WIAW: Continuing the Veg Pledge Challenge!

Jenn at Peas and Crayons is continuing this fabuloso inspirational veggie challenge. Check out my last WIAW post for this challenge here.

I’m loving this challenge! I find I have days where I pile on the veg and days when I’m more legumes based. On days when my meals aren’t as veg-heavy as others, I up the ante by sneaking veggies in unexpected ways, as I did in today’s post with my green smoothie breakfast and pureed soup lunch. Check it out!


Copyright to Anna Wootton

This will also be on my Photo-a-Day round-up post tomorrow, as it was my photo of the day for the “vegetable” prompt in the April Photo-a-Day challenge. Check out that multifunctional breakfast – helping me to fulfill two challenges in one!

Btw, this green smoothie was – as always – delicious. I went with a peanut butter banana flavour. Here’s the recipe ;).

Veggie servings: I crammed 2 cups of spinach into this baby (look how green it is!) so…2


This is an old photo but it was the same meal – I was just so hungry my memory went on hiatus so I forgot to take a pic. It’s a homemade pizza, mine is on the left. I went with a Mediterranean theme so it was artichokes, mushrooms (just cos I love ’em), sundried tomatoes and olives on top of some lowfat mozza. Yummy.

Veggie servings: 1-2

Afternoon snack

It was an on-the-go kinda day today, so that meant two afternoon snacks – one mid-afternoon and then another to keep me going before a 6pm Zumba class.

Snack #1:

Copyright to The Guiltless Life

A yummy Greek yogurt, honey and strawberry parfait…

Snack #2:

Copyright to The Guiltless Life

Good ol’ LUNA protein bar – cookie dough flavour! Nearly out of these, which means another trip across the border…when are they going to bring these babies to Canada?

Veggie servings: 0


Pureed curried cauliflower soup. I got the recipe off my new love, the Whole Foods recipe app. But I found the recipe online for you too – an amazingly simple recipe, that is made extra-special by the sunflower seed topping :).

I paired this with a fried egg on toast for a hit of protein.

There may have been one or two of these mini Toblerone babies for dessert too…(I know they have sugar in but they were a gift and I need to eat ’em up! I find that if I have just one or two, and at night, the sugar doesn’t bother me as much – I am usually good with white sugar if it’s under 8g per serving. Either that or I sleep off the effects ;)).

Copyright to The Guiltless Life

Veggie servings: 2

Evening snack

Copyright to The Guiltless Life

I had a half portion of my new favourite protein shake – my better-than-ice-cream chocolate protein shake. This time I threw in some peanut butter for extra yumminess and some extra healthy fats. I promise, recipe will be up on Friday!

Alas, I didn’t put spinach in it this time (though you absolutely can!), so… veggie count: 0.

Total veg servings for the day: 5-6

Pretty darn good!


  • Are you taking part in the Veg Pledge Challenge? If so leave a link to your WIAW post in the comments below so I can check ’em out!


  1. ittybitsofbalance says:

    Awesome job with the veggies! I’m finding as I try to increase my calories, it’s becoming more and more difficult to have veggie packed meals. I guess it’s just a trial-and-error kind of thing, but I’m starting to throw handfuls of spinach in everything! Haha!

    • That’s the best way to go haha! You can never taste spinach blended so throwing it into everything is a great way to go. I would recommend roasting veggies in oil for a way to still get those veg in while increasing your calorie intake, but you may already be doing that. Good luck Britt!

  2. loving your dinner! a fried egg on toast – you really just can’t beat the combination. healthy whole grain and protein in a delicious combo! yum!

  3. YUM! That soup looks tasty! I always throw sunflower seeds on my salads, but now I’m going to try it on soups too!

    • I didn’t even roast mine like the recipe suggested – no time – so I just threw some raw ones on top. The recipe recommends roasting them after coating them in an almond milk/curry powder paste. I can only imagine how wonderful that would have tasted!

  4. peanut butter will add too strong flavor or not? i love the combination!!!

    • I only added a heaped teaspoon. It depends how much you like peanut butter! I started with 1 level teaspoon and it wasn’t quite enough – the coconut milk in this recipe flavours it quite a bit so I couldn’t taste the pb. Then I added a little bit more and it worked perfectly for me. But again I made a small size. So you can just keep adding till you think it’s at the right amount! Recipe will be up on Friday 🙂 xx

  5. I can’t wait for that protein shake recipe! That’s just what I need after an evening workout when I’m trying to fight the naughty munchies!! …and that pizza — holy yum!!! 🙂

    • Ooh the pizza was so good. The crusts were actually frozen g-f crusts I bought from WF – made by Kinnikinnick Foods. They are made from corn and were amazingly good (though higher in cals than most regular pizza crusts, as is the case with g-f products a lot of the time!). But I loved how they stayed crispy. So if you ever want a good pizza crust, go with them! Gluten isn’t an issue for me but I still prefer these ones 🙂

  6. They don’t have Luna in Canada?!?! No way! 😦

  7. I’m not doing the challenge, but I have been working on getting more veggies in my diet. Today I have snap peas, carrots and cherry tomatoes (yes, I know they’re a fruit) with hummus in my lunch. And my dinner plans are BBQ Halibut with roasted asparagus, cauliflower and carrots. I’m super excited about it!

  8. Sam @ Fit for my Fork says:

    I can’t wait to read your recipe for your better-than-ice cream shake! Also, I hope those Luna bars show up in Canada soon – we’re missing them in England too, and Calgary is not near enough to the border to justify a run into the States to stock up!

    I’m not taking part in this veggie challenge but I am trying to have more greens, like in smoothies or salads with my lunch. Doing pretty well so far actually, since I’m not a big salad person!

    • I know, I hope they bring the protein bars to Canada for sure! Rest assured, you can still get the regular LUNA bars here though :). Looking forward to having you over here! Once you’re here we can have a Calgary blogger meet-up when I visit my sister next!

      • Sam @ Fit for my Fork says:

        That would be awesome! 🙂

        Okay good, happy to hear about the regular Luna bars. I feel like I’m missing out!

  9. All looks great! Nice job with the veggies!

  10. I live on veggies! So delicious and beautiful colors

  11. Awesome job with the Veg Pledge challenge. I didn’t do too shabby this week either. Your pizza look amazing!

  12. Oh- thanks for the sunflower seeds on soup idea. Looks like a delicious day!

  13. I’ve been eating so many pizzas & parfaits lately! Try sprinkling chocolate chips in your parfait- sooo good! 🙂

  14. I have cauliflower in my fridge and was wondering what I should do with it 😉

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