What I Ate Wednesday: My First Entry

Jenn over at Peas and Crayons began this link-up party and it has spread like wildfire across foodie blogs! I’m excited to take part in my first What I Ate Wednesday post. I’ll be linking this up to her link party today!

I probably won’t be doing WIAW posts every week because what I eat doesn’t change enough to warrant new posts every week (I’m a creature of habit, what can I say?) but I will try to participate at least once a month or so.

  • Breakfast: Giving into the pumpkin trend with a delicious bowl of pumpkin oatmeal (recipe coming soon!)

  • Snack: A cup of tea and some Rich Tea biscuits (the British in me can’t resist). I’m so sensitive to caffeine that the caffeine in one cup of black tea almost gives me the jitters – so this gives me a good jolt once I’m at work and need a kick mid-morning!

  • Lunch: Yam and avocado sushi roll – my favourite! I get it from the sushi joint close to my office and it literally costs $2.50 for this roll. Cheapest. Lunch. Ever.

  • Snack: Honeycrisp apple and half a LUNA bar before heading out to yoga. Click here for more about LUNA bars…mm mmm…this one was a flavour I recently discovered: White Chocolate Macadamia! So delish. Didn’t remember to photograph so here’s a pic of a selection of LUNA bars from my post last week:

  • Dinner: After yoga I came home and whipped up this quick dish that’s so easy to make but so good for you (it’s PACKED with veggies) and has a real gourmet feel. The recipe will be posted really soon so check back! Leek, sundried tomato, almond and cream cheese stuffed mushrooms…!

  • Dessert: Some chopped, fresh pineapple and two squares of 73% dark NEWTREE chocolate that is filling up my cupboards now thanks to the generosity of the NEWTREE folks…if you want some of their chocolate for free too there’s still 2 days left to enter my NEWTREE chocolate giveaway! Enter here
  • What did you eat today?
  • What recipe do you want to see first? Pumpkin oatmeal or stuffed mushrooms?


  1. Happy WIAW!

    All your food looks extra good!!!!! I would want to have every thing you ate today!

    The sushi looks amazing, the oats with the chips on top, and of course the chocolate!

    Happy day to you love!!!


  2. Happy 1st evah WIAW!!!!! so exciting! Your meals look gorgeous! LOVE yam/SP sushi (and the price… can’t beat it!!!) and stuffing portobellos is one of my fav things to do to nix a boring dinner! so yummy!

    Have a fab day girly! welcome to the party!

    • Thanks so much for stopping by Jenn! Yes, sushi is such a must for me! I can’t wait to post the mushroom recipe, they were delish :).

  3. Umm, can we see both recipes? They both sound de-lish! 🙂

    • Definitely! Just trying to work out what order to post them in…but they’ll both be up here before the end of next week (one this week)!

  4. gorgeous photos!!! plus, i love your mug 🙂

    • Thank you! This mug is my FAVOURITE – it was a gift from my old workplace colleagues when I left that job. It was designed by Nicole Kidman for a charity – there were a few designed by different celebs all to raise money for the cause. I’m in love with it – plus it’s pink :)!

  5. I’m currently hosting a LUNA bar giveaway on my blog! I’m in love with them! They are fabulous!

    • Yum I love them! Chocolate-Covered Katie also posted a recipe for homemade LUNA bars on her blog today…can’t wait to try those!

    • PS Just entered your giveaway – love me some LUNA! Check out Monday’s post on my blog if you want to enter my chocolate giveaway – that ends tomorrow! xx

  6. you are right – pumpkin oatmeal is everywhere in blog land. but yours look particularly yummy! happy WIAW!

    • Thank you! I kept my regular oatmeal recipe and just enhanced it rather than swapping it completely…I can’t wait to post the recipe!


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