A Giveaway for the Healthy Breakfast Challenge

Christmas tree 2012

Hi all! How’s the Advent season going so far? The roomies and I bought and decorated our tree on Saturday as we had a housewarming/Advent party that night – it was a great success and went into the weeeee hours of the morning. To say I am tired as I write this is an understatement (it’s Sunday evening now).

Anyway, to assist my tiredness let’s get right to the point, otherwise I fear I’ll stop making sense.

To those of you who have been participating in the Healthy Breakfast Challenge thus far – good for you! How’s it going? As Christmas party season heats up, is a fulfilling, nutritious breakfast keeping you going and on track throughout your days?


For me, even on days when it’s been tough for me to stay on track, having had a balanced breakfast at least reassures me that my body got something nutritious that day. I hope it’s doing the same for you!

And for those of you who have yet to take part in the Challenge, boy, do I have some incentive for you!

The lovely folks at NuNaturals – my favourite stevia company, as you well know – have just released their new Chocolate stevia flavour. It’s amazing – not as sweet as some of the other flavoured liquid stevia products, like the lemon or orange, but with a subtle chocolate flavour that really complements your favourite chocolate dish.

It is not so strongly chocolatey that you would need to miss out the chocolate – so just add it to whatever chocolate drinks or dishes you are making.

So far, I have mixed with Greek yogurt and topped it on my chocolate chip Fitnessista breakfast cookie (see below), and used it to sweeten hot chocolate – just mix a tablespoon of cocoa powder with 1 cup soy milk, and add 1/2-1 dropper of chocolate stevia. Top with whipped cream for an extra decadent treat!

Copyright to The Guiltless Life

Copyright to The Guiltless Life

Well, NuNaturals not only have a new chocolate stevia out but also peppermint. So they have kindly offered up a prize pack to FOUR Healthy Breakfast Challenge participants. Here’s what you’ll get:

Copyright to The Guiltless Life

Copyright to The Guiltless Life

  • One bottle of NuNaturals’ top-selling stevia, vanilla liquid stevia
  • One bottle of NuNaturals’ new peppermint liquid stevia
  • One bottle of NuNaturals’ new chocolate liquid stevia

To enter, complete one or more of the following actions. The more actions you complete – and the more times you participate in the Healthy Breakfast Challenge – the more contest entries you get!


EDIT: I just completed my health coaching website, Your Healthy Place, and launched its Facebook page, so I have added an entry to this contest if you like my health coaching page too!

  1. Like NuNaturals on Facebook
  2. Like The Guiltless Life on Facebook
  3. Like Your Healthy Place (health coaching services by Anna) on Facebook
  4. Subscribe to The Guiltless Life by email (box on right hand side of blog)
  5. Follow me on Twitter
  6. Enter the Healthy Breakfast Challenge by emailing, Tweeting or Facebooking me a picture of your breakfast and a bit about what it is! NOTE: Every time you send in a picture you get an extra entry to the contest!

EDIT: This contest is open to all readers worldwide! Closing date is by end of day (6pm Pacific Time) next MONDAY, DECEMBER 10, 2012. I’ll publish the winners later that week.

Keep the challenge going until Christmas, but I will post a final Challenge round-up post the week after this contest closes.


Also, NuNaturals has been kind enough to offer a couple of special discounts to my readers:

  • When ordering on NuNaturals’ website, enter the discount code BLG1212 and you will receive 15% off your entire order. Good until December 31, 2012.
  • Online ordering customers will also receive free shipping to the continental US on all orders exceeding  $35.00 after discounts.

As for now, it’s #HealthyBreakfastChallenge update time! Let’s see the delicious treats you’ve been sending in…

*Reader Melissa Leigh emailed in her breakfast – two types of cereal layered with blueberries and Greek yogurt:

melissa 1

*Lucie from Fit Swiss Chick Tweeted:

– Chicken omelet with unpictured green veglucie 1

– Pumpkin protein smoothie with gluten-free maple granola

lucie 2

– Spinach protein apple smoothie with cinnamon on top

lucie 3

– In her words, “gross-looking, delicious-tasting, apple, protein powder, chia seeds, 1/2 avocado”.

lucie 4

– Breakfast-on-the-go: omelet, spinach and a pear:

lucie 5

– Omelet with spinach and cherry tomatoes:

lucie 9

– Spinach berry protein smoothie:

lucie 6

– Spinach pear protein smoothie:

lucie 7

– Apple protein smoothie:

lucie 8

* Karey from Nutty About Health Tweeted:

– Pumpkin French Toast with Craisins, peanut butter, sugar-free maple syrup and turkey bacon:

karey 1

Nadja Tweeted:

– Healthy oat cookies:

nadja 1

– Scrambled eggs with veggies:

nadja 2

Elle at We Can Begin to Feed Tweeted:

– Sweet squash scramble (recipe here):

elle 1

– Banana protein cake with yogurt and peanut butter (recipe here):

banana protein cake

– Baked eggs over mushrooms (recipe here):


– Protein pancake with Greek yogurt and a bit of syrup with a Ruby Red grapefruit:

elle 2

– Flax, chia, Greek yogurt, cinnamon, dried cranberries and pepitas over sliced banana:

elle 3

Get entering!

And as it is a Monday, I am linking this post up to Healthy Diva Eats‘ Marvelous in my Monday link party!

marvelous monday


  1. Housewarming parties are the best!! 🙂 Thank you again for mentioning! I love this healthy breakfast challenge even though I can’t get the giveaway. So many new ideas here, great choice!!

    • Thanks Lucie! I’m going to check and see if there is any flexibility with NuNaturals’ location restrictions. I’ll Tweet you if I’m able to make any changes! Would love for you to be able to enter; you’ve been one of the most active participants of the Challenge!

  2. Love NuNaturals flavored stevias and surprised they are limiting to U.S. entries. I won some awhile ago from an American blogger. Love it. Your tree is very pretty. The colors match your blog!

  3. I liked NuNaturals and your Facebook pages! The chocolate flavor sounds amazing!!

  4. The Advent/Housewarming party was so much fun! Thanks for having me over, and sorry I couldn’t stay too long and partake in more kitchen dance party! xx

  5. Your tree looks beautiful!! I really am loving the soft glow from the lights at night. Thanks once again, for including me in your post & the Healthy Breakfast Challenge! I would send more in, but I’ve changed my diet & don’t eat quite as many sweet delectable looking breakfasts.

    • Of course, happy to include you as always! If you’re not eating the same that’s not a problem at all – sometimes whole food, simple breakfasts are the most nutritious so we would still love to see those! And remember, each thing you send in counts as one entry into the stevia contest!

  6. I like the NuNaturals FB page from mine We can begin to feed

    So excited to see new flavors!

  7. I like the Guiltless Life FB page from mine We can begin to feed

  8. I like Your Healthy Place FB page from ,mine We can begin to feed

    Love this new page!

  9. I do get your posts in my email already!

  10. And of course I follow you on Twitter

  11. I already like NuNaturals on Facebook.. best brand of stevia out there, for sure.

  12. I now follow you on Twitter! My handle is @molly_chase.

  13. Following you on Twitter

  14. Like Your Healthy Place on FB

  15. I already like NuNaturals on facebook 🙂 Awesome giveaway!

  16. I like you on facebook!

  17. I also like Your Healthy Place on facebook!

  18. I follow you on twitter!

  19. I love (haha, like) nunaturals on FB

  20. And I also like you on FB! Yay

  21. Followed you on twitter and liked all your pages 🙂

  22. I liked NuNaturals,The Guiltless Life ,Your Healthy Place on Facebook.
    Followed you on twitter.
    Subscribed to you by e-mail.
    And now I’m going to send you a picture of my breakfast this morning ^__^
    Thank you for making this awesome giveaway!
    I really want to try this because here in Bulgaria we don’t have nunaturals :((

  23. Posted a pic of one of my healthy breakfasts for the challenge…tomorrow I shall continue!

  24. Oh thanks again for featuring me, it’s always a pleasure to read a blog and to suddenly see a picture of yours! (and it doesn’t happen very often ;)) Sure i’m gonna suscribe to your giveaway, i don’t think we even have stevia in Switzerland… As i already follow you on Twitter, i’m gonna suscribe to your newsletter by email (i don’t use facebook) and of course, continue to share all my breakfast pictures (even if they look a bit ugly sometimes…)

  25. I followed you on twitter!

  26. I liked you on facebook!

  27. I liked your coaching page on facebbok!

  28. I liked nunaturals on facebook!

  29. I am subscribed to your blog!

  30. Congratulations on finishing your health program! So excited to learn more from you. We already like you on fb! Great giveaway! I won one of your giveaways from them and have found nunaturals to be amazing! Thanks!

  31. Liked nunaturals!

  32. liked you on facebook!

  33. follow you on twitter

  34. subscribe to your blog.

  35. I liked them on FB!

  36. I like you on FB!

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  39. I follow you on twitter!

  40. I like them on FB (I’m totally stealing Britt’s idea here, clearly).

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  43. I’m suscribed, giiiiiirl 😉

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