shower card (“baby” says it all I think!)
  • I’m a big fan of layering squares or rectangles of card stock in different colours, and angling them differently to create a splash, standout effect
  • Run strips of ribbon or pretty coloured, shiny, reflective or glittery card along the top of your greeting card to act as a partial border. It looks different and chic compared to a regular border, and there’s less risk of spacing issues
  • Choose one splashy adornment for each card, whether it’s a stamp, flower or butterfly (as examples) and let it dictate your colour scheme for the card. You can always put a message and stamp words inside the card, so don’t feel like the front has to contain everything
  • Remember that there’s an advantage to making your own cards – you can customize the card to fit who you are giving it to! So if your best friend’s favourite colour is green, give her a card with green detailing on for her birthday. For my friend’s baby shower, because I know she’s having a boy I stuck with a primarily blue colour scheme

Copyright to The Guiltless Life

Those are my tips. I KNOW there are way craftier people out there so feel free to leave your tips and tricks in the comments section.

The only way I can enjoy making these cards is to not worry too much about the finished product. I’m not trying to make a Hallmark card, all perfect edges and lines – they exist, and they do a great job of them! I’m just trying to make something that I enjoy making for someone who hopefully will appreciate the effort I put into making them a handmade card. So if it looks imperfect, I shake it off. This is not the time to be a perfectionist, not unless you’re trying to sell them and go into business against Hallmark!

Copyright to The Guiltless Life

If you sit down to get crafty, send me pics of your handmade cards!

I partied it up this week – if you want more crafty ideas for the holiday season, check out the links here:


  1. Homemade cards are SO much more special! I love the baby one, how pretty!

    Happy Monday love! xoxo ❤

    • Thanks Katie! I hope my friend Tara loved it, she seemed touched when she opened her gift :). Happy Monday to you too! x

  2. Really cute idea! Your cards are adorable!
    Might have to make a trip to Michael’s!

    • Michael’s is always great and completely addictive – it’s almost like Whole Paycheque for swallowing up your wallet fast hehe. Thanks Emily!

  3. I love making my own greeting cards, its so much fun! 🙂

  4. I didn’t realize how simple it would be to make your own cards! And these look way better than store-bought. Thank you! 🙂 This would be fun to do, especially with a bunch of friends or family.

    • Aw thanks Char – they’re completely imperfect compared to glossy Hallmark cards, but I hope that gives them some charm!

  5. so pretty! i wish i was more crafty, i really do 🙂

    • Tell me about it – this is about as crafty as I get and it’s really not that crafty! I look at craft bloggers and am so admiring of their talents!

  6. I love your cards! Handmade gifts are so special! Thanks for visiting,

  7. Hmm I may try making my wedding thank you cards, though I’m sure you make it look much easier than it will be for me

    • Oh you definitely should, that’s a fabulous idea! Honestly, if I can do it anyone can – I’m not at all crafty! And I bet your wedding guests would be so appreciative!

  8. Who wouldn’t love to get a card like that? I’m a new follower! Thanks for stopping by Reading Confetti!

  9. Cute cards! I love how the flower looks on the card. Thanks for sharing!


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